Don’t ever let your bath overflow

I’m sure I was channeling a younger Alanis Morissette on Monday afternoon after I’d barely survived my first day of full independence post knee-operation.

The kids were deposited at school without incident. Then I spent the day out and about running errands and doing the groceries. My knee wasn’t happy about that but it was all very necessary in my newly reinstated role as manager of the house.

Despite my protesting knee, I even managed to follow up by collecting the kids too.

It was a successful day. Until it wasn’t.

This is where Alanis comes in. I was going so well with everything until I ballzed up SO COMPLETELY that I could literally hear her in my head, crooning “Isn’t it ironic?”:

Then afterwards all I could hear was her screeching “You Outta Know” throughout my brain:

You see, it’s advisable NOT to run a bath for your children and then forget about it. Take it from me – it’s not fun to have your bath overflow onto your carpet…

Don't let your bath water overflow onto your carpet

So the water ran over the neglected bath and flowed into the hallway and into Gilbert & Matilda’s rooms. It even ran through the ceiling fan in the rumpus immediately below. Oops.

I think this now overtakes my previous top domestic disaster of nearly setting our rented house on fire with a pan of hot oil that ignited before my eyes. At least that didn’t lead to hundreds of dollars of expense.

Anyway, we spent most of the evening soaking up the water with every single towel we owned in the house (it turns out we have 44 towels – I have no idea how we’ve amassed so many).

Towel collage -

I also made a panicked call to a carpet drying emergency line who allayed my fears and came out the next day to assess the damage & treat the carpet.

Apparently it could have been much worse and we did well soaking up what we did. We now have two industrial blowers circulating air in Gilbert & Matilda’s rooms (the rooms next to the bathroom) and we’re hopeful there’ll be no lasting damage to the carpet or underlay.

Blower Collage -

While I feel like a complete tool for making such a stupid mistake, there has been some unexpected benefits from this situation:

  1. My carpets are going to get a long overdue clean. When the technician comes back to pick up the fans later in the week he’s going to clean the carpets in the entire top floor. This is something I always planned to do but never got around to organising. Yay me for finally following through.
  2. The kids’ rooms are going to get a much needed clean out. I need to clear up their floors as much as possible for the carpet cleaning so I may as well go the whole hog and completely spring clean their rooms too. Nothing says “I’m back on deck” like a full-on spring cleaning operation.
  3. All my towels are now clean after I undertook 3 x 8kg loads of towel washing on Tuesday. Some of them hadn’t been used (or actually seen, if I’m honest) since we moved in over 2 years ago. At least they are now clean and in some sort of order in my linen closet.
  4. I now know that I have WAY too many towels. Did you know I had 44 towels, 14 hand towels and 14 face washers? No wonder I didn’t know about the existence of some of them! This sorry situation has allowed me to undertake a real cull. I can now fully close the linen closet door for the first time in forever – hurrah!

Linen Closet collage -

So while I’m never going to be a domestic goddess (I’m more like a domestic disaster zone) at least I can learn from my mistakes and see the positive side.

Now, what can I ballz up next???

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17 Responses

  1. I nearly set my house on fire by putting water in a pan with hot oil in it plus when I was at a hens party the bride to be’s mum did that and DID set the house on fire. Thankfully we put it out before the whole house caught fire, but it did a shat load of damage {and they were renting}. I dare say hot oil would cause a lot more damage than overflowing water in the long run. Its kind of lucky you had 44 towels though to soak it all up. It makes me wonder just how many I have {but Im not intrigued enough to go and spring clean them haha}.
    Toni @ Finding Myself Young recently posted..52 WEEKS OF MEMORIES | 42 – FLOWER

    • Kirsty says:

      The hot oil thing really takes you by surprise. One minute it’s all going well and, the next, you literally have flames coming up from everywhere. I was truly surprised that I had so many towels (accumulated over 15 years of marriage) but glad to have them when I needed them!

  2. Ooops!!! I can’t think of any massive domestic disasters off hand, although I’ve dropped stuff in the kitchen and chipped the tiles on the floor … that’s about it …
    Janet aka Middle Aged Mama recently posted..Kitty Therapy: Cat Cuddle Cafe Brisbane

  3. Denyse says:

    Crikey! All I can think about is the smell.. Water & carpet .. I’ve done that with a bath on a single storey house of ours. But my worst was this: moved into our dream two storey with a spa BATH in my ensuite! After moving in, yep, I’m going to have a much needed bath. It was brilliant. Relaxed, let plug out… Directly below was our garage with boxes of my DD & hub’s belongings as they’d moved in with us.. DRIP, flood.. The plumbing in the spa bath hadn’t been finalised. Most things were saved. The relaxed part of the bath negated by the clean up …
    Denyse recently posted..Rumbalara 293/365.

    • Kirsty says:

      Oh no – that is terrible Denyse! I bet that put you off relaxing spa baths for life! We’re lucky that there is no smell so far – fingers crossed the treatment they have already done to the carpet and the fact it is drying out well will save us from that.

  4. Hugzilla says:

    OMG! BAHHAHAHAHAHHA! Though I shouldn’t laugh…. That is so not cool – what a crap day!

    • Kirsty says:

      You can laugh – I did after I stop having the shits with myself for doing something so completely stupid. I’m trusting you to go one better one day. Actually, I think we should collaborate on a series of posts where we compete to see who indeed is the worst housewife. That could be quite entertaining…

  5. Alicia says:

    It’s moments like these when you can be glad you had 44 towels! The universe definitely wanted you to do that spring cleaning. I’ve overflowed the kitchen sink before, luckily there was no carpet involved, but there were towels and even sheets!
    Alicia recently posted..October blooms

    • Kirsty says:

      The universe certainly knew something. And I have to say I’m grateful I had the opportunity to clean out the kids rooms, get the carpet cleaned and undertake a towel audit!!! I wish it hadn’t been such an expensive exercise, but you live and learn!

  6. Oh dear, I don’t think I own that many towels. My latest was leaving a 2L milk in the pram for a week. Half of it had seeped into the carpet. I blamed the smell on my son’s bum. Mr A had a fun Father’s Day morning, industrial steam cleaning the carpet. Whoops. xx
    Zoe | A Quirky Bird recently posted..The Real Women Bathers Edit

  7. That is a LOT of towels! So glad that there will hopefully be no lasting damage.
    Dani @ sand has no home recently posted..Review and Interview: Too Busy Sleeping

  8. Oh dear…don’t you hate it when there’s extra work to do! Glad you could see some benefits from it 🙂 I have had water on carpets but that’s because of a blocked drain in the bathroom and the water overflowed…it didn’t get too far but was still quite annoying!
    Sanch @ Living my Imperfect Life recently posted..A busy mind, a busy life #FridayReflections

    • Kirsty says:

      It was annoying and expensive and inconvenient. Made all the worse because it was totally my fault! But I finally built the courage up to run another bath last night and managed to not have it overflow. I set a timer, just in case!

  9. Zoe says:

    Oh dear. I am always forgetting the thing that I was in the middle of doing, so I’m sure a disaster like this is imminent. 44 towels?!! I wish my linen cupboard was as big as yours!
    Zoe recently posted..6 strange and useless abilities every parent acquires

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