The last ever #imustconfess

The last EVER #imustconfess -

Since the first ever #imustconfess linkup went live on November 5 2011, I have been making it a weekly habit to confess to all manner of things.

The idea of the blog linkup came to me when I completed Problogger’s 31 Days to Build a Better Blog challenge (not sponsored). As I learned about the power of linkups, I came up with the most brilliant linkup idea ever. One that would tie in my blog name and rationale (My Home Truths) with a fun and different focus each week.

The seed of I Must Confess was sown…

It took me many months to have the courage to start (I’d been blogging for less than a year at that stage, what right did I have to start a linkup of my own?). However, I eventually put aside my doubts and just gave it a go.

Original I Must Confess Button -

My original “I Must Confess” blog button – how cute!

And despite things being slow in the beginning (so slow that I actually put the linkup into hiatus at the end of July 2012), the linkup returned on a Monday in November 2012 and it’s been pretty much a weekly staple ever since.

Initially people were (and in some cases still are!) intimidated by the term ‘confession.’ Sure, all bloggers are oversharers, but did this mean we had to reveal EVERYTHING each and every week?

Well, no. The linkup was always intended to be a fun and lighthearted place where we could share the silly stories, the tall tales, the embarrassing experiences and the bizarre bits of our lives. In the end, the linkup ended up welcoming all sorts of posts, whether they had any connection to a confession or not.

For me, it’s always been about building a real community by encouraging others to share, get things off their chest and feel better for it.

Big or small, funny or serious, silly or fun, #imustconfess posts represent some of my favourite times as a blogger.

I Must Confess weekly-linkup -

Some of my all-time favourite confessions include:

Over the years, I’ve shared over 200 confessions. And, honestly, I feel so much better for it.

Letting go of the crap in our lives, including the feelings of silliness, embarrassment, guilt, sadness, shame, ridicule, anger, frustration and disbelief, really does help us to move on.

Without this linkup, without the chance to make all these confessions, who knows where I’d be now? Quite possibly, I’d be in and out of mental health facilities – I would not discount that possibility at all, considering my history of depression, anxiety and stress-related health issues.

So, why am I calling time on something that has helped me and amused so many others?

It’s time for me to take another leap of faith. I want to dedicate my time to helping other special needs parents. To do that, I need all my energy and focus to be directed in that space. While I’ve done my best to balance both sides of my blogging personality, I need some breathing space to see just how much I can contribute to others.

The last EVER #imustconfess -

I must confess I’m shit-scared (given I’ve just sworn for the first time in nearly 6 years on the blog, you better believe it’s true!)

I’m scared of losing the support of the blogging community. Mondays are often my biggest day of traffic and interaction. I’m scared that I’m going to fall flat on my face and no-one will even be there to laugh at me when I fall.

I’m scared of failing in my attempt to help others. I’m scared that no-one will want my help or value it. I have no qualifications – who am I to share my thoughts on special needs with others?

Despite these fears, I’m going to do it anyway.

I must confess I appreciate all the support of my blogging friends. You’ve always supported me and have been like a comfy & warm security blanket. But it’s time for me to let go of my security blanket and explore further afield so I can find my people (fellow special needs parents like me). Many of you represent my people and I hope you continue to follow me.

I must confess I’m excited to interact with those who could benefit from my experience. I may not be qualified in a medical sense but 12 years of living as a special needs parent does qualify me to understand, empathise and support other parents experiencing similar challenges. I want to help and I finally have the capacity and the energy to do so.

To take it out in style, I’ll be hosting a Twitter party tonight, Monday 5 September, from 8pm AEST. Follow the fun by using the hashtag #imustconfess. I hope to see some of you there so we can see off the linkup in style (plus it’ll be fun to bust loose and have a virtual party on a school night – OMG!)

And make sure you check out my last ever #imustconfess video. Fittingly, it harks back to my first ever video from all those years ago. Some things just never change!

So, for the last time ever,* come on and make your confession. I promise you – you WILL feel better for it!

Make your confession and join in with the fun and the real community we have built here at #imustconfess!

And don’t forget to join in with our #imustconfess community over on facebook. It’s where the confessing will continue beyond the linkup. And the best part? You don’t even need to blog or be a blogger to take part!

Join the community!

The Rules…

I Must Confess

– I Must Confess is a link up that runs every Monday and remains live for the whole week.

– You can link up something old or new, we’re not fussy around here.

– Feel free to go with the prompt for the week or add your own confession, whatever suits.

– Please go forth and share the comment love – it is bloggy crack after all!

– We’re always open to suggestions for the weekly prompt

P.S : can you take my very quick, very easy and very anonymous survey? I’d really appreciate your thoughts – just click on the image below and let me know how I can help you!

Survey Image

Thanks to EVERYONE who ever participated, commented or read any #imustconfess post. I love youse all x
* given my history of ending the linkup only to resurrect it again, this may not be the last time ever....

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39 Responses

  1. Good luck – I’ve enjoyed seeing the different takes on prompts over the years and stretching myself around the bloggesphere. Many thanks!

    • Kirsty says:

      I’ve loved your take on each prompt Lydia and the fact you have been here the longest of everyone – well done you! Your comments are always so thoughtful – I always wish I had the same ability to make a comment that doesn’t sound completely inane….!

  2. Good luck with all your new adventures – I know you will smash it.

    • Kirsty says:

      Thanks so much Natalie – thanks too for being such a great supporter of the linkup. I’ve always appreciated your retweets and comments – looking forward to continuing to catch up on your adventures too!

