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I am a geek. And I’m married to a geek. And we seem to have given birth to a new generation of geeks.

We once even had a blog call Just Add Geek.

But I don’t think we are alone. I think we ALL have an inner geek, waiting to escape at the right moment.

You may feel be shaking your head and thinking to yourself “I don’t even know the difference between Star Trek & Star Wars. How can I be classed a geek?”

Well let’s take a little exercise together, shall we?

Below are a set of statements relating to pop culture, TV, movies and books. Answer each one honestly and remember the number of times you responded yes.

  1. You read or watch Game of Thrones
  2. You have a thing for Thor or for Loki (or for Chris Helmsworth or Tom Hiddleston)
  3. You have laughed at least once at The Big Bang Theory
  4. You’ve watch an episode of Arrow where Stephen Amell has not bared his chest (there’s not many but they exist)
  5. You’re still considering whether Benedict Cumberbatch is insanely good-looking or insanely ugly
  6. You’ve read or watched at least one of the Harry Potter instalments
  7. You took a side in the Edward/Bella/Jacob Twilight love triangle
  8. You’re partial to The Walking Dead, 28 Days Later, Warm Bodies, Shaun of the Dead or anything to do with zombies
  9. You know what a Dalek is (and a bonus yes if you know it’s catchphrase “Exterminate”)
  10. You went to the cinema to see any recent Marvel blockbuster movie (e.g. The Avengers, Ironman, Thor, Captain America, Hulk, etc)

If you answered yes to ANY of these statements, then you, my friend, are a geek!

Which is fabulous news because now I can facilitate your acceptance of this truth and guide you to full geek awakening.

First step is to accept that you are a geek. Saying it out loud and affirming this truth is a good start. “I AM A GEEK!”

Second step is to binge watch/read your favourite geekdom of choice. For instance, no longer feel guilty that you like super hero movies. Embrace it and be proud.

Third step is to find like minded souls and come together to celebrate all that is good about geekdom and pop culture.

It’s time for you to discover Oz Comic-Con!

Oz Comic-Con Brisbane

Oz Comic-Con Sydney

Nathan and I have been watching the fun of all the US Comic-Cons for many years. It’s a dream of ours to get to one of them, preferably San Diego Comic-Con which routinely draws the big stars of film and TV. And one day we will.

But thankfully Australia now has it’s own destination for geekdom. Oz Comic-Con is the destination for pop culture fans in Australia with a show floor packed with exhibitors, autograph and photograph sessions with celebrities, as well as one-of-a-kind panel events. I may be showing my age here but one of the celebrities I’m pretty pumped to see this year is MacGyver himself, Richard Dean Anderson. I’m also looking forward to seeing Rachel Nichols from Canadian Sci-Fi drama Continuum (one of our fave series – check it out on Netflix).

Another highlight of Oz Comic-Con will be the amazing costumes that will be sure to feature as many attendees participate in cosplay. Cosplay is a Japanese word that has been adopted into English (a combination of the words “costume” and “play”) and is used to describe dressing up as a character and acting as that character. Cosplay is an integral part of any pop culture convention and as these Oz Comic-Con events are also the state finals of the national championships, there’s sure to be some spectacular costumes to see.

We’ll be heading to Oz Comic-Con in Sydney on 26-27 September, a week after the Brisbane event on 19-20 September. It’s going to be a great school holiday event to attend as a family with lots to keep the whole family entertained. This year there’s going to be a Family Activity Room, where kids can take a break from the main show floor to play (probably where Gilbert, Delilah and I will end up) as well as the Berocca Boost Gaming Zone where gamers of all ages can showcase their skills (where Nathan and Matilda will probably end up!)

If you are considering heading to Oz Comic-Con check out their website for pricing, times, schedules and ticket information.

And if you are still a little wary of the whole idea of a geek convention, check out one of my earliest posts where I share my first experience in embracing my inner geek.

Oz Comic-Con Giveaway

I am so excited to have the chance to help others accept and embrace their inner geek! The fabulous people at Oz Comic-Con have given me 2 family passes (2 x adult, 2 x child) to giveaway – one to the Brisbane event and one to the Sydney one – to help 2 families to get their geek on.

