My biggest roadblock #imustconfess

I must biggest roadblock -

It may not come as a surprise to anyone really that I consider my biggest roadblock to be myself.

I could have confessed that time is my enemy – that I seem to never have enough of it.

I could have confessed that lack of organisation is my biggest roadblock too. Or being easily distracted. Or my struggle to find focus & drive.

In the end these are all true roadblocks for me. However they all have the same source – me.

Honestly I am the biggest roadblock in my life right now.

I need to approach my writing as a business. I need to be more productive. I need to draw an income.

But I’m failing at every single turn.

The more I try, the more I seem to struggle. I want this to work but I can’t seem to find the traction or the momentum or the drive to make things happen.

Part of the problem is I want to do everything at once. Which means I tend to go from task to task as inspiration strikes rather than completing one thing and then moving to the next.

The other part of the problem is my inability to prioritise. Despite putting together s schedule & calendar, I still find myself focusing on the wrong things. Why is that?

I know what I need to do. I know scheduling works. Yet why do I self-sabotage myself each and every time by ignoring everything I know I should do?

I have no answer, save for the one roadblock – me.

I hope my time away from the daily grind on this holiday will help me regain some focus, drive and determination.

I want to succeed in spite of myself.

Is that too much to ask for?

What’s your biggest roadblock right now?

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32 Responses

  1. I think we’re all guilty of this sometimes, I certainly know that I am! I think it comes from a place of fear.

    • Kirsty says:

      I think you are right on both counts Sarah. You’d think at the ripe old age of 40 I’d have my crap together and no longer be prey to that fear of failure but you’d be wrong! But I’m thankful that I’m not alone and hopeful that we can all muddle through together!

  2. I am definitely guilty of this too. Dozens of drafts, all from different inspirations (some of those, long forgotten).
    Why do we hold ourselves back?

    Love your blog, hope your holiday brings you fresh perspective and renewed determination.

    • Kirsty says:

      Thanks so much Mel. I have definitely come back refreshed and full of ideas – I just need to follow through now!

  3. I agree with the commenters above and I think it is a most common human trait. So: step ONE! Forgive yourself. step TWO! Just do what you want for a while…and be KIND(er) to yourself and less critical. I know I can say that here but doing it is even more challenging. I am wanting my life’s transition to be ‘done’ so I can enjoy what life there is left at this stage of our lives…but, I so not enjoy my impulses nor impatience unless I let things evolve and I become more attuned with the what IS now this is the roadblock I will continue to have. Just step around it for a while, Kirsty and relax into some ‘me’ time that is creative nor always constructive…my 2c! Denyse xx

  4. jess says:

    I completely feel you! I am usually my own roadblock too. I often blame time, money, etc…but the reality is there are lots of things on my to-do list that could be ticked off if I just got out of my own way and did them!

  5. I’m not sure of the answer Kirsty but I know for me I will procrastinate and do everything else except what is on top of my list. It comes down to failure for me – what fi I am not as good as I think I am? What is I fail? Today I am launching my small business and so far I am doing everything else except what I need to do

    • Kirsty says:

      I’m so excited for you and I love the name of your new business. Now I’m back at home and on a laptop again I will check out your page and send you all the positive vibes that I can. You can do this!!!

  6. Cate says:

    I, too, am my biggest roadblock. There’s a thing floating around facebook at the moment about have a theme for each day, which actually makes so much sense to me. Might be worth a look at for you, too.

  7. Tory says:

    This is me for sure. I know there are things I should be doing but I just can’t bring myself to organise well enough to do them. Great post!

    • Kirsty says:

      Thanks Tory. I’m glad I’m not the only one who is experiencing this but I hope we can all get ourselves together to kick some serious butt. After we’ve stopped checking facebook, etc…!

  8. I’m my biggest roadblock too. That and the fact I can’t physically clone myself. LOL

    There were more than a few roadblocks in the way to hitting publish on today’s blog post but I’ve linked up now.

    • Kirsty says:

      Cloning oneself would be awesome. As long as I got to be the clone that had fun – wouldn’t want to be the one that works or the one that does the housework!

  9. In some ways, I could have written this post. I’ve been wanting to work on my freelance writing but I’m too chicken shit to pitch anywhere — I’m my own worst enemy! Can totally empathise with this. It’s so much harder when we are our own roadblocks — can’t really pass the blame!

    I hope you overcome your roadblock soon.
    Sanch @ Living my Imperfect Life recently posted..RSVP: Maybe

  10. I am pretty sure that for most of us our biggest roadblock is ourselves. I seem to be able to think of excuses for anything and am usually scared of the unknown.

  11. Deborah says:

    My biggest roadblock Kirsty is undoubtedly myself as well, but it’s manifesting itself via my weight… impinging on the rest of my life.
    Deborah recently posted..My biggest roadblock

  12. Forgive yourself and focus on one step at a time. It has taken me two years to make a small income from writing and it is from articles… Not my blog. Each step is a step in the right direction, even little ones!

  13. Ah I seem to be stuck in exactly the same place. Now I’ve realized that I don’t want to feel guilty, so I’ve started acting to make small changes. Bite-sized pieces, is my new mantra!

  14. Just as well you are on holidays at the moment, sounds like you need it! Have you gone to any business network meetings in your area? It’s a great way to meet others and get the word out about your business – you never know where it could lead …

  15. Suzy says:

    Sometimes the best thing we can do is to simply let go of the need to succeed. Go with the flow, do less and see where that takes you;. Sometimes less is more.

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