I must confess…my guilty TV pleasures

Do you like your TV trashy and full of escapism? Do like to sink into your lounge at the end of the day and just disappear into someone else’s world for a short time? Do you love the idea of binge watching a series until you sob with the reality that there are no more episodes left to watch?

Welcome to the world of guilty TV pleasures.

I must confess - guilty TV pleasures www.myhometruths.com

I suspect we all have them. And while I’ve been trying to reduce my TV time, there is nothing better than sitting down at the end of an exhausting day and losing yourself in the latest twists and turns of your favourite TV series.

I’ve shared some of my TV guilty pleasures before – there was my confession about my addiction to reality TV plus my top 5 favourite TV shows from way back in 2012.

Since then my tastes have changed as has my access to TV shows. I rarely watch free-to-air anymore. When we sit down to watch something in the evening, it is streamed from the computer, via Netflix or Hulu. You can obviously get your TV fix quicker straight from the US, plus you can watch it at your own time.

Which suits us, especially on those nights where our kids take that little bit more effort to get settled in bed.

Okay, I must confess, that’s pretty much every night!

Over the last few months we have finished off The X Files, Continuum, Jessica Jones and How I Met Your Mother. And we have been watching the latest series of Castle, Arrow, The Flash, Marvel’s Agents of Shield and Madam Secretary.

But this here post is all about those shows that I’m a bit ashamed of watching, although I just can’t stop watching them…


Galavant_Intertitle - sourced from wikipedia

You may not have heard of this amazing US fairytale/comedy/musical but it is worth the search online. It is hilarious. It’s cheesy. It’s low brow. It’s predictable. It’s never going to win an Emmy. But it is over-the-top, laugh out loud funny and so un-American in tone that I can’t quite believe it ever got the green light to be produced. This is my latest TV guilty pleasure and I can’t get enough of it right now.

My Kitchen Rules

My_Kitchen_Rules_Logo - sourced from Wikipedia

I don’t like cooking. In fact I hate it. So you would be forgiven for wondering why I like this show. But it’s really got nothing to do with the food. It’s all about the people and the conflict and the challenges and the meltdowns and the drama. I have to watch this one when Nathan’s not around as he hates it so I think that definitely makes it a guilty TV pleasure for me.

House Rules

House_Rules_Title_Card - sourced from Wikipedia

It’s no secret I like renovation shows (The Block was my top show all those years ago) and this one puts a cool twist on it with the “open to interpretation” house rules for each renovation. Again the interplay between the contestants is fascinating and I love how many of them have no idea how to renovate at all. It makes me feel all smug as I watch it eating chocolate on the lounge…

Doctor Who

Doctor_Who_-_Current_Titlecard - sourced from Wikipedia

Yes I’m officially a nerd. I really do like this show. And against all inclination I really do like Peter Capaldi’s incarnation of The Doctor. Which is crazy because I didn’t think anyone could compete with Matt Smith’s version. Who knew? But this show is fun, intriguing and always worth a view.


Insiders_title_screen - sourced from Wikipedia

Being the political junkie that I am, I love getting up on a Sunday morning and getting my fix of all things politics. The Twitter conversations that accompany each episode just make it even better. Although every time Gerard Henderson is on I just get a little more enraged. I just don’t get what he’s putting down…


Eurovision_Song_Contest - sourced from Wikipedia

Well, I’m not really ashamed of watching this showcase of all that is camp and kitschy and uncool. I unashamedly love it! But many others just don’t get my love for it so I thought I better include it on my list.

Once Upon a Time

Once_Upon_aTime_promo_image - sourced from Wikipedia

This is such fun although it is just fairy tales hyped up on soap opera steroids. I actually watch this with my girls as they love it too. It takes me back to my childhood with all the references to fairy tale characters while also making me feel for each of them, even the baddies. This definitely a guilty TV pleasure for me right now.

And watch my most shameful TV guilty pleasure (I’m showing my age with this one, my friends…)

So what are your guilty TV pleasures?

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39 Responses

  1. Tegan says:

    I love My Kitchen Rules for similar reasons lol. Sometimes it’s a bit over the top but there’s never a dull moment!
    Tegan recently posted..Holiday guilty pleasure TV

  2. I did not confess with this one because I was too excited ‘launching’ the new look to my blog. My guilty pleasures on TV are not many. But I do like the One Born Every Minute Show and 24 Hours in ER even though I am scared of hospitals and sickness! You certainly need down time so I think immersion in telly is a great idea. D

    • Kirsty says:

      Congrats on the new look – very exciting D! Nathan is not a fan of medical shows so we don’t often watch them in our house but my son LOVES a show on ABC3 called Operation Ouch which shows kids about the different things that go on in ERs and also about the amazing parts of the human body. Off to check your new site in more detail now!

  3. We’ve just finished Season 2 of True Detective and prior to that watched all 3 seasons of Ray Donovan….we’ve hit a gap while we wait for the next season of the shows we watch so might rewatch season 1 of true detective or hit the whole of Curb, which we love but haven’t watched in years….

    • Kirsty says:

      We watched about half of season 1 of True Detective and it was very good but a little too gritty for me. Will have to check out the other shows mentioned as we are always on the lookout for the next show to binge watch!

  4. Tory says:

    Love Galavantand Doctor Who! And Once Upon a time. Actually I love them all! Great post!

  5. Eurovision?? Oh my. Not really sure how to answer that one. I don’t watch enough TV to talk about my shows but maybe Modern Family.

