In the privacy of my bedroom #imustconfess

That title sounds rather saucy, doesn’t it? Bet you’re intriuged and eager to find out more, aren’t you?

As you can imagine, lots of things happen in the privacy of my bedroom, but they may not be quite what you think.

In the privacy of my bedroom -

Obviously I sleep (duh) and I get ready for bed (more on that later) but there are other things that happen behind closed doors as well.

My bedroom is where I play my daily dose of 5 rounds of Candy Crush before I go to sleep. Despite all the experts warning us against using devices just before bed, playing Candy Crush each night actually sends me to sleep.

Strange but true.

In my bedroom, in the dead of night, I grind my teeth in my sleep. I even drool at times from the side of my mouth.

Sexy, I know.

My bedroom also receives regular noctural visits from my children. And despite being situated on the left side of the bed, away from the door, the little darlings ALWAYS make their way around the bed to my side.


My alarm sounds at 6am each weekday morning to the radio and I lay there clinging to the warmth of my bed until the news, weather and traffic reports are over. I sometimes even talk myself into staying put to listen to a song if it’s a partcularly chilly morning.

Funnily enough lately, it doesn’t take a great deal of effort to talk me into staying put a little bit longer!

Alarm clock -

My Kmart chic alarm clock

My bedroom is also a handy place to sort and fold all the washing, on those occasions I’m actually motivated to do housework (pretty much only after we’ve run out of clean underwear).

When the underwear is plentiful, you’ll usually find heaped piles of washed clothes and linen lined along our bedroom wall. Waiting for the moment I need to madly dig through it to find the right item of clothing for someone.

My bedroom right now -

You wouldn’t really call my bedroom a sanctuary as such. Especially since I rarely take the effort to make the bed either.

Honestly, why bother when it’s going to be messed up again anyway? It’s not like anyone is going to benefit from symmetrically placed cushions and pillows during the day, anyway…

Bedroom Makeover -

I have been known to bother but it never lasts all that long!

My bedroom is also the place for fashion deliberations, day and night. A few weeks back, you were introduced to my lack of fashion sense, so it should come as no surprise to hear that even less thought is given to my night-time attire.

I wear pyjamas all year round to bed. I’m not keen on wearing nighties or lingerie to bed (I feel naked without pants) and I’m not comfortable in wearing nothing at all, given the regular nocturnal interrruptions by my beloved children.

My winter pyjamas are a few year’s old now and starting to get thin and stretched from wear but they are comfortable and can be layered for nights that are warmer or cooler than normal.

What I wear to bed -

I hear that’s going to become even more important for me as I inch closer to the end of my reproductive life.

My summer pyjamas are also two piece combinations that I wear for comfort. They are light and stretchy and have also served me well for many years.

Like my approach to most things in life, I value comfort over fashion. If I’m going to spend a third of my life sleeping, my sleepwear needs to be comfortable rather than fashionable.

What do you wear to bed? Do spill the beans!

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15 Responses

  1. Not a fan of PJs in bed, but I do often wear PJs to watch tv in before bed…I did not realise how weird that was until I thought about it…already beginning to think on my 10 things for next week!!

  2. I attempted to give my bedroom a makeover on the weekend. It didn’t go to plan. So no bedroom confessional post from me this week. I’ve given myself to the end of the week, to get the bedroom sorted. Hubby is away from work, so it’s the perfect time to put my spin on it without to much interference from a colour blind hubby.

  3. Oh I know about wearing the comfy and familiar to bed. I cannot wear PJs as I get too hot. I wear nighties (but not sexy or anything) that are either sleeveless (told you I get hot in bed..not that H O T!) or as I have had to resort to now in my old age, a small sleeve. I bought a series of nighties ages ago from best and less and when they started to wear out I HAD to find some new ones…that was a a trial in itself when said store had stopped stocking them!! All good now I have lost weight (thanks Anxiety & IBS) so regular stores’ like Sussan products fit me.

  4. Ness says:

    I like you K Mart alarm clock! I’m a daggy pyjamas girl, too. I feel the cold. In summer I wear cotton night gowns. Much prefer comfort over fashion!

  5. Ness says:

    I like you K Mart alarm clock! I’m a daggy pyjamas girl, too. I feel the cold. In summer I wear cotton night gowns. Much prefer comfort over fashion!

  6. Hope you don’t mind, but I linked up two posts today. One is an oldie but on topic; the second is today’s post, and about bedtime if not what I actually wear to bed so kind of related!!! By the way I love your bedroom suite. I am dying to replace our old dark timber suite. Nothing wrong with it except we’ve had it 26 years and I’m longing for a lovely light white look. Just haven’t found a suite I actually like yet.

  7. Vanessa says:

    My bedroom is also my study, but because my husband is doing stuff to his study, the bedroom is now his study and seeing as I’m at work most of the time my study is the couch. Multi-purpose room!
    Vanessa recently posted..Bed Clothes

  8. Michelle says:

    I wear pj’s to bed, especially in winter! I put them on quite early, once I’ve picked up the kids from school, and I’m a bit organised.
    In summer, I wear cotton nighties or one of my hubby’s t shirts 🙂

  9. Oh thank you for being so honest. My bedroom can change from one day to the next. One day it’s a free-for-all (pets and kids), there are always newpapers in there, and nearly always clean clothes to put away. In the rare times I am dating (when Off-Duty from kids), it turns into a magical place, and I actually do have lingerie and fairy lights and all that jizzle. But most of the time it is a place to hide. I don’t have PJs because I can’t afford them. I wear my least sexy clothes for bed-time around the kids, and anything comfy for bed. I used to have a boyfriend who picked on me for not going to bed naked but I do, just not when I have kids. For obvious reasons. And I don’t need boyfriends like that.

  10. tory says:

    yup right there with you on the washing!

  11. I tried to comment on one of your posts – I think it was Janet’s – but the internet ate it. My bedroom attire (and decore) varies greatly depending on if the kids are here (like to have it nice and be nice), by myself (love it nice but can be in nude or anything I want surrounded by pets) or with suitors (full suite of lingerie, fairy lights, the lot). Mostly, I like the kids and pets in the house and maybe a pet nearby. The men always let me down. But a nice clean bed is lovely.

  12. jess says:

    Comfort all the way!!

  13. I am for comfort, 100%. Sometimes pjs, sometimes not. I would have to go as far as saying comfort is what my whole wardrobe revolves around. Good thing the other half loves some good polo shirt wearing. I have to say my room resembles yours at the moment. I think it must be time for a clothing cull or something because in our limited space everything seems to be living on the floor at the moment and the banister for the staircase is a great clean clothes holder. The whole house needs a general tidy and put away session come to think of it. I guess that is what happens when I am working a lot. I also find screen time doesn’t make one ounce of difference to me ability to sleep, in fact I know a lot of people like that. Maybe they are just scare mongering or maybe it is just all in the getting ready to sleep routine.
    Anne@GritandGiggles recently posted..Heading Bush

  14. Bedroom makeover for the husband and I is next on the makeover list Kirsty. It seems the kids can keep their freshly made over rooms nice but come into ours and jump all over the bed and leave their rubbish. I’m working on fixing this. Thanks for the party and have a great week!

    Anne xx

  1. June 8, 2017

    […]  know this week’s I Must Confess prompt is about what I wear to bed…but it got me […]

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