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Albinism Resources

Albinism Resources

Are you new to albinism and looking for information and albinism resources? I know how confused and uninformed I felt when we first received Gilbert’s diagnosis. I also remember how hard it was to...

Standing Voice (albinism) 8

Demystifying Albinism: Ongoing Persecution

Over the weekend I watched a story highlighting the plight of people living with albinism in Tanzania. image – Sunday Night I have been aware of this issue for some time now but it...


My hopes as an albinism parent for #IAAD2016

Next Monday, 13 June, is International Albinism Awareness Day (#IAAD). The theme for this year’s awareness campaign is “celebrate diversity, promote inclusion, protect our rights.” These are all basic human rights, aren’t they? These could...

The real face of albinism 15

The real face of albinism

Today I’m the proudest mum on the earth. My son gave 10 presentations to his schoolmates talking about his experience as a person with albinism in the lead up to International Albinism Awareness Day on...

demystfying albinism: skin deep 7

Demystifying Albinism: Skin Deep

Welcome to my ongoing series on demystifying albinism. Before you get settled in I recommend you check out my previous posts on the following topics: Demystifying Albinism: The Power of Popular Perception Demystifying Albinism:...