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We love to travel with our kids. We’ve taken them up and down NSW, to Canberra, Melbourne, the Gold Coast and Sydney. We’ve also been lucky enough to travel to New Zealand, the US and to the Caribbean too.

We also have grand plans to take a year off in 2020, to travel around the world – finances permitting!

Despite the challenges we face as a family, we believe travel is one of the best gifts you can give to your child. We have consciously made the decision to find ways to travel, even with autism and albinism in the mix, so we can give our kids the chance to see what the world has to offer.

The benefits of travelling are numerous:

  • cultural awareness
  • exposure to other languages
  • development of life skills (responsibility, flexibility, resilience, planning)
  • closer bonds as a family through shared experiences
  • social awareness as you come in contact with different people and cultures

Most of all, we make the effort to travel as a family becuse we want to raise global citizens – we want our kids to know there is more to the world than the small, secure bubble they inhabit on a daily basis.

Unfortunately, like most families, we can’t travel all the time due to financial and time constraints.

Thankfully, there are other ways to gain some of the wonderful benefits that travelling with your kids provide, without the cost and effort of actual travel.

Travel Kids Club Review -

One fun way is to join up to the Travel Kids Club, a new subscription service created by Serena and Johnny Leonard. They are lifelong travellers and gifted story-tellers, who have travelled pretty much everywhere and documented their encounters along the way.

Their passion is to highlight the life and work of the people they meet in some of the most impoverished parts of the globe, including Cambodia, Venezuela, Guatamala, Colombia and the Galapagos Islands. They are the creators of over 30 videos as part of Five Point Five, their project to actively make a difference and to encourage others to do the same too.

And now they are looking to inspire and educate our kids about the world beyond their own backyard.

Serena and Johnny have developed the Travel Kids Club, to inspire children aged 6-11 about the exciting and wonderful world they live in as well as giving kids the confidence that they can make a difference with their choices and actions.

Travel Kids Club Pack -

Each month members receive a package in the mail, including a personalised letter packed full of stories and adventures from far away places, together with an activity pack to introduce them to:

  • how children live in other countries
  • words from new languages
  • an understanding of different cultures, foods and traditions
  • the wonderful animals of the world
  • the inspiring work of charities and for-good projects
  • simple geography
  • an introduction to social and environmental causes
  • a chance to make small choices that have a tangible positive impact

Matilda and Delilah received their first package in the mail recently, all about Cambodia.

They loved getting a letter addressed just to them. They also enjoyed all the fun activities that came with the pack and spent an hour or so happily occupied in colouring in and looking at everything that came with their letter.

They even made a video about the opening of the pack which has a a few funny moments (including the pugs making a cameo appearance and the video ending abruptly because my phone ran out of memory):

I read the booklet that came with the pack with the girls and we all really enjoyed learning more about Cambodia. The booklet is full of information about the culture, history, wildlife and challenges facing the country. The girls were very interested and asked lots of questions along the way which prompted a great conversation.

Inside Travel Kids Club -

The language is age appropriate and the concepts of poverty, conservationism and tradition are introduced thoughtfully. I’ve since enjoyed more meaningful conversations with my kids about how others live differently and how we are lucky to have all that we have.

One of the best parts about the pack is the choice the kids have about which charitable initiative to support. For this month, the choice was supporting a young Cambodian girl at school or supporting conservation efforts to save endangered turtles.

My girls really struggled to make a choice as they could see how each cause could benefit from their vote but they eventually voted to help build enclosures for turtles. I think this choice is a great introduction to the reality of life, with all it’s competing priorities and constant decision making.

More importantly, it made them feel they CAN make a difference, even if they feel they are too young to do so.

Showing kids they can make a difference -

The girls now want to visit Cambodia on our big trip planned for 2020 and I feel more confident in talking to them about the reality of life in other parts of the world.

Having had the chance to review Travel Kids Club, I believe this is a great way to introduce kids to the world around them, even if you can’t physically take them overseas.

I can’t recommend this pack enough – the inspiration it provides, the reality check it brings and the sense of responsibility it gives are all qualities that every child can benefit from.

If you are interested in setting up a subscription for your kids, check out Travel Kids Club and find the subscription that’s right for you and your family.

You won’t regret it.

Do you try to travel with your kids?

Disclaimer: I did not receive monetary compensation for this post however I was provided with a complimentary Travel Kids Club pack for the purposes of this review. All opinions and views expressed here are my honest thoughts on this product.

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3 Responses

  1. Seana says:

    Looks great. I wish we’d travelled a lot more with our older boys.

  2. What a fab idea. I’ve travelled as much as possible with my kids and wish I could afford to do more. I agree, it’s a great teacher. There are so many places on our bucket lists we could spend years travelling and not do them all!

  3. this is so great! thanks for sharing this awesome idea!!

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