I Must Confess…treasured possessions

Do you have any treasured possessions? Items that have been given to you by someone you love? Things you worked hard to obtain? Objects with the most sentimental of value to you?

I don’t have a lot but the few that I have mean the world to me.

There’s the beautiful filigree ring, ringlet pendant and my engagement and wedding rings from Nathan. I’m not a big jewellery person but these are beautiful pieces, given to me with love, and with my tastes and wishes in mind. I also treasure them as I have a history of breaking or misplacing jewellery that Nathan has given me so I know I won’t be receiving any more – so treasure these I will!

Treasured Jewellery - collage of  4 rings and a necklace

Then there’s the delicate ring given to me by my grandmother on my 21st birthday. I will always hold that dear to me because it has come from my beloved Nan and it is, again, such a perfect choice for me. BTW Nan celebrated her 98th birthday last week – happy birthday Nan! We’ll come down and visit you soon x

The blue vases that sit in my hallway shelf will always be special too. The one on the left was given to me by my mother, who knows my love of coloured glassware & wanted me to have one of her pieces straight from the 70s. The other was a farewell gift from my workmates, who also know me well and were always there for me when I needed them. Actually, they still are there for me – thanks guys x

Blue vases

My beautifully illustrated hardcopies of Jane Eyre and Anne of Green Gables, gifted to me for Christmas 1984 by my parents, will never leave my possession. These books ignited my love of reading and bear all the wear and tear of old, well-loved books. There is something infinitely special about the mustiness of older books with their yellowed pages and worn spines…

Treasured Books

And now I have something new to treasure. Something loved and used by my father – one of his warm, flannelette shirts. My mother gave one to me and one to my brother after he passed away. She has one too. She wears hers but I don’t. At the moment it is keeping watch in my wardrobe – a little piece of my Dad that I can have with me always. Strangely that fabric brings me a sense of comfort that nothing else can…who knew the power of flannelette?

Dad's flannelette shirt

What are your most treasured possessions and why?

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Next week’s prompt – what is your most neglected room in the house?

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13 Responses

  1. What an exercise this prompt has prompted. I imagined I would be taking you on a journey of my house and sharing a few of my favourite things… instead I almost feel like I’ve had a blogging therapy session and I’m about to organise a skip bin and throw out some excess baggage. I may need to revisit this prompt when I’m in a different frame of mind.
    Raych aka Mystery Case recently posted..Treasured Possessions and the WAR on clutter

  2. What a lovely prompt. I’m still away but thought I’d swing by as stupid teenager set their alarm for 6.30 (and slept thru it! – grrr)
    Lydia C Lee recently posted..My, what big fears you have, my dear!

  3. I love your treasured items Kirsty! I’m a lover of coloured glass too and in particular l have a quirky love of glass bottles in all different shapes and sizes. I too have some treasured books from my childhood. What a comfort it must be to have a shirt of your Dad’s nearby to feel and touch. A flannelette shirt so reminds me of my dad too – he wears them a lot in winter. This was a lovely prompt this week. It got me all sentimental and reflective. Hope you’re doing ok Kirsty. Love n Hugs! Min xo
    Min@WriteoftheMiddle recently posted..Treasured Items

  4. jess says:

    Lovely topic this week! I have sometimes thought about what I would grab if our house was on fire, and I think it would be my wedding/engagement bands, wedding photo album, and laptops (because they have all of our photos on them!). I always wished that I had clothes or trinkets passed down from my parents/grandparents…but I don’t have anything like that. I might need to start asking for keepsakes now 🙂
    jess recently posted..Taking a little break

  5. What a great topic. I will have to take some photos of my treasures and come back 🙂
    Kaz @ Melting Moments recently posted..Untangling My Thoughts with 1 Giant Mind

  6. I love your dads flannel .. I grew up ith them and now my hubby has some.. Always good memories.
    Natalie @ our parallel connection recently posted..When your battery is dead and you’re trying to push sh*t up hill

  7. Aww so lovely to have one of your dad’s shirts. I do have treasured possessions but this post has reminded me that I don’t look after them well enough! Be kind to you lovely xx
    Emily @ Have A Laugh On Me recently posted..Fill your own bucket.

  8. Zita says:

    Such wonderful treasures to have forever! I am similar to you in that I have special things that remind me of special times, people and places. I have a ring that was my sisters, and one that was my uncles that I love and treasure dearly.
    Zita recently posted..Where am I Wednesday

  9. I completely understand your fondness for your dad’s flanno. My hubster has a pair of flanelette PJ’s that he only wears on the very coldest nights (like now!) and he is just so snuggly when he wears them! Speaking of treasured jewellery, we gave Miss 18 a ring for her 18th birthday last November. Since then, the band has broken once; so we got a replacement. Now the gem has fallen out so it has to go back for repairs again! NOT HAPPY JAN!!!
    Janet aka Middle Aged Mama recently posted..Treasures of the Heart

  10. Ness says:

    I love your books and jewellery. And your Dad’s shirt.. I think I have something in my eye. xoxo
    Ness recently posted..My most treasured item

  11. I love that you have your dad’s shirt. I so wish I had one, but I have his ring that I wrote about today.
    Toni @ Finding Myself Young recently posted..My most treasured item – my dad’s ring

  12. I also have things that people have given me or that were once possessions of those who have passed away but to be honest it is my photos that are the most treasure, photos of family, friends, places and things. When I really thought about this there is not much that would hurt as much to loose as those digital moments.
    Anne@GritandGiggles recently posted..Tripping Around

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