My Worst Habit #imustconfess

One of my first ever confessions detailed my bad habit of biting my nails. It was still the case when I revisited this topic a few years down the track.

And here we are again…

I do still bite my nails. I don’t think I’m ever going to be able to stop – it’s a lifelong habit.

I still tend to avoid making eye contact at times. But I’m more comfortable with this now as I know that I’m not all that bad. I make eye contact when it matters and, now I’m more aware of it, I’m actively trying to do better.

I must confess that taking the time to research and understand the importance of eye contact, particularly in those on the autism spectrum, has reassured me that I can (and do!) show attention in other ways. So I don’t see this in the same light as I did back in 2011 when I first owned up to this one.

I also have a habit of interrupting others at times. Again, I am more aware of this tendency now so I do this less, however, my excitability does get the better of me sometimes. But it rarely results in awkward social situations (well, none that I’m aware of anyway!)

So after two posts detailing my bad habits, it’s time to confess my worst habit.


Thinking over this one, I’ve come to the conclusion that my worst habit is not being able to sit still and relax.

My husband might point out that my worst habit may actually be the fact I don’t seem to hear everything that he says. However, after nearly 16 years of marriage, I think that sort of comes with most marriages… 😉

Actually, I have confessed before that I find it nearly impossible to relax and I do believe this is my worst habit.

I find it very hard to sit still. When I do sit down, it’s almost always with a laptop or my phone. Even before the advent of blogging and the internet, I would sit down and cross-stitch.

I always see things I need to do. There’s always housework, homework, cooking, washing, tidying and so many other things to claim my attention. So it’s not unusual for me to sit down only to get up again a minute later after I’ve seen something that needs to be put away or I’ve remembered something that I absolutely need to do right then and there.

I’ve never been able to sit still and watch TV or a movie. I used to read books but I haven’t been able to settle down to read a new book for years now. The last new book I read was The Hunger Games series.

I can’t just stop and take in my surroundings. My brain is always going, always thinking of what I need to do next. Always dwelling on my mental to-do list. Sitting still and doing nothing seems like such a waste to me.

Even worse, it makes me feel guilty when I do stop, because I feel the pressure of having so much to do. So relaxing, instead of making me feel better, just makes me feel worse. The urgency to keep going and make ground on all those tasks becomes overwhelming.

It doesn’t help that in those rare moments I have tried to slow down and attempted to overcome the guilt, all I seem to do is fall asleep. If I’m not doing something, my brain seems to think it’s okay to shutdown completely – there really is no middle ground.

However, since my brain meltdown, I know I need to try to fully relax and look after myself, even if it seems my very nature won’t allow it.

But, it’s not just my health and well being that’s being affected. It affects my relationships with my family too.

My husband just wants me to be able to sit still and enjoy time with him. He would love for me to be able to shut down and relax. But I find that really difficult to do.

If I just sit still and do nothing, particularly in the evening, I fall asleep.

And my poor kids would love nothing more than to have more of me in the present moment. They just want to play board games and enjoy video games and wander around in imaginary worlds with me. But I find it hard to stop, and when I do, I have been known to fall asleep on them.

See? Not being able to relax really is my worst habit.

What about you – what do you consider to be your worst habit?

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12 Responses

  1. Tegan says:

    That must be frustrating for you at times. I think I have the opposite problem lol! I’d say my worst habit would have to be my inability to keep things clean or to keep up with cleaning. My bedroom at the moment looks like a clothes bomb has gone off. I never seemed to grow out of that teenage mess lol.
    Tegan recently posted..Why vodka and I are no longer BFFs

  2. I never used to have a problem relaxing enough to concentrate to read a book. I used to read on the train to and from work and again in bed at night. I used to go through SO MANY books!! I haven’t been able to read for ages. I can’t stop long enough. I can’t stop my mind so that I can concentrate on a book. Like you, there is always something I need to be doing. I think it is the online world we live in that is responsible to be honest! We are constantly connected. I need to practice more of what I preach. I need to switch off more often and meditate more to help slow my mind down. I think maybe you should try the same. xo
    Min@WriteoftheMiddle recently posted..New logo and blog header for WOTM!

  3. I’ve got relaxing down to an art, but I have to make time for it…that part is the problem!

  4. I too have problems switching off and relaxing. Always have. I’m not sure it is my worst habit though.

  5. Vanessa says:

    Ok, on review I think my worst habit is the same as yours!!!
    Vanessa recently posted..My Worst Habit

  6. Ness says:

    I can switch off and relax, especially when I’m absorbed in my special interests. But then it causes problems because I forget important things I should be doing, so you can’t win. Sigh. But not surprisingly, my worst habit involves cake and eating. Hope you can find a way to relax xo

  7. If I told you that you seem perfectly normal would you believe me? The thing is, I think that we have ALL become addicted to busy and to activity because without it we would have to ‘be’ and THAT is the biggest lesson of all. Can you live with you just as you are? Yes, these are things I am learning, learning and learning as I continue to learn more to BE than to DO. I think what you are going through goes with the territory of parenting and all that though. Do you ever, even for a minute, step outside and look UP…or look DOWN and just ‘be’? Try it. Ne will love it that you do! Another great prompt.

  8. Michelle says:

    My worst habit would be when I sweep the house and I ‘forget’ to pick up the dirt once it’s all been swept!
    I do it so often and even though I always get around to picking it up with the dustpan and brush, it takes me a while!!
    I also find it extremely difficult to switch off; my brain is always on the go. Thanks for a thought provoking prompt!

  9. Damo says:

    Thanks for hosting.

    Cheers, Damo

  10. Janet says:

    LOL I joke I have two speeds – flat out or fast asleep! Hubby says I get distracted easily because as I walk through the house I will see something that needs to be done or put away and I will detour to do it. I think of it as multi-tasking but he disagrees …

  11. I’m back to link up and catch up. I think I’ve decided my worst habit is not knowing when to give up or walk away.

  12. I am sort of like you…I find it hard to just be. Even if I’m at the beach, I’ll be reading while enjoying the sun, sand and sea. If I’m relaxing at home, I’ll still have my laptop or book or TV. Rarely do I just sit and notice things around me. Also, I used to bite my nails till I was around 17 I think. Now I just pick the skin around it!
    Sanch @ Living my Imperfect Life recently posted..My worst habit

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