I must confess…my dream destinations

I must confess I have many dream destinations, although I’ve been lucky enough to have already visited some (being the travel addict that I am):

Walt Disney World: while we have already been, we are definitely going back one day. Yes, it’s that good!

Icons of Disney

Paris: I’ve been lucky enough to visit the style capital of the world twice so far but I still yearn to return. There is something about the history, culture and architecture of the city that continues to draw me in…

Eiffel Tower - myhometruths.com

My first ever glimpse of the Eiffel Tower back in 1990 as a 14 year old…

London: Again I’ve been fortunate to get to London on two separate occasions. After spending years reading historical novels set there, I have to say I feel very much at home whenever I visit.

Tower Bridge - myhometruths.com

Tower Bridge, taken from the river tour we went on as newlyweds back in 2000

While I have got to some of my dream destinations, there are always more to be explored. Here are some of the dream destinations I would love to visit as a family:

San Francisco: we really wanted to get to San Francisco when we visited the US last year but we couldn’t make it work in our itinerary. Just an excuse to go back again, isn’t it?

San Francisco

Golden Gate Bridge & San Francisco Bay – image source

England: I would love to drive out of London and explore the rest of the country. I’ve been to Bath and Stonehenge but I want to see the Lakes District, visit one of the many historic castles that dot the countryside and take in the white cliffs of Dover.


Glenridding & Ullswater – copyright Nick Thorne – image source

Hawaii: I’m not really a fan of beachy holidays (I’m not a beach girl myself), but I could give it a try in Hawaii. Especially if I could also pair a beach escape with a visit to an active volcano (that’s definitely more my style!)

Hawaii volcano meeting ocean

Lava from Kilauea meeting the ocean – image source

In addition to our dream family destinations, there are other destinations/places I would love to visit with Nathan as a couple:

Eurovision: it would not matter which city hosted, we would LOVE to experience the Eurovision Song Contest in real life. That would be all kinds of awesome. Wherever or whenever – just give us Eurovision!

Eurovision Song Contest

image source

New York: while I would also love to soak up New York with the kids I do have a dream to explore this vibrant city as a couple with Nathan. The nightlife, the restaurants and the romantic views are just perfect for couples…

New York

image source

Smoky Cape Lighthouse: we recently visited on our way back from the Gold Coast and it’s a stunning spot on the NSW mid north coast. The views from the lighthouse are gorgeous and you can stay in a B&B right next to the lighthouse. It would be the perfect escape for a weekend sans kids – I’m definitely going back there with Nathan one day.

Smoky Cape Lighthouse and B&B - myhometruths.com

The accommodation next to the lighthouse, with this stunning view:

View from Smoky Cape Lighthouse - myhometruths.com

I could definitely live with this view for a weekend away…

And there are yet more places that I would love to visit one day, even if I end up going alone:

All 4 grand slam tennis tournaments (Melbourne, Paris, London, New York): this is the biggest item on my bucket list. I’ve been to Melbourne twice but I’m yet to visit the others. It WILL happen.

Grand Slam Tennis

image source

Bali: I may be the only Australian who has not yet been to Bali – it seems everyone else I know has! But I would like to visit one day and I did learn Indonesian many years ago – so I’m bound to go one day, aren’t I?


image source

China: to see the Great Wall and soak up some of the history I learned at university. Chinese history offers a fascinating insight into innovation and technology throughout time and I would love to see this first hand one day.

Great Wall of China

image source

But my ONE dream travel destination is St Petersburg, Russia.

St Petersburg

image source

My dream is to travel by water, with stops on the way throughout Scandinavia and the Baltic. Then onto St Petersburg where I want to experience all its colours and grandeur. I want to see as much as I humanly can at the Hermitage and wander the streets created by Peter the Great all those years ago.

The most western city in Russia is also it’s cultural hub and I hope to one day get there to take it all in.

St Petersburg is definitely my ultimate dream destination.

What about you – where’s your dream destination? Where would you like to go?

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24 Responses

  1. St petersburg would be AMAZING!!

    • Kirsty says:

      It would, wouldn’t it? I’m hoping to get there during our world tour planned for 2020 – fingers crossed!

