Getting active with the kids – Honoré Activewear Review

Getting Active

I’ve had a dream for a long time. A dream that involves all 5 of us loving the outdoors, getting active and enjoying each others company.

We’d be healthy. We’d be happy.

It’s a beautiful dream. It really is. It seems so simple and fun and healthy. So why does it never happen?

The reality is there are a few things holding us back from that perfect dream of getting active:

  • Time: we don’t actually have many opportunities during the week for all 5 of us to get together in the outdoors
  • Sun sensitivity: Gilbert’s albinism and extra sensitivity to the sun makes us generally disinclined to spend lots of time outdoors
  • Dynamic: it’s fair to say our family is not naturally athletic…
  • Preference: we’d rather grab some extra sleep (hallelujah!) than get up bright and early for exercise
  • Habit: we’re all rather attached to indoor entertainment devices and find it easier to stay put at home
  • Inclination: to be honest we are lazy and completely lacking in motivation
  • Complaints: at least one of our kids WILL have an issue with the mere mention of an outing, anywhere, at anytime.

You could say the odds are stacked against us. But we can make the choice to change that.

We could find 30 mins most days to go to the park. We could find times to go out when the UV index is not so high.

Hell, we could just get over ourselves and make it happen.

I really do want to change our family’s approach to exercise and to spending time together. And I know we can do it if we actually give it a red hot go.

We just need to be committed to making the choice to change.

I’ve been inspired by Emma from Five Degrees of Chaos. In the last year she has completely changed the way she and her family live. They all exercise now. Emma herself has lost over 70kgs and, most importantly, she is inspiring her 5 girls to live a healthy and active life.

I really want to be a role model for my kids and encourage them to live an active and healthy life too.

Prior to my ACL reconstruction I was playing tennis twice a week and walking/jogging 5km a few times a week as well. I’d even dragged Gilbert along to our local Saturday morning parkrun (and I mean I literally dragged him to the finish line – he has since vowed to never go back ever again!)

Getting active with Gilbert

It took our combined effort to get him across the line!

While I had gone some way to reclaiming my own fitness back then, I really wasn’t at all successful in helping my kids find theirs.

Now that I’ve been cleared to do some walking again I’m keen to give the idea of family fitness another go. And with the school holidays nearly here, I’m determined to build a daily walk into our holiday routine.

Whether the kids want to or not…

I just need to find some way to tempt them to give exercise a go and to be enthusiastic about the prospect of getting active.

Honoré Activewear Review

Funnily enough, a few weeks back, a possible solution literally fell into my inbox.

I was approached to review a new range of Australian designed and made activewear from WA mum Danielle Honoré. She has put together a debut collection of kids’ activewear at Honoré Activewear and I was lucky enough to be able to have a look around the site and select a few pieces to review for my two oldest bears.

I have to say I was amused at the very different approach each of my kids took to the process of selecting their piece of activewear.

Matilda was very interested in selecting her piece. After MUCH deliberation (seriously this kid struggles to decide what to have for breakfast each morning so you can imagine her dilemma) she selected a skirt with built in shorts and a larger frilled skirt (RRP $44.95). Very pretty, very girly, very Matilda.

Honore Activewear girl_s-longer-frilled-skirt_2048x2048_78e07284-96ed-4648-b921-3192fff597d8_2048x2048

Ironically, Gilbert was too busy watching the sport I actually wanted him to play, to even bother picking out a shirt. Or is that a boy thing? So I picked one for him. Luckily I know he loves his bright colours so I couldn’t go past this round neck top for him (RRP $29.95).

Honore Activewear boys-round-neck_2048x2048

When the clothes arrived I was impressed with their high level of quality. The material in the skirt feels robust with a mixture of cotton and lycra providing softness as well as strength. And the top is made from premium cotton back sports mesh which is soft on the skin yet cooling and highly breathable – perfect for any active child.

BTW, as a mother of kids with a history of sensitive skin and eczema, I think it’s especially cool (yes, pun  intended) that Honoré Activewear only uses natural fibres. This allows skin to breathe more easily and is definitely kinder to sensitive skin.

Despite his earlier disinterest, Gilbert was ready to don his shirt as soon as he realised it was indeed for him. He was so impressed with it that he already wants me to purchase it in the size up (he’s wearing a size 12). He even declared it would be his dedicated sport shirt, for when he watches tennis and cricket over Summer.

Ok, so I may still need to work on getting him excited about getting active himself…

Gilbert getting active wearing Honore Activewear

His fave sports to watch are cricket & tennis – can you tell?

Matilda, who is rarely shy, decided to model in a variety of active poses so she could get a good feel for her skirt. I must say I was a little worried about the sizing when it first arrived as it looked small (it’s a size 12). But the skirt is really stretchy, thanks to the lycra, and Matilda felt really comfortable wearing it. The flared skirt suits her and with the hidden shorts underneath I don’t need to worry about her becoming embarrassed should she get too involved in her chosen activity.

