ACL Recovery: Month Five

It’s now been 5 months since my ACL reconstruction surgery. You can catch up on my journey so far by reading my previous posts below:

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ACL Recovery: Month Five -

I attended another appointment with the surgeon yesterday, on the 5 month anniversary of my operation. He was very pleased with my progress, noting my ease of walking and the strength of my new ligament. He undertook a quick examination to ensure that the new ACL was doing it’s job and was satisfied with the results.

I’m still another month away from a return to more serious exercise but he told me there would be no reason that I couldn’t get back into “gentle tennis” once the six month mark was reached. This is a little bit exciting as I have been working on a 12 month schedule for a return to the court – I may get there a little sooner if I continue to improve.

He then told me I did not need to see him again – hooray!

Before I get too excited I need to remember that a full return to exercise will not be possible without the green light from my physio. And he is still reluctant to give the go-ahead for me to jog again as he wants to see some more strength in my right leg before letting me loose.

But he is very happy for me to tackle Parkrun each week at a brisk walking pace. And I’ve been very happy to oblige – with a new pb of 41.58 this last month – go me! Just under 7 minutes away from my goal of completing it in 35 mins…I WILL get there!

I have to say I’ve been pleased to find that my knee is coming out of Parkrun with less and less swelling each week. I’m sure in time I will no longer need to ice and rest it for half an hour afterwards – but for now it makes a good excuse to take it easy for a while each Saturday morning!

Meanwhile I’ve been continuing my new circuit at physio (I’m up to 8 reps now!) and I will be soon moving to more single leg work to continue to build up strength in my right leg and knee.

Overall, my leg is less stiff and sore. It rarely requires the roller anymore (just pre & post exercise now) and I’m not noticing as much of a difference between each leg in undertaking my normal activities. Kneeling & squatting are still uncomfortable but all other movements seem to be settling down nicely.

Thankfully I’m definitely progressing in the right direction. And I’m so excited to see what Month Six has in store for me – fingers crossed a return to sport isn’t too far away now!

Have you come back from serious injury? How long did it take you to fully recover?

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4 Responses

  1. So very proud and impressed. You’ve done an amazing job. My popped shoulder has actually started to come good thanks to this move. All the lifting seems to be strengthening it and I now have more movement. Still not a lot but it is a work in progress. I’m really looking forward to getting back into walking this week, just not enjoying the 42 degrees heat factor at the moment.

    • Kirsty says:

      42 degrees is shocking – I hope it cools down over your way sooner rather than later. Definitely continue the lifting and strengthening – it really does work!

  2. Such wonderful news Kirsty! So glad the recovery is on track and somewhat ahead of schedule! How fab are you!!

    • Kirsty says:

      Thanks Zita! I’m just relieved that I’m finally picking up speed with the recovery. It seemed like it was going to take forever at the beginning…

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