I Must Confess…My Top US Travel Fails

Folks, this is the post you’ve been waiting for. Sure, you’ve enjoyed the pictures of the family in sunny LA but you’ve been secretly hating me all along, haven’t you? I’m guessing some of your thoughts have run along these lines…

“Look, there she is again, rubbing our face in the fact she’s just been on a Caribbean cruise…”

“Oh no, not another ‘travel’ post!”

“Save me from these sugary images of happiness and sunshine while we’re in the middle of winter hell.”

Or something along those lines, anyway 😉

I can’t take back the images (and there will be more to come  – sorry!) but it is time to balance the ledger and share some of the fails that plagued #ourUSAadventure. I must confess there was WAY more good than bad but travel fails happen on every trip and ours had it’s fair share as well.

I Must Confess...travel fails

1. Our luggage didn’t arrive home with us. We started off well with everything arriving on the flight to LA and then on the flight through to Orlando but coming home was another matter. We had a tight connection in LA and nearly didn’t make it ourselves so it’s really no wonder that our luggage didn’t make it at all. It did finally arrive in Australia, late the next evening but not before we had to work out alternate arrangements to get Delilah home as her car seat was in the missing luggage. So Nathan and Delilah enjoyed a scenic train ride to Newcastle while the older kids and I drove home to collect the spare car seat and meet them at the station. We’re nothing if not flexible…

2. I *may* have put on weight while in the States which meant that certain items of clothing that fit at the beginning of the trip no longer fit at the end. Unfortunately for me, I decided to keep out a pair of pants for the final day that no longer did up properly. This was unfortunate as all other items of clothing were locked up in our suitcases and taken the night before off the ship. I was forced to sheepishly wear said pair of pants in public until we were able to get our bags back at the airport in Orlando. I was then able to slip into something much more comfortable and fit for public view!

3. However hard I tried I could not get out of the habit of sticking to the left when walking in the US. This caused some issues everywhere I went. I became a pothole at Walt Disney World in particular as everyone else (naturally to them) kept to the right. I was okay if I was following other people but left to my own devices (sorry for the pun!), I would inevitably veer left again.

4. Nathan lost his SIM card in LA when we first arrived while mine was helpfully (not) packed in our checked luggage on the way home. Consequently we had no way of using our mobiles when we first arrived home. More importantly, we had no way of communicating while travelling home separately, Nathan by train and the older kids and I by car. The only way we could communicate was when we were in vicinity of wifi and could take advantage of the Facebook Messenger service. Please note there is little wifi available on the Sydney – Newcastle train service. Not our finest example of organisation…

5. We lost our car in the Sydney airport carpark. We were tired after our long flight and stressed following the news our luggage had not arrived – it’s no wonder we forgot which level our car was parked on. Okay, total confession here. I had taken a picture of the level we were on at the beginning of the trip but had then deleted it off the phone to make way for more photos. I wasn’t too concerned as I was CERTAIN we had parked in a orange or yellow level with an odd number. After looking frantically through the whole of 3 Orange and 5 Yellow we were at a complete loss. It was then that I found a copy of the picture in the Carousel app on my phone. It turned out our car was on 4 Purple. So much for my amazing memory then…

Pillar 4D (Purple)

My memory is pretty amazing – amazingly bad in this particular example…

6. I never got my head around US currency. I understood the notes (although they all look the same) but I could not get the coins right. Do you know there is a $1 coin as well as a $1 note? And most of the coins mean nothing to a non-American. I only found out what a dime is when I got home – who knew it was 10c? It doesn’t say that at all on the coin. In the end I had to put all my coins in front of the register operator and get them to help me work out what I owed whenever I needed to use coins to pay for purchases. How lowering and embarrassing is that?

7. Two of the three pairs of shoes that Delilah took along broke during the trip. Her sandals were the first casualty, with the sole and the shoe separating not long after we arrived in Orlando. Then her sandshoes bit the dust on the cruise. We ended up having to buy her another pair of shoes just to keep her going as all she had left were her crocs which were not at all acceptable for formal night on the cruise!!!

