Father’s Day Fun with Bright Star Kids

Post in collaboration with Bright Star Kids

I have a dream that one day my kids will come up with the best idea for a father’s day gift.

I actually yearn for the day that I won’t be the one scrambling for ideas and for inspiration forever more.

It’s so damn hard to buy for your partner on behalf of your kids. Well, it is for me anyway.

First, you need to take into account what the kids want to get their father, ideas which are not always sensible, practical or affordable.

Then, you need to try to steer them to ideas which are a little more realistic and, perhaps, more palatable for your partner, while also satisfying their need for choice.

It can be a tough gig trying to get that balance right.

Hence my desire for my kids to take up the mantle and take charge of the father’s day gift buying process. With the eldest two getting close to their teenage years I think the time is ripe for the baton to be passed to them.

However, based on previous form, the signs aren’t all that promising.

Last year, for instance, at the Father’s Day stall at school, Gilbert decided to spend the least possible on his father’s gift so he could buy up big at the canteen instead.

You can probably guess there’s not really a lot of quality gifts available for $1 (out of a possible $5 given to him for the purpose of buying a gift!)

While the girls do try, there are only so many stubby holders, baseball caps and back scratchers that a father can receive during his lifetime…

Now, when Bright Star Kids got in touch with me recently to review their range of personalised Father’s Day gifts, I was pretty happy to help out.

Could this be the break I was looking for? Could this be the opportunity for my kids to start taking the lead when it comes to Father’s Day gift-giving?

It could and it is.

I’ve been lucky enough to have had the chance to review Bright Star Kids products before, with their range of preschool labels. I know their products are quality and I know they are practical and fun as well.

Their Father’s Day gift range is all this and more.

I actually had a lot of trouble picking from their range of personalised T-shirts. There are cute options, cheeky options, funny options and more traditional options to choose from.

Bright Star Kids Father's Day Range - myhometruths.com

I have to say I REALLY wanted to get matching Space Invader shirts for Nathan and Gilbert with Player 1 and Player 2 on each. It would have really made the perfect gift for the gamer Dad in our family.Perfect for the gamer Dad - myhometruths.com

However, the biggest child size they go up to is Size 8 which is a bit of a disappointment – it would be awesome to see their range include sizes for older kids as well.

After looking over the site and checking out all the options, we instead went with some interactive options for Nathan’s father’s day gift.

Interactive, you ask?

Well, check out these shirts. Perfect for a massage for Dad but also perfect as a sensory activity for kids as well!Truly interactive gifts for everyone - www.myhometruths.com

In other words, perfect for our special little family!

The shirts were delivered quickly and are of good quality. It was easy to work out the right sizing and it was really fun coming up with a personalised message on the back.

Here’s what we came up with for Nathan:

Perfect gifts for dad from the kids - www.myhometruths.com

I must say Bright Star Kids have made Father’s Day gift buying much easier for me and for the kids this year.

If you are like me and you struggle with having to come up with Father’s Day ideas on behalf of your kids, check out the Bright Star Kids site. There are heaps of ideas and your kids will LOVE to have their opportunity to personalise a gift for their dad.

Make sure you check out the site this weekend and order by Monday August 22 to guarantee your gift selections arrive before the big day.

So, do you have the same issues as me when it comes to selecting gifts? And what would you select as a gift for the father in your life?

Disclaimer: I did not receive monetary compensation for this post however I did receive a $50 voucher to purchase items for the purposes of this review. All opinions and views included here are 100% my own, especially my enduring issues with buying gifts for Father’s Day!

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7 Responses

  1. Emily says:

    Cute! We got the musical instruments tee, too. The kids love it! Cam was okay with the idea until he saw that I’d bought actual real drumsticks to go with it. 😉
    Emily recently posted..Amazing Daddy – Rachel Bright (book review)

    • Kirsty says:

      Hahaha! There is a similar reason Nathan wasn’t modelling these for the photos…my older two can pack quite the wallop when they want to!

  2. Hugzilla says:

    LOLing at your son and his Father’s Day stall strategy. BAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!! I LOVE that t-shirt with the race track on the back. Such an awesome idea. Next stop – Massage-ville.

    • Kirsty says:

      I learned from that experience – little bugger. I made sure he spent ALL his mother’s day money on me this year rather than on himself (it helps to have contacts in the canteen to help enforce that too!)

  3. Lauren says:

    I love the shirt with the racetrack, Mr 4yo would love that! My excessively ticklish husband, not so much

  4. I love those games on the back of t-shirts. I think I want one because the opportunity to lay on the floor while someone massages my back with a car race sounds brilliant!

  5. Grace says:

    Kirsty, this post is a lifesaver! I have no clue what to get Mr Surfer but that Daddysaurus tshirt is awesome! Will look into this ASAP!

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