  2. I have actually never been to Bali and am not that keen in visiting either. It seems all of my holidays have revolved around the USA and NZ. Like you, I’d love to visit the English countryside and the historic castles. I still haven’t been to The Netherlands although all of my mum’s family live there (my first priority has always been to see my sister who lives in San Diego). Hubby and I have also wanted to visit Canada and do the rockies. Oh and yes, I’d love to do New York too, I think that’d be awesome!
    Eva @ The Multitasking Woman recently posted..The Best Little White Lie We’ve Ever Told

    • Kirsty says:

      Having also been to the US and NZ twice I have to say that I love both countries and would be happy to each of them again! But The Netherlands and Canada would be great destinations too – I would love to get to Prince Edward Island and see the inspiration for Anne of Green Gables!

  3. Add me to the list of never been to Bali…and I have no desire as well. I have been to San Francisco and to Hawaii and was blown away by SF. Could have spent more time there that IS for sure. In terms of its terrain, fascinating and its history..amazing. I did the Alcatraz tour. WOW. I topped and tailed my 2006 USA East Coast trip with Hawaii. Oahu, the Big Island. Spent time on the big Island (Hawaii) driving myself to the Big Volcano but got lost and ended up back where I started. I even had a helicopter tour waiting. I was sent the movie of what I would have seen. I loved the fact that a trip to Hawaii is 10 hours in the plane & I could deal with that. I went with Hawaiian airlines and could not fault them. Cheers, Denyse

    • Kirsty says:

      I’m glad I’m not the only one who hasn’t been to Bali although I do seem to be the only one who wants to change that! Big boo to you not being able to make your helicopter ride – that would have been disappointing. But it was very nice of the tour company to give you a copy of what you would have seen – just another excuse to get back there Denyse!

      • FB and twitter friends of mine rent the lighthouse cottages at Smoky Cape each July school hols. One lives in Sydney, the other in rural NSW. They adore it there. Did you know the Norah head light house has 3 cottages to rent as well?

        • Kirsty says:

          I didn’t know you could also rent out cottages at Norah Head lighthouse – will have to check that out!

  4. cate says:

    I don’t have a dream destination (although Bali doesn’t even make a non-list!), although I would like to visit the places I went as a child with the eyes of an adult!

    • Kirsty says:

      That would be an interesting exercise. I wonder if I’d be as scared of Charlotte Pass now? I was terrified when I visited as a child – the low clouds made me feel very uncomfortable…

  5. I haven’t been to Bali either!!!! Some definite dreaming in this post for me … I’m trying to pick our next trip but can’t decide where to go!

  6. That’s a wonderful list. I’m not really sure I have a dream destination. I just really want to travel. Having said that while I sit here waiting to see why one leg is twice as swollen after the other after my trip to Sydney. I’m not sure travel is on the cards for me for a little while.

    It was so great to meet you on Friday. A real highlight for me.

    • Kirsty says:

      I loved finally meeting you too Raych. So sorry to hear about your leg dramas – flying always make me swell too, but not as badly as you seem to be suffering. Look after yourself my friend x

  7. My dream destination at the moment is Italy – but I do not want to go there with my kids, so it might have to wait.

    • Kirsty says:

      I went to Italy on my grand tour as a 14 yo – to Rome, Florence, Naples, Pompeii, Venice and Padua. It was a glorious adventure although I can still remember just how dirty and grimy it was – nothing like I had imagined!

  8. jess says:

    I am so thankful to have been to several of my dream places (New York, New Orleans, Spain, Rome), but for every place I go, I have 100 more on my list! San Fran, Paris, and London definitely on my list too.

  9. I know people who have been to Russia and loved it! You have been so many places. I have been to Germany for a few weeks as a teen and loved it. I would love to go back and seem more of Europe. There is so much history, such old history, that we don’t have. I would also love to do England, Ireland and Scotland, particularly Scotland due to family links. That lighthouse on the Gold Coast looks good to visit too. There is so much of this country I want to see, let alone overseas 🙂

    • Kirsty says:

      That’s it – I’d Iove to see more of Australia too. My mum is currently on an odyssey around the country (she’s in WA) at the moment and I’m loving the photos she is sharing. I’m definitely keen to see more in the future.

  10. That’s a huge list! I’ve never been to Bali either and to be honest, am not raring to go. I enjoyed San Francisco but was not a fan of NYC. For me, I’d love to go to Hawaii, Greece, Scotland, Ireland, New Zealand and most importantly, all of Australia! 🙂
    Sanch @ Living my Imperfect Life recently posted..The month that was April 2016

  11. Tory says:

    I’ve never been overseas but I so want to go to all of these places!

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