Oz Comic-Con

To be in the running, accept and embrace your inner geek – leave a comment telling me why you are a geek and why you are proud. Don’t forget to also note which location you’d prefer 🙂

Nathan and I will get together to judge the two responses most worthy of being awarded the prize.

You need to be an Australian resident to enter and entries will close 6pm AEST next Tuesday 1 September.

Have fun and all the very best of luck!

Disclaimer: I did not receive monetary compensation for this post however I have received a complimentary family pass to Oz Comic-Con Sydney. My views and opinions are my own. And for the record I believe that Benedict Cumberbatch is strangely & compellingly attractive.

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20 Responses

  1. I am entering this on behalf of my 11 yo daughter who is well and truly a geek. She has watched every episode of big band theory several times. Her favourite things are reading, playing or reading minecraft and playing soccer. She is not interested in girly things, shes a tomboy geek through and through and she will tell you that. Her most favourite thing in her room in her canvas stretched atlas of the world that she has hanging above her bed. She knows more about computers and electronics than me and her fashion sense resembles a daggy boy 🙂 She is definately the geekiest person I know 🙂

  2. Kylie says:

    I’m a geek because most of clothes feature some type of cartoon character, so I would live to win tickets to sydney.

  3. Sofia says:

    Yes Kirsty and Nathan, my husband, teenage daughter and I will proudly give you the Vulcan salute and declare that we are Geeks. Dr Who, Star Trek, Big Bang Theory, any Stephen Hawking or Brian Cox series, and anything Sherlock related (especially the Benedict Cumberbatch series) is popular viewing in our home. We would love to attend Oz Comic-Con in Sydney. “Live long and prosper.”

  4. karina l says:

    I ticked about all 10 of the above points! I am a true geek! I always thought my husband was but I am more geek than he is!

  5. Oh dear, I got eight out of ten – well and truly on my way to geekdom. Let’s see, why am I a geek? Well apart from the result from this quiz, we own (and watch) the completed series of Star Trek Next Generation on DVD!
    Janet aka Middle Aged Mama recently posted..Dreaming about Babies …

  6. So many points from your little quiz there. But not just that! I design roleplaying games. The old style, with pencils & paper! I can quote from the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy! My PVR is full of Doctor Who, Orphan Black, Arrow, Gotham, and The Voice (wait… that’s from my wife). I have bookcases just for Lego!

    Don’t feel sad for me, because I’m happy with my geeky world. MOAR COMICS! MOAR SCI-FI! MOAR I SAY!

    Andrew Smith recently posted..Good News!

  7. Fluffy says:

    I was all ho hum, yeah yeah, so I’m a limited edition geek, whatever, blah blah woof woof (points if you know the last reference) and then I saw the word ‘MacGyver’ and actually yelled “Oh My God” to my small, empty flat. I’m single, so forget about that family pass, unless I can use it four times… now excuse me, I have to go dig out my onsie (courtesy of 4 1/2 years in Japan) and credit card.
    Fluffy recently posted..Stand up and Speak out.

  8. I am proud to be a geek because it’s a well known fact that geeks have more fun! I own a Nintendo 64 which I love to play Mario Kart on and verse my partner. I also have the Gameboy Color I got when I was 12, 16 years later its still going strong. My favourite game at the moment is Pokémon Pinball. Loving life! Recently I went to a party dressed as Princess Peach (my partner was Mario) and we had an absolute ball. Geek life forever.

  9. mumabulous says:

    Yes well the whole blogosphere knows my position on the Loki/Thor debate despite the whole issue being ‘like so two years ago’. Anyhow #Team Loki FOREVER!
    Meanwhile is it unbecoming for a woman my age to spend large chunks of time reading GoT and Marvel comic fan pages?
    mumabulous recently posted..Book Week Mayhem

  10. Andrew Mc says:

    Growing up as a geek
    Was a little bittersweet
    Most people just didn’t understand
    But a select few thought it neat.

    I always found it exciting
    Killing dragon, orc and troll
    But that was so dependent
    On getting the right die roll.

    Reading was such a big part
    Of every single day
    Everywhere that I went
    A comic book wasn’t far away.

    I played with Mario and Donkey Kong
    Every day after school
    But only after Math homework
    That was my Golden Rule.

