I Must Confess…I’m pondering…

This week is devoted to random confessions which is really very handy as I’ve had a lot on my mind lately and it will be a relief to get it all out there. Who knew the Kirsty setting the confessions all those months ago would know that current day Kirsty would need this prompt this week?

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She’s a good egg, that Kirsty…

1. Which brings me to the first thing I’ve been pondering this week. I’m Kirsty – K-i-r-s-t-y. Not Kristy – K-r-i-s-t-y.

I must confess that nearly everyone has gotten my name wrong, at one time or another, throughout my life. After joking about this in a blogging group the other evening (even coming up with my very own #notkristy hashtag), karma got me good when the personalised gifts I received from the Myer #giftorium opening were indeed labelled Kristy, not Kirsty. It really was quite funny and I had a good laugh about it – life’s too short to be precious about stuff like that!

2. I continue to ponder the big issues at physiotherapy. After wondering how they deal with the passing of wind at a delicate moment and the issues of smelly feet I’ve now moved onto another level of thinking. I’m now trying to calculate just how much moisturising each physio would get after using large quantities of sorbolene cream in deep tissue massage. Seriously their forearms have to be beyond soft after continually hitting the sorbolene cream for each client, day in, day out…surely?

3. Speaking of physio, while I do have lots of exercises to do each day, I must confess that I don’t always do them each day. Some days I don’t have the time or the discipline. I do go to each appointment and I do at least one thing each day but I don’t do everything – sorry to my physio if he’s reading this!

4. I’m seriously considering missing my daughter’s daycare graduation for the new Star Wars movie. We bought advance tickets a few weeks before we knew about the graduation ceremony and while I’m trying to change the movie time so we can do both, there is a chance we won’t be able to make it.

5. I must confess there’s a part of me who thinks the whole preschool “graduation” thing is a little over the top anyway – apparently they’re going the whole hog with caps and gowns too. I wonder if they will look like this…

Preschool Graduations www.myhometruths.com

6. I’ve been doing lots of free online blogging courses which have kept me busy but have also been an elaborate form of procrastination. I have completed the Secret Bloggers’ Business Summer Bootcamp as well Kate McKibbin’s recent webinar series which has opened my eyes up to the power of e-resources and e-products for a blog. Which is great if I can find the time and inclination to make some products for myself – which, as of yet, I haven’t.

I’ve also undertaken Kate Toon’s 10 Day SEO Challenge and have beta-tested another SEO course for bloggers which have both blown my mind about the power of SEO. I’ve now submitted sitemaps and optimised my page SEO and installed new plugins to improve my site’s performance. But have I made any money or made any progression with my own blog? Nope. Because I’ve been too busy learning about things to implement things!

7. We have to make a decision about where Gilbert will be going to high school in 2017 to get the ball rolling on the transition process but we haven’t yet made a decision. I honestly don’t know which school will be best for him.

Should we go with the local school where he’ll know some of his classmates and is somewhat familiar with the school environment, even if it’s only a Year 7 to 10 school (which means he’ll have to transition again in Year 11?) Or do we apply out of zone so he can attend the one high school all the way though to Year 12, even if he won’t have friends heading there with him? I must confess I don’t really know what to do…do you have any tips?

8. I must confess that I have no idea about emoticons and rarely use them. I’ve seen heaps of statuses where people just share random emoticons (random to me anyway) and I have absolutely no idea what they’re on about. Is there an emoticon dictionary? Am I the only one who doesn’t use or understand them? What does this mean?

emoticons 1

9. I’m torn between wanting to get Double Scoop off the ground and making that my sole business focus and monetising My Home Truths, where my real passion lies. I’d love nothing more than to be able to help people and share more information on special needs parenting but I also need to somehow ground out a small part-time income. I have some ideas on how I can work towards that goal here but in the meantime I’m still trying to balance both. So if you are looking for a corporate writer or copywriter, keep me in mind 🙂

10. I need to get cracking on the confession prompts for the first few months of next year. If you have some ideas please leave them in the comments, email me at kirsty@myhometruths.com or message my facebook page. I’d love to include your input as I want to make it even more fun and interactive and engaging. So hit me with your ideal confession prompts!

Do you have any random confessions this week? Get them off your chest – I promise you’ll feel all the better for it!

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12 Responses

  1. Lots of pondering here too.

    After all our moves, when it came to high school, I left the decision up to each child as to where they went. They were all accepted to the gifted and talented program at a well regarded out of zone school but my eldest decided to go to the local high school with her friends. A decision, I’ve regretted on a number of times because my daughter is struggling and the school has been absolutely no help. Half her teachers didn’t even know her name at the parent teacher night. It’s so hard to know which way to go. At the time I honestly thought we were doing the right thing. Who really knows, she may have struggled at any school.
    Raychael aka Mystery Case recently posted..Life’s Little Treasures… World Prematurity Day

  2. The high school thing is such an emotionally draining decision – I’m sure you’ll make the right one. It’s such a rollercoaster. And then you go through it again with #2, tho with the wisdom that they can always change schools if they have to…(in that it’s not such a big deal as we make out)
    Lydia C. Lee recently posted..It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas….

