On letting go & getting with the times

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I’ve been feeling a little old lately. It might have something to do with recently turning 40. It may have something to do with requiring reconstructive surgery on my knee. It could even be a by-product of my increasing need to have my reading glasses with me wherever I go…

But, mostly, I think it’s due to the fact my kids are growing up – way too fast for my liking.

Next month, Delilah, my youngest – my baby – will begin her orientation sessions at her local primary school. She is 5 and more than ready to start Kindergarten but a part of me just cannot compute nor accept this reality.

She can’t be ready for school. Just yesterday she was in my arms being cradled to sleep!

Well it seems like yesterday, anyway.

If that’s not enough, later this month, Matilda, my middle daughter, turns 10. She’s going to celebrate with a laser tag party while I’ll silently weep in the corner. Where did my little girl go?

And then there’s Gilbert. He’ll be 12 next year and heading into his last year of primary school. I’ve already attended an information session at one of the local selective high schools and will be working closely with his primary school to manage a comprehensive transition process for him.

While high school itself is still 16 months away, its shadow has already fallen over us. Given all his specific needs we need to start getting him ready now. But again, a part of me just doesn’t want to know.

His school workload has already started to increase in anticipation. Last term he completed a detailed project on one of his favourite subjects, the solar system. The brief was to construct a model of the solar system and provide some wording about each planet to demonstrate understanding.

Solar System Project - www.myhometruths.com

Gilbert (being Gilbert) decided to use the opportunity to demonstrate his superior knowledge of the solar system by writing an essay length “summary” – that ended up running to 10 pages. Furthermore he wrote it completely from memory – there was no research undertaken at all as he had it all contained in that amazing noggin of his.

All was well until it came time to print out his masterpiece. We have an old printer that time forgot (we purchased it many years ago, pre-wifi) and while it still worked, the print quality was no good, even when the ink cartridges were replaced (which was way too often for my liking).

When 10 page essay and the printer that time forgot collided, it wasn’t pretty…

Example of my old printer - www.myhometruths.com

Suffice to say I was on the lookout for a new printing solution. It was time for me to let go of my outdated ink cartridge ways and get with the times.

Epson Printer Collage - www.myhometruths.com

You can obviously understand my joy when I was offered the chance to review the, brand new to Australia, Epson EcoTank. I didn’t care that it came with 2 YEARS WORTH OF INK INCLUDED. I didn’t care that its wifi enabled and lets you print from anywhere and from any device in your home. But those features definitely rock.

I just wanted a printer that actually printed – and the Epson EcoTank Expression ET-2550 definitely delivers. Most importantly it gives you the freedom to print whenever you want and wherever you like, without fear of running out of ink.

I know this is true – because I’ve tested it. Thoroughly.

Printing Collage - www.myhometruths.com

You cannot imagine my joy when I was able to finally print directly from my laptop, in another room, away from the printer. Up until now I had to log my husband off our desktop computer so I could log in and print what I needed. And then log out and log him in again. It was a real novelty to be able to print something without all that hassle.

Hence my joy.

But the really cool part is being able to print directly from your smartphone via the Epson app. Feeling as old as I do, that blew my mind. I was able to print out a ticket to an upcoming event while icing my knee (again) and checking my Facebook feed. Multitasking at its finest.

The 4 ink bottles were easy to use and fill. According to Epson, they will last up to 2 years – in other words they will print 6500 colour pages or 4000 black pages (or a combination of both).

Ink System & Bottles - www.myhometruths.com

And replacement bottles are actually really cost effective, considering you get 2 years of ink out of each bottle. The cost of 4 replacement bottles equals the cost of 2 of our old ink cartridges and, I can tell you, I have NEVER gotten 2 years out of any ink cartridge yet.

Most of all I like that the Epson EcoTank represents a long term printing investment – you buy the printer, you fill up the ink tanks and you are free to print for the long haul. I also can’t deny that the environmental benefits of not wasting cartridges every few months is very appealing.

Sometimes letting go and getting up with the times has its benefits.

So Gilbert can now ready himself for high school safe in the knowledge that even if his next assignment runs to 200 pages that we are all sorted on the printing front.

And I can start trying to make peace with getting old, the kids growing up, letting go and getting with the times…

Disclaimer: I received monetary compensation and an Epson Expression ET-2550 EcoTank for the purposes of this review. All views and opinions are my own. Even my exaggerated joy at finally getting with the times.

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6 Responses

  1. We are actually looking at getting a printer to cope with school stuff so this is a very timely post! Thanks!
    Amy @ HandbagMafia recently posted..America, Lay Down Your Guns

  2. We have an Epson printer but it’s not as new fangled as this one. I love the idea that you can refill the bottles as and when needed – much more environmentally friendly. And why is it cartridges always run out only when you need to print something important?!
    Janet aka Middle Aged Mama recently posted..Frocktober Weekly Wrap – Week 2

  3. I cannot pretend that I am not insanely jealous right now. After years of printer dramas (I don’t know of any writer who has not had them) I bought one from a well-known retailer about a year ago, and told them I just wanted a printer that printed. Not that ran out of certain coloured ink and stopped printing. That I only needed black and white. That I needed it to be simple and to last. They weren’t happy but it came with one cartridge installed, and a free one. At the worst possible moment my cartridge ran out and I went to put in the new one – and they had given me the wrong sized free one. Because it was open (and I don’t have the receipt) they refused to exchange the cartridge. It’s cheaper to buy a new printer – with cartridge – than a cartridge. But I refuse to buy from them after they ripped me off. And I figure I probably need a scanner as well now. And something that prints photos. And printing from another room would be so COOL. But then I would have to install software and stuff. And I’m not good with that stuff. Why can it never be easy? So jealous!
    Bronnie – Maid In Australia recently posted..You had me at hello … (And win a free house clean!)

  4. Kathy says:

    We don’t even have a printer now – when I do need to print I print at work (a bit naughty but it is not often). Although I will have to think about high school assignments that need printing – with school lap-tops it hasn’t been a problem so far. This printer looks perfect though.
    Kathy recently posted..What do you see?

  5. Our current printer has run out of it’s gold plated ink which means it has earned itself a one way ticket to Printer Heaven because the ink costs way more to replace than the printer! This Epson printer seems like a game changer both in longevity and it’s environmentally friendly credentials! I’m definitely going to have to check it out because my desperation for a printer is way out of hand!
    Sammie @ The Annoyed Thyroid recently posted..The Ultimate Rabbit Hole #40

  6. Wowsers your boy is so clever hun. Seriously, what an incredible gift of knowledge he has. As for the kids growing up too fast sigh* yep, its exactly how i have been feeling lately too xx
    Sonia Life Love Hiccups recently posted..An Extra Bouncy Kind of Limp Into The Weekend

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