8. We didn’t get the memo for Disney that required us to dress in matching shirts. We missed a golden opportunity there. We saw so many families and groups of people rocking matching tiedye, hypercolour, faux denim and personalised photo t-shirts. If only we had have known beforehand – we could have featured the pugs on a family shirt or could have proudly walked around with matching “Should I throw another shrimp on the barbie?” numbers.

Matching shirts WDW style

A true holiday fail, my friends…

So there are my freshest travel fails. Do you have any of your own to share? Don’t forget to linkup and share in the comment love for another round of I Must Confess!

Oh, and what do you think should have been on our matching shirts at WDW????

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32 Responses

  1. I love the matching shirts! That’s hilarious – what an opportunity you missed!! Never delete the photo of the car parked. Never!! I linked off the travel blog this week, so there’s a change of scenery from me, but still me!!)
    Lydia C. Lee recently posted..Don’t be scared of the big, bad Naplan

    • Kirsty says:

      While we were there I was in awe of all these families and groups in their matching gear. I did wonder whether they had multiple matching shirts or just the one that they re-wore each day…my mind is truly an awesome thing 😉

  2. Tegan says:

    So glad to hear that the good outweighed the fails. It sounds like you guys had an absolute ball!
    Tegan recently posted..I’m sick of being grateful

    • Kirsty says:

      It was an awesome trip – you will be more than sick of hearing about it when I eventually get to everything!!!

  3. I haven’t got any travelling fails except forgetting the cord for my phone charger when I went to Melbourne for the bloggers bbq. It wasn’t ideal as my phone died about an hour into the day. Other than that I haven’t been game enough to go travelling post kids lol.
    Toni @ Finding Myself Young recently posted..Closer to Nature Perfect Prep review and giveaway

    • Kirsty says:

      You might not consider that much of a fail but I hate it when I forget to charge up devices. We took along a 4 port USB charger to the US with it’s own US adaptor just to avoid that very scenario!!!!

  4. Ness says:

    I’m sure I wouldn’t be able to work out the currency or keep to the right either! I’m glad the good out weighed the bad, though. Not being able to find the car always reminds me of that Seinfeld episode. LOL.
    Ness recently posted..Travel Fails

  5. Jess says:

    I don’t even think those fails are that bad! Haha, but with every trip as long as the good outweighs the fails, than its a great trip! Looking forward to more on your trip 🙂 x
    Jess recently posted..The Friday Wrap 15.5.15

    • Kirsty says:

      No, they aren’t that bad at all – we were very lucky this time around. Although we are setting a bit of a pattern when it comes to lost luggage and car seat issues – first in NZ now on our way back from the States…

  6. I suck at converting any currency and couldn’t imagine I would have coped too well with the money situation. But one travel fail I remember was from BFC (before children) where we were travelling to Noosa for our honeymoon – our luggage got lost somewhere in the stop over in Sydney and I thought I had outsmarted them because we had a spare change of clothes (the clothes we wore before we got into wedding dress and suit etc). The whole way in the taxi to the resort I kept saying can you smell that? The Milko responds – yeah smells sweet, thought it was just your perform. I just couldn’t place it. We get there and I open the overnight bag we have feeling particularly smug, only to find a 750ml bottle of Midori has leaked through the whole bag and anything that was once white is now fluorescent green. I finally get it – it was the smell of sweet, sweet melons! Bahahahahahaha we had to wash out our underwear in the shower and hope they dried overnight and wear the same clothes again! Most of the clothes in that bag had to be thrown out! The Milko thought it was great and wanted to spend the whole trip in the nude! Mel xx
    Melanie Greenhalgh recently posted..Let’s Talk Kids, Sexuality and Why We Should – Talk the Talk?