  3. Zita says:

    My head is spinning after reading number 6! I have no idea what most of that means and wish I could get my head around it to be a better blogger! Have book marked some of those pages you mentioned, will have to find the time to have a look at them!
    As for the HS decision making, that is such a big one with both pros and cons for both. My advice would to organise visits to both schools, meet with their support staff, write your lists of pros and cons and go with your gut (and if appropriate doing it with Gilbert so he’s part of the process)…but am sure you and Nathan are more well-equipped to know what to do better than I am! Good luck, am sure you’ll make the right decision!

    (I’ll put my thinking caps on for ideas for next year confessions!)
    Zita recently posted..My love/hate relationship with organised tours

  4. Vanessa says:

    I can never be bothered to read emoticon-only statuses. Too lazy to work out what they all mean.

    Pre-school graduation…yeah…that looks a bit over the top.

    I’m enjoying eProduct creation on Bloggers and Bacon, I hope to do a lot more of them next year. I already have two outlined and one of those is partially written. Very much in a DIY learning phase, which will hopefully turn into some money to cover blogging expenses stage!

    I signed up for that SEO course and still haven’t read the emails. I’m telling myself I will over my Christmas break from work.
    Vanessa recently posted..Garage Sale Wins

  5. Denyse says:

    Ask a High School Teacher you know for recommendations for Gilbert..you know one dont you? I would go for friends first but if you are getting signs that Gilbert’s social needs are being met anyway and that an academic path would help then maybe the 7-12 option?? So hard to know. I confess I do not do physio exercises because I mostly forget. I also confess that I have mixed up people’s names too and ther Kirsten and Kristen are ones which also do it to me. I like it when my first name is correctly spelled but I do not get het up about it. Cheers, Denyse PS We are moving on Wednesday and pre-moving stress has just hit big time…we are renting here and will be renting again and I am not cut out to be a renter. We like OUR own place..but cant afford it yet.
    Denyse recently posted..Taking The Plunge! 319/365.

  6. I still have no idea how to monetise my blog either {other than getting products to review, but real money would be better}.

    With Gilbert’s school I’d suggest sending him to the one where his friends are going {as long as its a school you’re happy with} because it will make the transition easier for him. Plus when he has to move again in yr 11 his friends will too so he can likely move to another school with some of them then. I hated going to a school where none of my primary school friends went and it made the transition so much scarier and I didn’t really have many close friends in high school because it was very clique. I can only imagine the transition would be even more daunting for an ASD child.
    Toni @ Finding Myself Young recently posted..Gift guide for newborns and babies

  7. Wow you have had a busy week just pondering. I love all the courses you have done, I wish I could do a few but like most people … TIME.. Which one did you get the most out of
    Natalie @ our parallel connection recently posted..Are you comfortable with being different? 

  8. I was naughty when I had to visit the physio for my knees last year…I did the exercises for a while and then kinda got slack. As for preschool graduation, I do think it’s overrated. Kinda makes light of graduating in general.
    Sanch @ Living my Imperfect Life recently posted..Terrorism is not just in the west

  9. Wow that’s a lot of thinking and I am sure it all happened in a very short space of time. I’ve been pondering how to get better at getting ahead in the blogging world and like you have done a few things online and a face to face with LittleBlogBig. I’m still pondering to the point where the ideas are kind of just sitting percolating away. Hmmm you’ve got me thinking about our thirds high school choices for 2017! Thanks Kirsty. Mel xx
    Melanie Greenhalgh recently posted..3 Signs it Was Not a Good Idea to Get Out of Bed Today!

  10. Hi Kirsty, I must confess I am one of those people that struggled to remember at first if you were Kirsty or Kristy – but I’ve got it straight now!!! I get called Janette all the time rather than Janet; it’s never bothered me.
    Regarding high school for your boy, I’d prob send him to the local school with his friends for now – and worry about crossing the bridge to senior school when you get to it. At least then he’ll have a couple of more years maturity and skills under his belt so will hopefully cope with it better.
    Emoticons – they’re kinda wasted on me, I really struggle to see them without my super duper strong glasses 😉
    Re monetising blog and your business Double Scoop – I face the same dilemma!!!
    Janet aka Middle Aged Mama recently posted..Comment on Janet Moore from Aspley High by Kirsty @ My Home Truths

  11. I hear you on the name front! I thought ‘Di’ was pretty straight forward, but I’ve had it spelled Dee, Dy and Die. I kid you not! LOL 🙂
    Di from Max The Unicorn recently posted..Skincare Routine Update!

  12. I so don’t get the prep/ pre school/ kindy/ day care graduation thing either, well not the whole hat and gown part. Don’t you love how people muck up names. It is something you get over though. When it comes to emoticons, things get interesting when you all have different phones as the iphone ones don’t work on other phones, ugh.
    Anne@GritandGiggles recently posted..Ross and Locke

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