Matilda getting active with Honore Activewear

Tennis, trampolining, scootering and running all got a try out from Matilda!

Of course Gilbert had to spill something down his shirt while wearing it. But that just provided me the chance to give both items a wash to see how they fared. I ended up putting them both through a regular machine load and they cleaned up perfectly with the added bonus of line drying quickly too – great if you need a fast turnaround between activities.

Now the active wear part is sorted out, I just need to get the kids outdoors and to start moving. Given I got them away from their devices and actually doing things for the purposes of this review, I think I’m already halfway there 😉

P.S. Wondering where Delilah was on this day? She had a special daddy/daughter date so she didn’t miss out at all 🙂


  • The Honoré Activewear range features quality items, locally designed and manufactured.
  • You are paying for good quality, long lasting items. Prices range from $9.99 for a water bottle through to $29.95 for boys’ shirts, $44.95 for girls’ skirts and up to $55.00 for a tracksuit top.
  • There is a 30 day refund period (excl. shipping costs) as well as a full refund/exchange offered should there be fault in the items delivered.
  • All Honoré Activewear is machine washable and made from natural fibres so the fabric breathes and remains gentle on even the most sensitive skin.

If you are looking for good quality, locally made activewear, specifically designed for kids, I do recommend you give Honoré Activewear a try.

If you wish to find out more, check out Honoré Activewear on their website and facebook page.


Danielle has kindly offered to giveaway one item from her wonderful range to a lucky My Home Truths reader so you can try out Honoré Activewear for yourself. All you need to do is leave a comment below letting me know which item you would select for your child from Danielle’s debut activewear collection.

Boring bits: Giveaway is open to Australian residents only and ends 11.59pm AEDT Friday 18 December 2015.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclaimer: I did not receive monetary compensation for this post however I did receive 2 complimentary items from the Honoré Activewear range for the purposes of this review.

Have you had any success in encouraging your kids to be more active?

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20 Responses

  1. Julie says:

    How great is Danielle’s active wear. Awesome gear.
    Julie recently posted..Interview for You Tube Channel 1000 Women 1000 Ways

  2. This active wear looks great and being a sensitve skin person myself I’m pleased to hear about the natural fibres for the active wear. Ending up with rashes won’t do your future outdoor activity plans any good so I reckon this is a win for you. I just love how your kids were such ‘good sports’ in the spirit of modelling for you. Good job! 🙂 Xx

  3. paula harris says:

    Yaaaaay a West Aussie like me so definitely getting behind her range. Love the GIRLS SKIRT – SPLIT SIDE SEAMS WITH BUILT IN SHORTS….cute, funky and perfect for my tween who is at that ummmm awesomely awkward stage. Thanks for letting us know about these products

  4. Monique says:

    How fantastic is the range! Sadly my boys are too big for the range now but my daughter is nearly 4 and after browsing the website I would get her some much needed shorts! Thank you 🙂

  5. Anne says:

    I always get the kids exercising with me. I often do a circuit in the back yard and my 4 year old joins in but she mostly likes blowing the whistle and telling me to go faster!!!

  6. Such a great idea.. active wear for kids! I love the skirt with built in shorts. My little lady could run, jump, skip and dance comfortably!

  7. Sarahmary says:

    I really love the boys v neck! With the short sleeves it’s perfect for any weather, and the coloured side panels are really cool.

  8. Anastasia says:

    Girls top crossover straps – gorgeous and summery.

  9. karina l says:

    The GIRLS TRACKSUIT JACKET – COLOURED POCKETS looks comfy and stylish!

  10. Kasey Evans says:

    Girls-top-back-centre-panel, my daughter loves wearing tops like this as they are so cool and stylish for our tropical region.

  11. Ern says:

    Any, I’ve got the girl and the boy to do all justice and heaven help me if I choose the wrong one. Us Dad’s have no taste you know.

  12. Wendy S says:

    I love skirts with built in shorts for my daughter and they are so hard to find this summer! So I’d choose that skirt!

  13. Eva Kiraly says:

    I love Matildas skirt, it looks cute and comfortable

  14. Laura Power says:

    Love to see how the Boys shorts go with my little guy they look great love the color range

  15. Renee says:

    skirt looks great so I would opt for this

  16. Michelle V says:

    I just spent the better half of ten minutes looking at the website, what beautiful items!!!
    I would definitely choose the girls short leggings in the stunning jacaranda/tickle me pink hues for my 11 yr old daughter. She would adore these. Thanks for the opportunity to win, and Merry Christmas too!

  17. Natasha McDonald says:

    I’ve spent some time looking at all the fab products on you page and its so hard to pick one item as they are look great, i would love a sleeveless boys top for my son he’s autistic and getting him outdoors is sometimes a huge challenge, more motivation if he wears a comfortable trendy top just for exercising

  18. tara says:

    anything that encourages kids to get out and enjoy life gets my support!

  19. Michelle says:

    The Boys Tracksuit Jacket with the coloured pockets looks so comfortable.

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