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Hello there! Hi, I’m Kirsty.

In case you have just stumbled here by accident I’m a *shudder* 40 year old married mother of three who is still trying to work out this whole work from home caper.

I have a passion for honesty and truth (hence the name of my blog and my I Must Confess series) and a real desire to support other parents, particularly special needs parents.

My About page gives you a glimpse into my busy, crazy world (and may make you feel better about yours!) while my Contact page gives you all the details you need to get in touch with me. I would love to hear from you 🙂

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And if you are a special needs parent or interested finding out more about our experiences as a family living with autism or albinism, please check out my page dedicated to sharing a host of special needs resources.

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Here are three reasons why you should subscribe!

1. I am honest. I share each and every uncomfortable truth about my life and encourage others to do the same each Monday for the “I Must Confess” linkup. It can be VERY interesting reading…

2. I am positive. Sure I share all the uncomfortable bits of my life and the not so nice stuff but I’m always looking for the bright side. But I promise I won’t go all “Pollyanna” on you. Not all the time, anyway.

3. I’ve been a special needs parent for over 10 years now so I know stuff. Feel free to click on some of the topics below to find out more about what I know:




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