Musical Musings A to Z: songs beginning with W

My pugs have been a little Jekyll and Hyde lately. Sweet and cute and adorable one minute. Then raging scratching banshee beasts, the next.

I love having them around to keep me company while I write at home. They will often sit at my feet and snooze or chew on a bone or toy. I also love that they remind me to get up each hour to walk them out to the yard for the toilet. They are like an inbuilt and automatic alarm clock which helps me to stretch and to have regular breaks.

So no occupational overuse syndrome for me!

What I don’t love is the painful scratching at my legs for attention and the nearly constant clamour for food – honestly you would think that I never feed the poor starving puppies. To them I know I must be the most boring owner in the universe during the day – she’s ALWAYS sitting at that computer – but that’s no excuse for scratching and barking. Not okay pugs!

Lucky they are cute and companionable and funny most of the time. Despite all their demands, I wouldn’t be without them…

Pugs Collage

Now onto my songs beginning with W (you can check out my previous musical musings here).

This week I am heading back in time to 2002 and a little further back to 1996 and showcasing songs from two of my favourite groups of the era – Boyz II Men and the Spice Girls. My W selections feature a power ballad from the boys and a dancey disco fluff of pop from the girls. Enjoy!

Watcha Need – Boyz II Men

Who Do You Think You Are? – Spice Girls

What songs would you select as your picks for those starting with W? And would they end up from the same era like mine?

See you next week 🙂

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