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How to hold an autism inclusive party

Post in collaboration with Autism Spectrum Australia Of all the challenges that face autism families, the prospect of a party, of any kind, can be be one of the most intimidating. Parties are problematic...

Reality Bites: Autism & daily life - www.myhometruths.com 12

Reality Bites: Autism and daily life

I try to practise positivity and strive to see the good in everything. It’s part personality, part determination, I guess. I honestly don’t see the point in dwelling on the negatives. I would much...


My hopes as an albinism parent for #IAAD2016

Next Monday, 13 June, is International Albinism Awareness Day (#IAAD). The theme for this year’s awareness campaign is “celebrate diversity, promote inclusion, protect our rights.” These are all basic human rights, aren’t they? These could...