Best birthday ever #imustconfess

Yesterday was my 41st birthday. And I had a pretty damn good day.

It makes a massive difference having your birthday fall on a weekend so you can enjoy the whole day with those you love.

Last year, my 40th wasn’t so great. I was still grieving for my Dad, who we lost just over a month beforehand. I had just torn my ACL and was in substantial pain and discomfort. And it was a Friday so I spent most of the day on my own.

I did have a beautiful party organised by my friends that night, who stepped in and sorted it all out so I had one less thing to worry about. But it wasn’t the perfect birthday I had imagined and I certainly wasn’t in the headspace to really enjoy it.

Fast forward a year and I’m in a far better place. My knee has healed, my grief has subsided and I came into the day with no expectations.

It was a lovely day.

Best Birthday Ever -

I was spoiled with presents in the morning, a cooked breakfast of mouth-watering pancakes, bacon and maple syrup and I spent the morning with my feet up, watching the Olympics.

It was then time to head out to lunch at our local club (they even had succulent roast with gluten free gravy – score!).

Afterwards, I took myself for an hour-long walk to catch Pokemon and test out my new Fitbit Blaze before coming home and cheering my NRL team on (go the mighty Tigers!)

The day was complete with creamy chicken pasta for dinner, red wine and my birthday cake, a glorious pavlova.

I had two helpings while watching Deadpool (one of my gifts). I must confess, Ryan Reynolds makes everything awesome.

It really was a fabulous day. But was it my best ever?

When I was considering this prompt, I thought back to some epic birthdays in my youth.

  • My 18th which culminated in watching a screening of the original Jurassic Park with my friends (yes I’m that old)
  • My 20th, where my parents cleared out for the night so I could host a massive sleepover in our shed at Branxton (still arguably my best birthday party ever!)
  • My 21st, at a venue called the Crazy Cow Cafe, where I wore a dress that the shop assistant said made me look “athletic” (code for having no boobs). We henceforth referred to that dress as “the sock.”
  • My 25th, a joint party with another friend, where I dressed up as Marie Antoinette (complete with towering powdered wig)

Even though yesterday’s celebration was low key in comparison to some of my past birthdays, it was close to the best birthday ever.

Sure, it didn’t involve fancy dress, a party or copious amounts of alcohol. Which are things I considered to be absolutely mandatory in those early years.

However, I was able to spend the day with my family. I got to relax. I didn’t have to cook or clean.

I actually allowed myself to let go of my responsibilities and worries for a day. That’s huge for me.

If only every day could be my birthday…

So that’s why I consider this year’s birthday worthy of being considered my best ever.

What about you? Do you have a birthday worthy of that title? Was is crazy fun or more low key?

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26 Responses

  1. Happy birthday! Thanks for the I Must Confess prompt and reminding me of why I started this whole blogging caper.

    • Kirsty says:

      I love it when the prompts help tease out a post or serve as a reminder in some way – can’t wait to read yours Leanne!

  2. Happy Birthday. So pleased it ended up being a great day for you. Unless, I actually make an effort to organise something my birthday is often just another day. This year (October) I’ve decided rather than just let the day pass, I will take matters into my own hands (for once) and organise something. I’ve a booked an afternoon of high tea at an exclusive restaurant for the whole family. Which sounds rather organised for me but the place is booked out months in advance.

    I didn’t manage to blog today, so I will be back tomorrow to link up and case the others linking up.

  3. I have to say that watching the Olympics without guilt would make for a pretty good birthday in my book!

  4. jess says:

    Sounds wonderful, happy birthday! My past few birthdays have been flops (miscommunication in planning, a bout of gastro..) but I usually love birthdays.

  5. I wondered how much you would enjoy this year’s birthday given how last year did have such other memorable events…as you so rightly said. I am glad that you were able to let go of much of what you could to really enjoy the day that celebrates you. I have mixed feelings about my birthday mostly because I had/have unrealistic expectations. Your birthday was one day after my daughter’s and she is 4 years and 1 day older than you!

  6. Michelle says:

    Happy 41st Birthday beautiful!! I’m glad to hear you had a much more enjoyable one this year. If it makes you feel any better, this year on my birthday, I attended a funeral, and then in the evening, I attended a mass for the 1 year anniversary of my uncle’s passing. Not a really happy day, but that’s life!
    But my best birthday was when I turned 33 as I got vouchers for driving lessons (I’d always been afraid to drive), so I finally began lessons and got my licence on my first attempt!! 🙂

    • Kirsty says:

      I’m so sorry this year’s birthday was overshadowed by so many sobering events Michelle. But good on you for overcoming your fears and getting your licence!

  7. Ness says:

    Glad you enjoyed your day. But where are the photos of your past parties?! I want to see the Marie Antionette costume!

  8. I sometimes think that the birthdays we have the least expectations of, turn out to be the best 🙂 . Happy birthday Kirsty! Oh and I’m with Ness, we need pictorial proof of that Marie Antoinette outfit!!!

  9. I agree Ryan Reynolds can make anything good. I think the only birthday I remember doing anything great was my 18th where we rented out a hall and had a proper party although it wasn’t anything that exciting because my mum and family were all there so we had to be behaved {until we went to the nightclub after}.
    Toni @ Finding Myself Young recently posted..Mummy Must Have Review | Happy Hands Happy Heart Natural Playdough

  10. Can we see the Marie Antoinette photo pls?

  11. Deborah says:

    This is sad to say but I’m not sure I have a ‘best ever’ birthday. I enjoyed my 40th though a lot of people couldn’t come. I didn’t have a 21st or 18th for the same reason I didn’t have parties growing up – my birthday is between Christmas and New Year and most people are away or busy.

    The last few years my mother and I tend to just go somewhere for dinner.
    Deborah recently posted..Birthdays and bucket lists

  12. I loved this post the first time and it was great to see it again!! Thanks for linking up #lifethisweek. Denyse x

  13. They all sound like great birthdays! And I have a few “sock” tops and dresses myself, so I can relate to that. I can’t think of my favourite birthday – they’ve all been pretty good. Although, maybe the standout one was when my present was a bottle of orange juice (I was going through a sugar phase… still am) and mum didn’t have time to get me anything, so she wrapped up a bottle from the fridge. It was hilarious. #lifethisweek

  14. Ooh, Deadpool, creamy chicken pasta, red wine and pavlova, that sounds like the perfect Birthday to me! Ryan Reynolds for the win!
    Di from Max The Unicorn recently posted..Spotlight On: Hire A Packer!

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