I must confess…I’m not looking forward to normality

I know this week’s confession is your ultimate dinner party guest list. I was SURE I had already written to this prompt so I wrote this post instead (and planned to link to my original post in the linkup). Turns out I only wrote that post in my head – so fast forward to the bottom to see who would make my ultimate dinner party guest list…

This week marks 6 weeks since my ACL reconstruction. I’m doing well. I’m back to driving and I’ve regained 90% full range of movement in my knee. I’m still slow and easily fatigued but I can only get stronger from here.

While I’m happy to be recovering, I must confess that I’m not looking forward to recommencing all the responsibilities of my normal life. I have to admit I’ve enjoyed the excuse not to have to do everything for a while.

I MUST CONFESS...I'm not looking forward to normality www.myhometruths.com

I’ve had my mum with me for most of my injury and recovery time. She came down just after I injured myself (for my birthday at the beginning of August) and she’s been here, for the most part, ever since.

It’s been such a nice change to have someone else here in the mornings to help wrangle the kids to school. It’s been a novelty to have the dishes done and the washing organised. Just like having the proverbial kitchen and laundry fairy here on Earth…

Not to mention the fact that she has covered the school runs too (every parent’s dream!)

It’s almost like I’ve had a holiday from real life, a holiday that I don’t really want to say goodbye to.

While it’s been nice to not have the weight of everything on my shoulders, it’s also been hard for a control freak like me to just give the reins of the house to someone else. I’m an independent person and it hasn’t been easy for me to ask for help, let alone accept it.

But I needed it. Goodness, I needed it. I’ve been unable to live normally for over two months now. Who knew how necessary a working knee was to everyday life???

But the knee is getting better and it’s time for me to start taking back the reins. Today marks the first day I’ll do a complete school run on my own and the first time I’ll have to get the kids ready, on my own, for over two months.

I’m a little daunted by the very thought of taking it all on again. I must confess it was nice to be able to sit back and relax for a little while.

But there is another part of me ready to take on the challenge. I’m ready to take back control of my house.

I think…

P.S. for my ultimate dinner party guest list I would invite the following:

  • Will Smith – he is a generous, funny, creative & kind man. He would be good value at the dinner table and may even be able to rap one of his 90s classics for us… #TheFreshPrinceofBelAir
  • Goran Ivanesevic – the former Wimbledon champion would also be an entertaining guest. I would to ask him about his tennis career, amazing serve and passion for his home country, Croatia.
  • Mary, Crown Princess of Denmark – wouldn’t you just love to sit down with “Our Princess Mary” and ask her what it’s really like to be a girl from Australia who rose to royalty?
  • Tony Attwood & Sue Larkey – the Australian experts in autism and aspergers syndrome would be essential guests for me. I’d love to pick their brains and find out as much as I could about the condition.
  • Malcolm Turnbull – I could not pass up the opportunity to talk to our PM and discuss the asylum seeker situation, education & disability funding, community equality, climate change and tax reform. Plus so much more…

Ultimate Dinner Party Guest List - www.myhometruths.com

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16 Responses

  1. You know what, I could have sworn that you’d already covered the dinner party prompt. So much so, that I convinced myself that I’d already tackled the prompt and I too an off prompt. How bizarre.

    So pleased you are on the mend. What a blessing having your mum on hand to help.
    Raych aka Mystery Case recently posted..Doing it for the kids?

    • Kirsty says:

      How weird is it that we all thought we had done the prompt – but we hadn’t! I think I’ll just give up on today…

  2. Interesting dinner party list!! I thought I’d done this but apparently I hadn’t….so will see you next week. Glad your mum can help but totally hear oyur frustrations!! Here’s to a speedy recovery.
    Lydia C. Lee recently posted..Little Prince loves Sydney

  3. I would have to have Lady Diana to my dint party – i loved her.
    Natalie @ OurParallelConnection recently posted..6 ways teens can cope with anxiety

  4. Completely understand you are hesitant to step up to all the responsibility again. Out of your list of party guests, I would include Princess Mary 🙂 .
    Janet aka Middle Aged Mama recently posted..Best Times in a Marriage

  5. I can understand not wanting to get back to normal routines….it’s hard after you’ve only just managed to give up control. I linked up to the prompt this week unlike most other weeks. Oh and I’ve attended a talk by Tony Attwood…intelligent man and does a lot of good work in the area of ASD.
    Sanch @ Living my Imperfect Life recently posted..On my guest list

    • Kirsty says:

      I’ve had the pleasure of listening to him once before – his knowledge and understanding of high functioning autism is really second to none.

  6. Suzy says:

    Glad to hear that you are recovering well. I would also like to chat with Mary Crown Princess of Denmark..
    Suzy recently posted..Ultimate Dinner Party Guest List – #MondayMusings #MicroblogMonday

  7. I can completely understand your two minds … sometimes it is nice to have a break from daily life but then you really just want to get back to it being your life. Good to know your recovery is going well. Maybe getting back to it will be like going back to school after the Christmas holidays where we (as kids) were dying to go back but after a day wanted holidays again. Come to think of it I am still like that 😉
    Anne@GritandGiggles recently posted..Red Reflections

    • Kirsty says:

      It feels totally like that Anne – one day in and I managed to flood the house! Not a good way to get back into things!!!

  8. Zita says:

    So glad your knee is almost back!!
    And I loved Goran!! He was my fave player.
    I am still laptopless and its been extremely frustrating!!
    Zita recently posted..This time last year….

    • Kirsty says:

      Oh dear – is the laptop salvageable? Fingers crossed you’ll be back online soon – I’m missing you on the linkup!!!!

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