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Holiday Myths & Autism - www.myhometruths.com 17

Holiday Myths and Autism

Matilda, my eldest daughter, turned 11 this weekend. So I guess it was no surprise when she pulled me aside recently to ask me a very important question: “Is Santa Claus real, Mum?” As...

Sleep Solutions for Special Needs Parents - www.myhometruths.com 15

Sleep Solutions for Special Needs Parents

I have to start this post by stating that we have been reasonably lucky as special needs parents. We haven’t faced some of the debilitating sleep issues that have challenged so many others. Sure,...

Reality Bites: Autism & daily life - www.myhometruths.com 13

Reality Bites: Autism and daily life

I try to practise positivity and strive to see the good in everything. It’s part personality, part determination, I guess. I honestly don’t see the point in dwelling on the negatives. I would much...