    Growing up I did things
    That I really liked to do
    And that made me happy
    ‘Cause to myself I was being true.

    Twenty-six years of marriage
    And four amazing kids
    Has increased my geek factor
    I wouldn’t change that for quids.

    We all love superhero movies
    Either Marvel or WB DC
    And every new cinema release
    Means an action-figure shopping spree.

    Our t-shirts, hats and accessories
    Show the world our true passion
    They may not be designer label
    But to us they are high fashion.

    Our Dordz and other figures
    Are there for all to see
    But our POP! Vinyl collections
    Hold pride of place around the TV.

    The seven gaming consoles
    Get used by everyone
    Because when you play together
    You have so much more fun.

    Fantasy, zombies and Science Fiction
    Head up our reading queue
    And if there’s a companion TV show
    For us it’s a must view.

    We read all the comic websites
    To keep up with all the goss
    On those hazy movie rumours
    So where never at a loss.

    We say it loud, we say it proud
    Always strong and never meek
    For in our hearts and in our minds
    We all love being a GEEK!

    PS: If by chance we are selected
    We’d need tickets for Sydney
    So that we can enjoy Oz-Comic Con
    Thanks from me and my family.

  11. Oh Kirsty, I’m nodding along and laughing at all your references!
    We’ve been to previous Comic-Con and Supernovas, and I’m still trying to convince John that we need to go to this one. When I saw that Bobby from Supernatural was going to be here for the Brisbane one it was exciting, but then they announced Crowley as well!! And how fabulous is Rachel Nicholls in Continum?!
    But the ultimate would have to be MacGyver/Jack O’Neill.
    And yes, I’m officially a geek 🙂
    Lisa@RandomActsOfZen recently posted..100 Days Of Zen Watercolour

  12. Jessica says:

    Here we are a family of geeks. Starting with my Murloc tattoo, my partners Horde crest tattoo (world of warcraft), our collection of literally EVERY collectors editionof any game that eb games have released in the last 6 years (boxed of course, because value!) our subscription to the marvel hard cover comic collection (yes it exists and is amazing) our vast number of magic the gathering cards, our son who was named after a character in Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, our daughter named after a Vladimir Nabakov character, my joker costume, kailey costume, steampunk Alice madness costume, tank girl costume, his dishonoured costume and the way down to my deadpool finger tattoo, we are a family of geeks <3
    We would love to go to either Sydney or Brisbane and we're about in the middle of both of them 🙂

  13. Karla Oleinikoff says:

    With Star Wars and Star Trek, I’m not conflicted,
    They’re both fantastic and amazing.
    No matter if they’re evil or good,
    As long as phasers and blasters are blazing.

    I have GoT paraphernalia galore,
    Big Bang t-shirts and Supernatural Pop Heads.
    I contemplate the Kobayashi Maru,
    and wear cool Avengers Threads.

    I’m passing my Geekiness down the family tree,
    And love teaching my girls how being a Geek is great.
    Dr Who is their favourite Time Traveller,
    And they’d love Black Widow to be their mate.

    I’m a geek, and I’m loud and proud,
    A geek is the best thing since sliced bread.
    We’re never boring at dinner parties,
    We’re definitely well watched and well read!

    Brisbane please!

  14. I really need you to put me in touch with the organisers for when they next come to Perth. Would love to cover this as a family for the blog.
    Raych aka Mystery Case recently posted..The importance of building other women up (and scones)

  15. Phillip Cunningham says:

    Sydney please and I’m proud to be a geek, even a nerd as they’re both smart people who really are in to their computers and just about everybody elses ones as well. I get asked for computer help all the time.

  16. Helena Leung says:

    I would love to give these SYDNEY tickets to my BIG GEEK FRIEND, who made his own retro arcade machine from scratch! He carved out all the wood panels himself and stuck on these huge Street Fighter decals. The machine plays virtually any retro arcade game you can think of and it’s only 10c a play!! Guess who’s house we love to visit on the weekend?! 😀 He also collects old game consoles from Atari to Nintendo and proudly displays them in glass cabinets. I am proud to be a friend to a GEEK!!

    • Kirsty says:

      Your friend sounds like a keeper! I’m in awe of him making a retro arcade machine from scratch – serious cred there. Thanks so much for entering 🙂

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