I Must Confess…if I could change one decision…

We’re going a little deep and meaningful this week for #imustconfess. Usually I do try to keep things light and bright around here but this prompt was suggested by Aroha from Colours of Sunset (if you have an awesome suggestion for a prompt, send it my way!) and has really got me thinking about all those sliding door moments throughout my life…

Sliding Doors

Anyone remember this movie? (image source)

Is there one decision in your life that you would change if you could?

I must confess I have thought long and hard about this one. I have thought back over my life to all the big decisions that I’ve made, for good or bad. The decisions to buy a particular home, to study, to get married, to have children, to accept a redundancy. I was so serious in my research that I even found myself consulting my Facebook timeline – after all it DOES contain all of life’s big moments….!

In the end I have come to this conclusion. I have regrets (yes, I have a few) but I con’t honestly say that I would ever change a decision that I have previously made. Every decision, every step, every action has led me to now. It has made me the person I am today.

Each moment along the way, whether positive or negative, has served a purpose. I have learned lessons. I have accepted new perspectives. I have grown in knowledge and understanding. I have come to understand myself in new and varied ways.

Sure I could lament that we weren’t ready to buy a home just before the market took off in 2001 – if I could go back I would definitely have saved up earlier so we could have bought a bargain before prices skyrocketed. But changing that decision wouldn’t necessarily have changed the course of our life and I don’t think waiting and paying more for our first home was necessarily a bad thing.

Missing our chance to buy early didn’t stop us ultimately buying a home. It didn’t stop us making a life together. And it hasn’t prevented us from climbing the property ladder. We could have been materially richer right now had we saved and bought earlier but we would not have been forced to save so hard. We would not have made the decision to live with Nathan’s parents in order to save. And we would not have become so close to them during those 11 months under the same roof.

Life lessons were certainly learned during that period and I do not regret learning any of them in the least. So on balance, I probably wouldn’t go back and change that decision but I will certainly encourage my kids to save for a home as soon as they are able.

Otherwise I suspect we’ll be supporting them here at home for the next thirty years or so 😉

Do you have any decisions you would go back and change? Or any other confession to share?

You know what to do!

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Next week’s prompt – parenting fails. Have you or your own parents been responsible for any massive fails?

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14 Responses

  1. It’s interesting to think about – if you wouldn’t re do anything, I think you’ve lead a pretty good life!
    Lydia C. Lee recently posted..#Haunted2015 – Inner City

    • Kirsty says:

      I think I have had a good life Lydia. There are no decisions or actions that I think were a terrible mistake or embarrassing or shameful. I’ve lived a very safe sort of life and in some respects I would have liked to have had more courage to take risks – somaybe that is a small regret. But regarding decisions that I have already made, there isn’t anything I’ve done that I would re-do. Let’s hope that outlook continues throughout the next phase of my life!

  2. Tegan says:

    I’m like you in that I do have regrets but deep down I also know that every decision has led me to the moment I’m in now. Am I completely happy? No, but I am in a completely different place to where I was headed 7 or 8 years ago.
    Tegan recently posted..10 things a cyclone taught me

    • Kirsty says:

      Exactly Tegan – I have my moments too but I wouldn’t change anything I’ve done up until now. There are some days where I do question everything I’ve ever done and whether there is any direction to my life at all but I believe it’s all happened for a reason and that there is more good stuff to come my way!

  3. Like you, I don’t think I’d change anything although I have pondered some of our parenting decisions recently in this post: http://www.middleagedmama.com.au/parenting-regrets/.
    Janet @ Middle Aged Mama recently posted..Costumes from the Golden Years of Hollywood

    • Kirsty says:

      Oh yes, I have lots of parenting regrets too which is part of the reason I have set a parenting fail prompt for next week – oh, so many fails…

  4. Ness says:

    We do own a home, but it’s still not our dream home anyway, so I guess you can’t win! There are always those ‘coulda, shoulda, woulda’ things that come up. Sigh. I’m glad you’re OK with the way things worked out. xo
    Ness recently posted..Decisons

    • Kirsty says:

      I think we will always have regrets but at least I’m not stewing over decisions made in the past right now (which I have been known to do…) I’m happy with life right now which is a pretty awesome statement to be able to make 🙂

  5. Julie says:

    I think we all have some regrets but life has brought us here to this point. I loved Sliding Doors.
    Julie recently posted..Rosemary and Salt Croutons

  6. Zita says:

    I totally agree with you. I think about the decisions I have made that have led me to where I am and I cannot regret them because certain decisions, right or wrong, have led me to where I am today….in Cambodia helping severely underprivileged children, and who could regret that!!!!
    Zita recently posted..for one thing I would change

  7. If there was one thing I regret, it would be not travelling enough with just my hubby before having kids. I had travelled heaps but not together.. now its too expensive with 4 kids.
    Natalie @ OurParallelConnection recently posted..15 things I never thought I would say before becoming a mum

  8. I just couldn’t bring myself to come to the confessional or online party this week. Hoping to be back online in a big way next week. Popping in briefly with a few of my favourites and finally sharing our Worth Casing Blog Award winner on the blog today.
    Raych aka Mystery Case recently posted..Worth Casing Blog Award Winner | Nerdy Dirty Flirty 30

  9. Jess says:

    I certainly have a few regrets in my life, and I don’t think there is anything wrong with this. Regret is an experience that tells me that I made a choice that conflicted with my values, and I can hopefully learn from that!
    Jess recently posted..Check me out

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