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Maintaining my mental health. Image courtesy Salvatore Vuono - www.freedigitalimages.net 5

I Must Confess…I Lost It Today

Hello there peeps. Welcome to I Must Confess for yet another week….it’s scary how much I have to confess, isn’t it? This week I was going to talk about how long it had been...

My Boy is Oh So Anxious 6

My Boy is Oh So Anxious

I’m feeling for my boy at the moment. He is so very anxious and tense and scared. He is preparing to transition to his local mainstream school next year (check out Part 1 and...

Mummy Meltdown - www.myhometruths.com 13

Mummy Meltdown

I have been expecting my son to have a major meltdown for some time now.  Lately, he has been highly anxious, angry at school and uncooperative with his teachers – he has been quick...