I must confess…Christmas Confessions

We may not be ready for it but Christmas is drawing ever closer. In fact as of today it’s only 11 days away.

And I must confess I’m not at all ready for it.

I Must Confess...Christmas Confessions www.myhometruths.com

It took watching another parent give an early end-of-year gift to one of Delilah’s preschool teachers last week to remind me that I needed to organise our teacher gifts. I had completely forgotten about them – the thought had not even crossed my mind, even though we are entering the last week of school today.

So on Friday I added teacher gift shopping to the list of things to do, in addition to the family present shopping and festive food shopping.

Before last Friday I didn’t really have anything prepared, save for a few things I’d collected from the Myer Giftorium last month. I didn’t even have any Christmas cards or gift wrapping in the house. I was officially out of the Christmas loop, even though I am now working from home and no longer need to juggle office hours.

Considering the fact that I could have started all this long ago, it’s the least prepared I think I’ve ever been. And that’s saying something, considering some of the other Christmas confessions I’ve made over the years…

5 years worth of Christmas confessions

  • Like the time I felt festy rather than festive (but to be honest I think I feel that way every year!)
  • As well as the time I confessed to the worst 5 Christmas gifts that I’ve ever received. Hot tip, do not give toiletries as gifts, however prettily they are packaged up 😉
  • Of course there was also the time I dedicated an ode to my perennial unpreparedness for Christmas – things have definitely not changed!
  • But there was the year of Christmas miracles, where all the ducks lined up in a row and made my season rather jolly – a true Christmas miracle.
  • And the year where I belatedly shared the things I know about Christmas – a mere 48 hours out from the big day itself…
  • But ultimately my Christmas truths still stand – I must confess I still just want to soak up the wonder and joy of Christmas without the obligatory worry, stress and running around.

I think my many years of Christmas confessions lead inevitably to the one conclusion – I will never be organised. I will never be fully prepared. I will never be as ready as I want to be.

But that’s okay.

Because I always make it work, somehow.

My kids always have a good time. It doesn’t matter what presents they receive or whether the house is beautifully decorated or not. The magic of Christmas is alive and well in their minds and in their hearts. And that’s all that matters.

We always spend quality time with family, regardless of how much time I was able to devote to present selection or food preparation beforehand. It doesn’t matter. It’s enough that we are all together, for a little while, at least.

So I’ll do my best to forget the pressure and the stress and the obligations of the season. And try to concentrate instead on the end result – belly laughs with loved ones, falling into an obligatory food coma after lunch and just being thankful for everything good in life.

Do you feel the same about Christmas? Any juicy Christmas confessions to share?

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24 Responses

  1. I’m not ready at all. Confessed as much on the blog but I’m determined to make a start this week.

  2. I forgot about the teacher gift (I’m class rep) and one parent offered to help me collect money and reminded me – she then ended up collecting all the money, so I gave her mine as well and she got all the kids to sign the cards. And got the present. Then she offered for me to present it, but I declined, as she’d done all the work I felt she should get the kudos! I am officially the worst class rep ever – but I’ve done it, so I don’t have to volunteer again!!

  3. Zita says:

    It is so true!! Such a time of great stress and angst and at the end of the day I have to wonder what it’s all for…
    Ahhh the food coma and after lunch nap! Good times haha…

  4. I am not ready for Christmas and I am working up to Chrissie eve. I feel like I need a little time off just to feel like my head is screwed on right.

    • Kirsty says:

      It can get so overwhelming – I hope you can stop and enjoy the time with family Nat – just a pity you won’t get much of a reprieve before then x

  5. Julie says:

    I am ready but have made it really, really simple this year. But looking forward to the day to do nothing!!

  6. Ness says:

    I’ll never be organised either. But recent events have definitely made me give up my grinch ways and soak up the wonder and joy of it, as you say, and just enjoy the time with my family. We are also welcoming a new niece into the World this week,too. So I’m looking forward to that. Have a happy and relaxing Christmas, Kirsty xoxo

    • Kirsty says:

      I’ve been thinking of you my friend x
      Keep focusing on the positives and soak up that time with your family. And a new niece too – how gorgeous. Get all the squishy newborn cuddles you can get!

  7. I feel much the same about it as you Kirsty. Surprisingly, I am pretty organised present wise this year … I know, I don’t know who I am either 😉 . Admittedly we keep things pretty simple nowadays, just buying for each other, the kids, and one Kris Kringle adult relative, oh and the hubster’s parents. I know once Christmas Day is over, I always think – Is that it?! No matter how hyped up or organised/disorganised I may have been!

    • Kirsty says:

      It really doesn’t matter once the day arrives does it? It’s all over soon enough and hopefully in between you’ve enjoyed some lovely time with family. I’m going to finish the final push this week before the kids break up from school – then I’ll be too busy to do much at all!

  8. denyse says:

    I hear you because this year I have none of my ‘traditional memories’ around me. This is anothe time when the moving house (and area and family) thing is making life strange. I know that your heart is always in the right spirit no matter what K, and that Christmas will be Ok.. take care, it’s a hard one this year as Dad is no longer with you all. D xx

    • Kirsty says:

      Thanks D. It will not be easy. One year tomorrow since his original op to remove his voice box and coming up to our first xmas without him. At least this one will be a slower pace – no commuting between Newcastle & Sydney this year – you’ve got to try to look at the bright side, don’t you? I hope your first xmas as a couple is enjoyable. It will be strange but you have each other and the love of your extended family, wherever you are x

  9. Vanessa says:

    We keep it pretty simple for Christmas. Family Secret Santa, bring a plate to lunch. It would have been a bit easier if we had been given the Secret Santa names earlier though!

    • Kirsty says:

      I’m sure having the secret santa details earlier would have helped you Vanessa! I may float the idea of secret santa with our family for next year. It would definitely make life easier if we only had a single person to buy for instead of multiple people!

  10. Christmas is always super busy for us now because Elliott’s birthday is on the 17th. We had his party on the weekend and now I can focus on Christmas. Don’t worry about teacher presents, I only got mine today! And toiletries, I love receiving toiletries!! 🙂
    Eva @ The Multitasking Woman recently posted..How to Speed Clean & Style Your Home In Less Than 15 Minutes #MummyMondays

    • Kirsty says:

      I hope his party went well Eva! And I’ll forgive you for your love of toiletries – as a matter of fact I used to collect soaps a long time ago, so I may be a little bit of a hypocrite on that front 😉

  11. I also just want a relaxing, enjoyable, joyous Christmas, I think most people do. It always seems to be busy and chaotic around this time of year. I also love spending it with family and wish I was.
    I am never organised for Christmas … need to do: buy gifts, cook, craft, card make … hmmm better get going.

    • Kirsty says:

      At least you aspire to do some craft – that doesn’t even make my list of things to do. I’m not even giving many cards this year. It’s all crept up a little too fast for me! I hope you have a lovely day even if you won’t be surrounded by all your loved ones x

  12. I’m not big on Christmas and I don’t get why there is so much stress associated with it. People go nuts at the shops. I avoid the shops like the plague from around this time.

    It’s great though that your family soaks up the magic of Christmas without the commercialised crap.

    Have a great Christmas Kirsty!

  13. I must confess … I don’t really like Christmas, as my kids aren’t with me. Not my year. I ended up having quite a good time anyway and putting a positive spin on things. (I hope). So I’m linking up late.

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