I must confess…one year since I left work

I must confess it’s now been one full year since I last walked out of my workplace.

One year since I left work - www.myhometruths.com

I know, it feels like yesterday that I embarked on my working from home career, doesn’t it?

On September 26, 2014, I finished up at 12 noon, and like all good public servants, I ended up spending the rest of the day at the pub. You’ll have to read Nathan’s account of what happened next as I still don’t remember much!

It’s also been one year since I was last drunk and a year since my last hangover. And what a hangover it was…

It’s been a huge 12 months. My life is never quiet which is pretty fortuitous for me as a blogger. But it would be nice to live a somewhat less eventful existence, even if only for a little while.

In the last year I’ve:

  • accepted a redundancy and walked away from a job that I loved but a job that was not kind to my health
  • struggled with the transition to working from home after 20 years in the workplace
  • welcomed our beloved pugs, Evie and Mandie, into our home
  • supported Mum and Dad through Dad’s cancer diagnosis and surgery
  • sad goodbye to my Dad’s voice and learned about stomas, HMEs, cassettes and lary/trachy tubes
  • tried camping with the family and survived the great Harrington storm of 2015
  • taken the holiday of a lifetime to Walt Disney World in Orlando Florida
  • enjoyed cruising the Caribbean – very much enjoyed cruising the Caribbean
  • learned about the ins and outs of radiation therapy, chemotherapy, oncology specialists and palliative care
  • entered my first writing competition (I didn’t get anywhere with it but it’s a start)
  • completed a copywriting and professional business writing course through the AWC
  • helped my son raise awareness of albinism
  • watched my Dad decline and eventually succumb to his cancer
  • grieved for his loss as well as for my Mum and my brother’s pain too
  • had to comfort my kids through the loss of their first grandparent
  • learned to run and completed my first parkrun event
  • got back into tennis and re-discovered my love of exercise
  • ruptured my ACL – my first ever serious sports-related injury
  • turned 40 and managed to celebrate without suffering a hangover
  • attended ProBlogger Event on the Gold Coast and enjoyed a weekend away with my husband
  • launched my own business, Double Scoop, and started working with clients
  • underwent surgery to reconstruct my ACL
  • been introduced to physio and have begun rehabilitation for my knee

By anyone’s standards, that’s been a big year.

And I guess that’s why it seems like the year has flown for me. There hasn’t been the opportunity to stop and rest and reflect. There has always been something happening – never any time to have a break between crises or life events.

Looking back, it was right to leave work, on so many levels. I have never been healthier or more content. I do like working from home, despite my struggles with focus and direction. I love being there for the kids and not having to stress about fitting it all in.

It was an amazing experience to take our kids overseas and give them the opportunity to visit Walt Disney World. It was THE best experience of our life and such a special time with our family – that would not have been possible without my redundancy.

Given the impact of my Dad’s illness from December through to June, I would not have been the most attentive or present worker had I still been employed. I will always be grateful for the chance to be there for Mum and Dad during the period they needed me most. It was a privilege to be there for his appointments and treatment and to spend so much time with him during his last months.

I’m looking forward to the future. To the next year. I want to continue to stay at home. I want to build my business. I want to strengthen my knee and get back into driving and exercise. I want to take back control of my house and my family life. I want some continuity. I want to find some peace.

I wonder what things will look like a year from now?

What were you doing one year ago? Have you also had a memorable year?

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36 Responses

  1. What an amazing 12 months you have had. it is not until you put it all in writing and look back do you realise just what you have completed. Great work.
    Natalie @ OurParallelConnection recently posted..Teenagers and first time sex?

  2. I went back through my old posts for today’s prompt and realised that its been a year since bub’s eye problems were confirmed by the specialist. In the last year she’s got glasses and had an operation. Its a pretty big deal for a 1-2yr old, but she’s taken it all in her stride. I’m totally loving the fact that I have a blog right now because I can go back and read all the things I was feeling which have since been lost from my memory. We are pretty lucky having all our memories written down {even if they’re not all good ones}.
    Toni @ Finding Myself Young recently posted..How to boost your child’s immunity

  3. Julie says:

    What a full on 12 months for you Kirsty. Well done on no hangovers. Sorry I am not linking up today. Try and get there next week with the right post this time.
    Julie recently posted..Ultimate Dinner Party Guest List

  4. Ness says:

    What an incredible 12 months you’ve had! I would probably want to curl up in a ball after all that, but you’re going strong which is testament to your resilience.
    Ness recently posted..How To Rock A Road Trip

  5. Zita says:

    What a roller coaster of a year you have had! Glad 12 months on you are still happy with your decision regarding work.
    Amazing to look back over the year.
    Zita recently posted..This time last year….

  6. Vaness says:

    When I was catching up with someone on the weekend they told us that a mutual acquaintance’s dad has sadly been told he doesn’t have long left to live. They’re a military family and so this acquaintance is asking for a compassionate transfer to move the family interstate so they can be close for the last few months.
    All I could think of was “$%^& permission to move”.
    Now, of course I get why these things exist (especially in a highly regulated environment like the military) and it’s good they do exist but on a personal level, it made me glad that my goal is to work for myself – for whatever comes up in life, good or bad, that means that I can choose how I manage things myself. It really brought it home to me. Freedom of that type is a strong value I hold, even when that level of freedom seems far away to me.
    Vaness recently posted..Stop Apologising For How Your Food Looks

    • Kirsty says:

      I am so thankful that I was spared the hassle of having to manage work responsibilities while my Dad was ill. I feel for others who don’t have that same advantage – it’s definitely one of the benefits of working from home and working for myself.

