Musical Musings A to Z: songs beginning with V

It’s the middle of another busy weekend. For the last couple of weeks we’ve had at least two commitments each weekend and that trend is set to continue as we head towards the school holidays in four weeks time.

It honestly seems just like yesterday that the kids started back at school yet here we are, already contemplating the end of Term 1. Life is going way too fast for my liking.

The upcoming holidays are a big one for us as it sees us embarking on our biggest challenge yet – our once in a lifetime dream holiday to the USA. 24 days away, on the other side of the world with no back up and no plan B if everything goes pear-shaped.

We are all looking forward to checking out LA for a couple of days before heading over to Orlando for the main game – Walt Disney World. Chuck in Universal Studios Orlando and Kennedy Space Centre as well, and you have a jam packed couple of weeks of pure fun (and the potential for huge overwhelm too…)

Thank goodness we are hanging around for a cruise through the Western Caribbean to ensure we are fully relaxed before heading home. I have to confess that’s the part of the trip that I am most looking forward to. Let’s hope I’m in some sort of mental state to fully appreciate and enjoy it once it arrives!

Very exciting!

Which brings me, via a nice segue, to the letter V and our musical musings for this week. If you want to catch up with my previous musical musings A to Z posts, go right ahead – you have your whole Sunday in front of you!

Two powerful women have provided the soundtrack for V this week – I hope you enjoy!

Vogue – Madonna

I can’t quite believe that I haven’t featured this absolute classic on the blog before. Madonna really provided much of the soundtrack to my high school years and this was a corker. So cool. So classy. So funky. And the dancing…I think I finally realised with this video that I was better off sticking to academic pursuits. Damn the woman (and her backup dancers) can dance!

VSOP – K. Michelle

I have a weakness for retro sounding R&B at the moment and this song features some awesome classic string riffs in the verse and at the end of the chorus. K. Michelle’s voice is powerful and soulful too which makes this a new favourite for me…

What would be your choices for songs beginning with V? And are you also being blindsided by how fast this year is already speeding along?

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