    • Kirsty says:

      Eurovision is definitely a divisive topic. I have loved it for over 20 years now but I think you have to get it to love it 😉

  6. I’ve never heard of Galavant or Insiders. I’m a bit over cooking shows and despise talent shows. None of the shows I usually watch are back on, Homeland and Madam Secretary…other than that, I don’t really have any guilty pleasures. I’m trying so hard to ditch television altogether (as you’ll read in my post ;))
    Eva @ The Multitasking Woman recently posted..Television: The ultimate waster of time and happiness #MummyMondays

    • Kirsty says:

      I can’t do talent shows. I think I watched one or two series of Popstars way back in the day but have no appetite for any of the modern versions. We love Madam Secretary too – that is one of the most compelling and intelligent shows on TV at the moment. I look forward to checking out your post and your plan to ditch TV!

  7. Zita says:

    You’re right, I have never heard of Galavant! Should check it out! I’m a bit of a binge watcher as if there’s too long between episodes I forget! Lol… So I save up a few and watch them at once, or borrow them on dvd off my sister who buys everything!! Currently binge watching season 2 of Orange is the new black!

    • Kirsty says:

      Galavant is fabulous – it is definitely worth a look. We tried OITNB after all the hype around it but it didn’t grab us. We have just started iZombie which is quite intriguing and very watchable – maybe that’s worth a look for you too.

  8. Ness says:

    Some of those shows sound interesting, but we don’t have Netflix or Foxtel or anything. Damn. Although, I have to admit I’m with Nathan when it comes to My Kitchen Rules. Just seeing the ads sets my teeth on edge! But I have been known to watch Big Brother in the past, so who am I to judge?

    • Kirsty says:

      I watched the first series of BB way back in the past but that was enough for me. However I have been a diehard Survivor & Amazing Race fan in the past, but Nathan would watch those with me. He just can’t stand MKR or House Rules. But that’s cool, I just stream them to watch on the nights he isn’t here – we all come out winners!

  9. jess says:

    I am a big fan of the binge-watch! My guilty TV is always the teen-dramas ( Pretty Little Liars etc).

    • Kirsty says:

      Teen dramas are always guilty pleasures. I haven’t watched any for a while but I used to love 90210, Melrose Place, etc…

  10. I’m quite partial to a bit of trash tv, if I’m honest. I’m desperate to start watching a new series but hubby has banned them haha!

  11. I watch MKR for the bitchiness and to slaver over the food but I’d never cook any of it. My most exotic meals come from Lenards. My husband is the binge watcher in our family. He’s making me watch the X Files. I don’t like it. I’ve watched GOT and Rome about four times though.

    • Kirsty says:

      I love the producers of MKR – they definitely know how to bring out the bitch factor! While I do enjoy the X Files I could never get into GOT – I just don’t cope well with copious amounts of sex & violence 🙁

  12. Galavant sounds good! I’m with you too on MKR and House Rules. I’m shocked at myself but my fave TV viewing at the moment doesn’t make me feel guilty at all – we’ve been watching The Tribe on Monday nights on SBS, and I’m a sucker for One Born Every Minute. But I’m also very glad the X Files have made a return, so that can be my trash fix!

    • Kirsty says:

      I can’t believe I never watched the X Files the first time around – I’ve enjoyed watching the original series. We’ve streamed the first two episodes of the revival and while I found the first episode a little meh, the second was classic X Files. I’m looking forward to seeing how it all unfolds…

  13. Oh I love this. I must confess to Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Home and Away and Ellen haha.

  14. Vanessa says:

    Oh I liked the concept of Once Upon A Time but I’ve never seen an episode of it.

  15. Oooh Once Upon a Time is on daytime t.v. and I am hooked. Now I want to see more of it.

  16. Kirsty says:

    Do it – it’s great and highly additive!

  17. Movi says:

    Love – Once Upon a Time

  18. I don’t get those cooking shows. Don’t watch them … don’t understand the appeal at all. But then again, I’m a non chef non foodie … so ….
    Leanne @ Deep Fried Fruit recently posted..Day 2699 – Enlighten Canberra

  19. inthegoodbooksblog says:

    MKR is one that I enjoy watching. I don’t learn any tips on cooking as it is all about the contestants, which is what I like 🙂

  20. Great to see this post again, Kirsty!! Thanks for linking up for #lifethisweek 10/52. Next week: My Favourite Colour.
    Denyse Whelan Blogs recently posted..Must Watch TV. #LifeThisWeek10/52. 2017.37.

  21. What is there not to love about Eurovision??? It is the campiest, zaniest, most full on thing in the universe and I watch it EVERY year – I’ve sucked my daughter into it as well and we try to watch it together – if not we link up on line and type comments back and forwards in our own commentary.
    Leanne | crestingthehill recently posted..Midlife Monday ~ Should There Be Limits on Fabulous-ness?

  22. Kat says:

    My bf spent the whole weekend watching all of Galavant a couple of weeks ago. It was pretty funny. The parts that I saw anyway. And Eurovision is the best TV ever! LOVE IT

  23. My thing at the moment are videos on Facebook. My favourites are the cooking ones that make it all look so easy and delicious. Because of all the cheese!

    SSG xxx
    Sydney Shop Girl recently posted..Life This Week 6/3/2017: Rain. ‘The Woman in Cabin 10’ by Ruth Ware.

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