  7. Oh no, I think the luggage would have been pretty frustrating especially as everyone would have been tired. The car level, just blame it on plane brain or something.
    Anne@GritandGiggles recently posted..Travel Fails

    • Kirsty says:

      The luggage delay was painful but not unexpected – it was just the inconvenience of not being able to all drive home together that really sucked. Bloody car seats – had trouble with them on our last trip and still had trouble this time around, even though we took ours with us – we can’t win!

  8. Oh I lose my car all the freaking time and it drives me insane! I’ve started taking a photo of where I park now….this can just be at Coles. Like, my local Coles….
    Vicki | The Fashionable Mum recently posted..What to wear to a Tupperware Party

    • Kirsty says:

      I’m usually pretty good with where my car is parked but on this occasion we got there at 6am in the morning and were preoccupied with the luggage. Plus we were away for over 3 weeks so the old brain just couldn’t retain it all. I must say I was a little worried that I’d have trouble driving again at first but it was all good in the end – thank goodness. All I wanted to do in the end was get home!

  9. Bahahaha thank god you didn’t get that memo about the matching shirts….
    The hiccups don’t seem too bad
    Natalie @ our parallel comnection recently posted..How to pick the right movie for your child?

    • Kirsty says:

      Our experience was awesome and the fails weren’t really all that bad – we were very lucky.

      But c’mon, no love for the matching shirts?????!!!!

  10. Nikki says:

    Not really a fail as such, but when I travelled in the States I couldn’t get used to the fact that, for the most part, the price on the tag or the price displayed was not actually the price you paid and that the tax would be added at the registers. I would get my money ready only to then have to go digging for more at the counter.

    • Kirsty says:

      Yes – I so get that. I was lucky that most of the time I just used my card to pay for stuff so I largely missed this, although that could also explain why I never could get my head around the coin situation! I don’t know why they can’t add the tax onto each product, maybe the tax is variable unlike here?

  11. Despite the fails, reading about this makes me want to take a vacation :/
    Also, I didn’t know about the matching tees rule :O that’s such a cute thing to do, too bad you guys weren’t able to 🙁

    • Kirsty says:

      It was probably for the best that we didn’t know about the matching tees thing – otherwise who knows what sort of embarrassing shirt we would have made the kids wear!

  12. Sorry but I had to laugh at all of these, well not in a mean way but a ‘oh no’ kinda way. Sucks about sim card and as for keeping right, it’s a hard one to remember alright! x

    • Kirsty says:

      They are laughable – I can definitely see the funny side now it’s all over. Especially the car fiasco – that was a complete schmozzle, caused solely by yours truly!

  13. Julie says:

    Glad you had a great trip. I so understand the weight in USA, I went there for 6 weeks and put on 6 kilos!!!
    Julie recently posted..Residual Income for Women.

  14. Zita says:

    Oh I confess I always put on weight overseas as well!! For some reason while I was in Cambodia I thought it perfectly acceptable to have a soft drink and ice-cream after work everyday! I NEVER do that as home, I hardly ever drink soft drink but there’s a part of my brain that thinks it’s ok while I’m travelling!
    I am now not looking forward to the walking and money when I hit the States in just over 2 weeks! eekkk!
    Zita recently posted..for First Coat Toowoomba

  15. I love it when others blog about their travel mistakes. I try to include our travel catastrophes in my blog – and there are some pretty big ones from time to time. That way you show you’re human after all. I can really relate to a few of yours. Putting on weight – the bane of my existence. I get sick to death of having to lose that same 3 kilos every time we come home – and walking on the left. Well all I can say is – trying cycling overseas. Driving on the right is easy compared to walking and cycling.
    Lyn (aka) The Travelling Lindfields recently posted..Skiing in NSW, Australia – Thredbo, Perisher, Charlotte Pass and Mt Selwyn.

    • Kirsty says:

      Goodness I’m not even sure I could right a bicycle anymore, let alone keep to a side on it! It was bad enough trying to walk that way. And you know the silly thing? I’m keeping to the right at times now that I’m home – what the?

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