Mega Fun with Mega Creatures + Giveaway

In collaboration with Hunter Valley Gardens

How are you enjoying your holidays? Still actually enjoying them or ready to send your little darlings back to school already?

We’ve enjoyed a quiet few weeks so far plus a very rainy week this week which, in many ways, has challenged our ingenuity as school holiday parents.

Rainy Day School Holiday Activities -

However, before we were rained in, we were able to enjoy fireworks, an outing to the shops to spend some Christmas gift vouchers as well as some family time over the Christmas break. It was just what we needed.

In addition to these pleasures we also had the opportunity to check out the newest addition to Hunter Valley Gardens – the amazingly realistic Mega Creatures exhibition.

Video courtesy of Hunter Valley Gardens

Operating in tandem with the Christmas Lights Spectacular until January 26, Mega Creatures features dinosaurs and a variety of giant animatronic creepy crawlies, such as a wasp, spider, bee, butterfly, snail and scorpion, placed strategically throughout the gardens.

Mega Creatures -

We checked out the gardens and the Mega Creatures exhibition during the day, having already seen the Christmas Lights Spectacular at night. But you can purchase a day/night pass which will allow you to come to the gardens in the day and return later in the evening for the lights display.

I’d be interested in seeing how realistic the creatures appear at night as they were pretty impressive during our visit last Saturday afternoon. I can only imagine how impressive they would look with set lighting as darkness falls. As you can see below, some of the lighting already looked awesome even on a sunny afternoon…

Mega Creatures Dinosaurs -

I must confess I enjoyed the reactions of my kids to the creatures, especially the gasps of dismay and surprise when they came across the more freaky ones. Yes, I’m a horrible mother, as you’ll see in the video I took below when the girls finally spotted the big, creepy, crawly spider:

While some of the creatures may be a little scary for the really little ones (or for bigger scaredy cat ones like my girls!) the majority of the exhibition is family friendly and a whole lot of fun.

In the evening there is a Play Zone located in the middle of the gardens, where for an additional $5 per person, the kids can jump out some of their excitement while the parents can sit and have a breather.

While the Play Zone wasn’t open when we visited, the indoor exhibition centre next to it was open and provided some much needed relief from the heat of the sun. It also provided many picture opportunities as well as the chance to spot lots of mega bugs in “the wild.”

Mega bugs @ Hunter Valley Gardens -

One of the advantages of visiting in the day this time around was that we had the chance to explore some areas of the gardens that are closed off at night. Although, after 2 visits, we STILL haven’t seen everything! Just another excuse for us to go back again…

The things we missed @ Hunter Valley Gardens the first time around -

The gardens are definitely full of wonder and surprises for all. I definitely can’t wait to go back to check out the Lakes Walk and Frog Ponds as well as the Oriental Garden in more detail.

Hunter Valley Gardens is open all through the school holidays from 9am to 4pm for the day session (which includes Mega Creatures) and then in the evening from 6.30pm to 10pm (which include Mega Creatures and the Christmas Lights Spectacular). The school holiday fun continues right up to Australia Day, 26 January 2016.

Make sure you check out all the details of the Hunter Valley Gardens Mega Creatures – it really is worth checking out.

Mega Creatures Giveaway

I have a Hunter Valley Gardens Mega Creatures family pass to giveaway for one lucky My Home Truths reader! The pass is a day/night family pass for 2 adults and 2 children, valued at $134.00. It will provide entry to both the day and night sessions when used on the same day.

To be in the running, leave a comment below ‘fessing up to the mega creature that you would not want to meet in real life. Do you have an irrational fear of insects, arachnids or dinosaurs? The winner will be chosen by my family, based on originality and creativity.

You must be able to visit Hunter Valley Gardens before 26th January 2016 and you must be an Australian resident to enter.

Competition entries will close 6pm AEDST next Friday 15 January.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck x

Disclaimer: I did not receive monetary compensation for this post however I did receive complimentary tickets to Hunter Valley Gardens Mega Creatures for myself and my family. My views, opinions and dodgy photos are all my own 😉

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13 Responses

  1. Have say I wouldn’t want to meet big creepy spiders have too be my pet hate I’m quick too spray and kill but my son loves any creepy crawlys and especially snakes he wants too be an animal keeper would love too take the kids too the display

  2. Alison Lantry says:

    Any creature with more than 4 legs, I would like to steer clear of thnks! Luckily for me, I have a 7 year old and a 10 year old, who will happily ‘save Mummy’ and collect any creepy crawly in their bug catchers and torture, I mean love to death!