  7. cate says:

    That’s a pretty big twelve months!
    cate recently posted..Hello Monday

  8. Mumma McD says:

    It’s amazing how much can happen in a year, and how much we can learn and change. Sending you love and light for the next 12 months x
    Mumma McD recently posted..10 signs you’re a Fitbit Freak

  9. You certainly have had a full on year, such a full on year and i’m hoping with all my might the next 12 months is full of happiness for you xx
    Danielle @ Several Kinds of Crazy recently posted..{Review} Vtech Toot Toot Drivers Garage

    • Kirsty says:

      Thanks so much Danielle. There has been happiness this year too but far too much drama & sadness & pain for my liking…

  10. You have definitely had a lot going on this past year. It’s almost 3 years now since I took my redundancy and started my own business and it just gets better and better … I wouldn’t want to go back to that first year though, it WAS a pretty steep learning curve. You’ve done so well embracing all that, as well as coping with the illness and loss of your dad and your own knee surgery. I’m sure life will only get better over the next 12 months x
    Janet aka Middle Aged Mama recently posted..What Big Eyes You Have!

  11. You have certainly had12 months filled with highs and lows as I am sure the next 12 months will be. Well done on all you have achieved and all the learning you have done. Good luck with building your business and I hope your knee recovery goes well.
    Anne@GritandGiggles recently posted..Dirt Roads, Creeks and Flowers

  12. Apologies, we had a public holiday here in Perth and I took some much needed time out. Of course, with an event coming up, I’m playing a game of catch up now. Hubby arrives home just in time for my birthday on Friday. I can’t wait, it will mean I don’t have to also do the solo parenting gig which at the moment, with school holidays on, seems to be more like chef and taxi driver.

    Just love this post and prompt, you’ve certainly had a year of tremendous highs and lows.
    Raych aka Mystery Case recently posted..Event Ready Event – Are you ready for this?

  13. Natalie says:

    Congratulations on your achievements over the past year, I have been following you for the past few months and have seen that you have had a lot to deal with. It’s amazing what can happen in only one year!
    Natalie recently posted..Living In Smaller Spaces

    • Kirsty says:

      Thanks Natalie and thanks for linking up too. I loved your post this week and plan to trawl through your archives and I would like to be less busy, more purposeful and have less stuff!

  14. ann says:

    What a whirlwind 12 months you have had
    How amazing you have it all documented, the good, sad and bad.
    Good on you for making it through the last 12 months with your spirit in tact.
    ann recently posted..Wordless Wednesday- Mother Nature’s work

    • Kirsty says:

      I’m lucky that I have the ability to look on the bright side but even this year has tested me! It is great to have everything documented – I love blogging mainly for that reason.

  15. What a year you’ve had! Mine hasn’t been as dramatic but you never know what is around the corner. I hope all things look up for you all xx
    Amy @ HandbagMafia recently posted..Devine Intervention on Domestic Violence

    • Kirsty says:

      Thanks Amy. I couldn’t imagine a bigger year (the one before this was challenging too) so I’m hoping for a little calm and rest now!

  16. Kathy says:

    What a big year Kirsty – hope the knee recovery is going well. I really believe in serendipity and the the opportunities to travel overseas with your family on that holiday of a lifetime and to have the time and space to spend with your Dad and family before his death really do prove that leaving work was the right decision for you. Hope the next 12 months contain more of the peace you deserve.

    • Kirsty says:

      I believe that too Kathy. I am not as naturally intuitive but I know that leaving work was definitely the right thing to do, not just because of the opportunities to travel and to be with my Dad. But more so to be less stressed and less beholden to others (ie an employer). Definitely hoping for a little more peace in the coming months x

  17. Wow, that’s a huge year. It’s amazing what we can get through when we have to, isn’t it? It just goes to show that if your next year is also massive, you will again cope – only this time I hope it’s full of wonderful things for you x
    Laney@thelaneyfiles recently posted..What keeps you up at night?

  18. Oh wow! What a year!! I sympathise with the ACL, I have been through that. But my specialist refused to operate so I am still sans ACL. For the most part my knee is pretty stable but I’m not game to play most sports. And congrats on joining Park Run. I can’t find a love for running. The Caribbean sounds amazing and the pugs sound very cute. But I am so sorry for the loss of your dad.
    One year ago we were tentatively planning this crazy adventure, which has involved quitting our jobs and moving to a third world country. There was a lot of work to do to make the move, like packing up the house we had lived in for 15 years!
    Sam – Journo and the Joker recently posted..All aboard the bamboo train for Battambang’s unique train journey

    • Kirsty says:

      My husband and I have considered a similar move Sam – just selling up and taking our chances in another country. We may yet do it – will be digging into your archives to find out more!

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