Musical Musings A to Z: songs beginning with Y

I am coming to you from the foggy recesses of a sleep deprived mind following my son’s first ever sleepover. Although the word “sleepover” is a complete misnomer as it implies sleep actually occurred during the proceedings…

I wish that were true!

Anyway, I’m aiming for a quiet day here, doing as little as humanly possible. Apart from recovering from lack of sleep and trying to manage my son’s inevitable downer of a mood. He’s been looking forward to his birthday for months now – I believe the countdown began pretty much from the start of the year.

After such excitement and anticipation there will be a subsequent fall in mood…that’s not in question at all.

I just hope we can all get over it as painlessly as possible!

Now, if you are new to my musical musings through the alphabet, start here. I’ve featured artists by letter of the alphabet and now I am nearing the end of featuring songs by each letter. Since I’m up to Y you know I am now tantalisingly near the end.

This week’s picks are from soulful women with amazing talent and amazing voices.

All hail Toni Braxton and Lisa Stansfield!

You’re Making Me High – Toni Braxton

You Can’t Deny It – Lisa Stansfield

Did my choices make you move this week? What would be your picks for songs beginning with Y?

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