  3. It must be scary giving this up and moving to something different. Having said that, while you may not get comments like on the IMC post, keep in mind you are reaching a wider audience…and potentially a more relevant one that may not possess blogs but are searching the Internet for answers. I may not always comment on your special needs posts but o can see how useful they are. I can see how helpful it can be for some of my clients. Congratulations on 5 years and good luck for the journey ahead!
    Sanch @ Living my imperfect life recently posted..I must confess I’m scared

    • Kirsty says:

      Thanks for your kind words and for that reminder Sanch. I am heading into a new world and I need to remember that not everyone will comment or interact the way other bloggers do. I actually remember how scared I was when I left my first ever comment on a blog – I felt like I needed to ask for permission first and was so worried I had done something wrong!

  4. Good luck Kirsty. I know you will do awesome with your new direction, and doubt that you will loose any followers. I look forward to continue reading your blog. xx

  5. Vanessa says:

    I was listening to the Big Magic podcast earlier this week and there is a bit in ep 202 (circa 30 mins in if you don’t have time to listen to the whole episode) where they talk about “who am I to write/photograph/talk about this”. I think it should be compulsory listening as it helps to validate personal experiences that we are sharing.
    I’ll be sad to see this link up go but I’m ready to watch you fly to greater heights. Thank you for all the efforts you have made with this link up over the years. And I wish I had found it sooner!
    Vanessa recently posted..Random Post Review – Most Popular Posts So Far in 2016

    • Kirsty says:

      I will definitely check out the podcast and that particular episode as I think it will definitely help bolster my confidence. Thanks for your lovely words about the blog and the linkup. I’ll still be linking up all over the place myself so I’ll continue to read your blogs with interest too Ness!

  6. Making the leap….yes you can! I am in awe of your years of dedication to this blog and its purpose…and now, my friend you are about to soar! I have enjoyed being back here each Monday since my blogging took off as a daily blog on Jan 1 2015. You, and those friends made via blogging, are the reason I continue to blog!! Warmest of wishes! I do hope you have an un-plastered girl today!! Denyse xx

    P.S. And, if you do not already subscribe to Big Magic Podcasts as Vanessa referred would be a great idea’s the second in a series from Elizabeth Gilbert and I am preferring it to the first.

    • Kirsty says:

      Thanks so much Denyse! I’m so glad you;ve been able to join in – I’ve loved watching your blogging change and I think your daily topic prompts are such a great idea. I will have to check out that podcast too – thanks for the tip!

  7. Ness says:

    Sad to see the link up go, but excited for you, to see you move forward. Thanks for all the confessions, it’s been fun joining in, in my own quiet little ad hoc way! I’ll pop over to Twatter tonight with my virtual gluten free cakies and free unicorn! See you there xo

  8. Raych says:

    Will definitely still be here supporting you on the sidelines. Sad to see the linkup go but it just makes sense.

  9. I’ve been a bit of a slack blogger this year and haven’t linked up as often, but I’ve always loved your link up. It was your link up that gave me the courage to share my story about my ex husband and its gone on to be one of my most popular posts ever. I decided today was a fitting time to share my biggest confession that I’ve been holding onto the last few weeks {although you already know what it is}.

    • Kirsty says:

      Yippee! I love, love, love your news – very confession worthy! And I’m touched that I helped in some way in helping you share your experience with your ex. I’ve always wanted this to be a safe place and a supportive community and I’m so glad that’s what we’ve had here. Thanks for being a regular here – i know we will keep in touch and I’ll still be linking everywhere (I just can’t help myself!)

  10. Good luck! What a ride of confessions you’ve been on. Enjoy the new direction.

  11. Congratulations on running such a well thought out and long running linky! I bow to you …
    Congratulations also for now writing a new chapter … one where the power within you extends beyond you …

    • Kirsty says:

      Thanks Leanne! I’m so proud of what we’ve all created here but it’s time to push the boundaries and try something new (even if it’s massively scary!)

  12. I have loved being a part of I Must Confess over the past few years – it’s been a great way to start the blogging week! I’m still following you on Bloglovin’ so will be keeping up with your latest posts. I enjoy your writing so look forward to still reading posts even though I’m not a parent of a child with a disability x

  13. Zita says:

    I must confess that even though I have been MIA for a while I have been lurking in the background and was sadden to read that my favourite link up was retiring but can totally understand the reasons behind your decision. Thank you so much for all you support during my (brief) time as a blogger, thanks for always taking the time to comment and show an interest in whatever I was rambling about and thanks for creating a facebook group where I know I can have a rant without criticism or judgement! Take care and all the best with your new direction!

    • Kirsty says:

      Thanks Zita! The facebook group will always be there so rant away! I hope are enjoying your new adventures – I’m loving the updates x

  14. It must be sad to end something that has been with you for so many years . I really believe you will be helping so very many families and I will be following and sharing with the families I work with. X

  15. inthegoodbooksblog says:

    Best of luck; I hope it all works out for you! I’ve only been around here for a few months and am very grateful for welcoming me here and being so nice! What a shame I missed the twitter party! Take care and best wishes xx

  16. jess says:

    Always loved this linkup, but happy to see you following your passion! xx

  17. Hugzilla says:

    You know I think you’re awesome and I’ve shared your blog and links to your articles with many friends of mine who are also on the special needs journey. I have a child with a visible difference too, and many of your pieces have struck a chord with me also. Your gift is to make people feel less alone, and to help them navigate the choppy waters of parenthood when there are additional challenges involved. You’ve got this x

    • Kirsty says:

      What beautiful things to say Melissa – thank you. That’s exactly what I want to accomplish – it means a lot to know I’m on my way x

  18. Breharne says:

    You’re an inspiration. I wish you all the best in your journey and hopefully maybe one day the ‘i must confess’ linkup will return.

  1. September 5, 2016

    […] must confess, like most people that link up with Kirsty from My Home Truths each Monday for I Must Confess I’m really going to miss this linkup. Some of my favourite […]

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