  3. Karen says:

    Ever since watching the episode of the Brady Bunch when they were in Hawaii, as a little girl, I’ve been petrified of Tarantulas! They are so hairy and long legged, and just so huge.
    Lucky for me we don’t have any in Australia, but if I were to see a giant Tarantula it’s likely you’ll find me running fast in the other direction, peeing my pants involuntarily whilst shaking and shrieking out loud!
    Perhaps it’s a bit irrational?

  4. Tammy Roskell says:

    I wouldn’t want to come face to face with the big mega spiders. Spiders freak me out

  5. Collene Kalb says:

    oh gosh almighty.. I was scared just looking at the pictures.. so have no idea how I will go in person, but that big Tarantula.. made me cringe just a little, well, maybe a bit more.. oh heck, I had to hide my face.. and look through my fingers.. can I wear a mask.. might hide behind my grandsons back.

  6. Nicole Kent says:

    I’m taking the family for a trip up to North Queensland and I do not want to encounter any of the salt water crocodiles up there while we are happily paddling around ar the beach. I’m thinking it will be the hotel pool for us

  7. Margaret (Meg) says:

    Oh, God, the mere thought
    of writing ‘bout a spider
    has the hair on my neck
    growing wider and wider.

    They’re brown and hairy
    and damn quick to scurry
    across every darn surface;
    watch me jump in a hurry.

  8. karina lee says:

    Cockroaches and spiders. If I see one, I won’t catch it. I would rather leave the house and wait for Daddy to come home before we return.

  9. Hugzilla says:

    WOW – this looks absolutely incredible. Fantastic idea for the school holidays too. (I had to LOL at your Shopkins pic – we’ve been doing a lot of that too!)

  10. Kel Dunning says:

    I have an irrational fear of spiders which I have passed onto all my children. I don’t like them, I don’t want to see them and it gives me anxiety even thinking about them. The most horrendous experience with one was when we were driving along the back road to Morpeth and a huge huntsman appeared on the INSIDE of the windscreen. There was myself and my 2 daughters in the car. We all began screaming and I slammed on the brakes. Before the car had come to a complete stop my daughters had jumped out of the car, so I too jumped out and we watched the car roll into the side ditch of the road. I rang my husband to come and get us as none of us were getting back into the car while the spider was still in there 🙂

  11. Jaime De Guzman says:

    Why I hate spiders:
    10. They spin spider webs – seriously, this stuff is impossible to get off and if you walk through them it makes you feel like the spider is on you.
    9. They have too many eyes! Nothing should have that many eyes, it’s just not natural. Okay, so maybe it IS natural but I’m pretty sure it shouldn’t be natural…
    8. They have 8 legs. Insects only have 6 which is 2 too many but these “things” have 2 more than that… see argument for number 9 for what is and isn’t natural.
    7. You can’t see where they’re looking. It’d be one thing if you could at least figure out if they’re looking at you but you can’t… that’s not right.
    6. They have eyes on their butts. I WISH I could just make this stuff up but its TRUE I tell you! Nothing should ever have eyes on its BUTT! Spiders do… nuff said.
    5. They jump. Okay, combine this one with number 7 and you can work up a real case of the heebie jeebies that will last all week…
    4. They’re furry! Well, maybe not all of them are furry but enough of the ones you come across are and those are the worst ones… you can see the hair!
    3. They’re just plain scary! I don’t care who you are: you’re afraid of them big or small. Seriously, you can play it cool when it comes to talk or squashing one. However, you see EVERYONE start slapping when they think they have one on them… EVERYONE!
    2. Some can kill you with a bite. That’s really, really not right. Something that small…
    1. They use traps! Seriously, that’s some pretty sick thinking for something that’s only supposed to have basal ganglia and not even a brain…

  12. Kel says:

    Epic. My three year old would love this

  13. tara says:

    spiders. Especially BIG ones. At least i can face my fears and look at pretty lights to soften the AAAAHHHGGGGG and skin crawls with AAHHHHHH and oh pretty!!

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