It’s all about the policy…

I try not to bore you all with politics here but I am a keen observer of politics and after all the drama of the QLD election and subsequent speculation at the federal level, I feel the need to get some stuff off my chest. Particularly some questions that need to be answered by all sides of politics.

What has happened to the notion of politicians representing the people? Why are we treated like we don’t know what’s best for us? Or even worse, when policy is clearly poor and not receiving the desired reception, the government instead claims there is a problem with communicating the message rather than accepting that the problem may actually be with the policy itself?

Why are personalities trumping policy? Why do commentators believe the person delivering the policy is the problem and everything will magically be better once they are replaced? The policy will still remain – all that will be different is the sales pitch and the salesperson.

Why can’t politicians make mistakes? They are human after all. Where has our tolerance gone? Why do we have to scrutinise every single thing they say/do/wear for the slightest weakness or error? Why are politicians incapable of providing a straight answer to any question?

Where is the vision? Where are the future plans that will make us a better, happier, wealthier and more enlightened country? Where are the plans for investment (that go beyond transport, etc?) Where are the leaders?

When did policy become hostage to opinion polls?

Where is the commitment to ideals? Where is the detail? When did politics become a competition between the best three word slogans?

Where is the compassion? Where is the transparency? What do our politicians REALLY stand for?

Why have we let it come to this? Why do the media have such a sway over the political debate? When did we all become so very disillusioned?

It's all about the...Policy

I have a dream that future politicians will actually put our interests first. That they will truly represent the people who voted for them. That they will be transparent, compassionate, real and be able to share their vision for the future AND actually lead us there.

I’m not sure that dream will eventuate in my lifetime but I do hope my children benefit from a calibre of politician sadly lost to us.

Musing as part of Jess’ #IBOT.

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13 Responses

  1. I feel the same. I’ve actually never been more disillusioned when it comes to politics.
    Raych aka Mystery Case recently posted..Back to School – Organised Chaos {Mystery Case Confession}

  2. Excellent points. We are supposed to vote for the party and the policies, not the person. However, I can see where that falls down. We vote for the leader. We vote for the mouthpiece and the representative and we do so because they do have solitary powers- they don’t need the support of their party to do certain things. Bringing back knighthoods and awarding them to members of the monarchy for no apparent reason, for example.
    The talk of a leadership spill is worrying though. Frankly, at the moment, Abbott is one of the best assets Labor could ask for 😉
    Amy @ handbagMafia recently posted..Guest Post- My Body: A New Normal

  3. I totally agree. Politicians are meant to listen to and represent the people. There is so much I could say on t his topic but it’s best I zip my lips and stop there! 😉
    Min@WriteoftheMiddle recently posted..Perimenopause, PMS and Naturopathy!

  4. Yes, yes and yes.
    I think too, we have to blame the media for constantly scrutinising every little thing. Yes, it’s certainly needed but there’s a genuine lack of good reporting out there these days too. Journalists are creating stories where there are none and giving their subjective viewpoints more than ever. It makes me shudder.
    Jody at Six Little Hearts recently posted..No Bake Lemon Slice Recipe…

  5. Kathy says:

    Kirsty – you have asked all the right questions and absolutely all the questions I would ask if I wasn’t too disillusioned to think of them. When I worked in the media (you can blame me a little) we used to talk about a political ‘colour’ story – the spin feeds the spin and we go around in circles. However I always feel I was way more objective than the subjective journalism these days. Genuine reform and good policy can be hard to sell but we elect politicians to do that and we must demand media scrutinise policy more than personality.
    Kathy recently posted..Rainy days and Mondays

  6. I’d give you a straight answer, but I can’t …
    Malinda @mybrownpaperpackages recently posted..Thai Lantern Festival

  7. So true. So much of what Tony Abbott says worries me. Especially when he puts things back on the people. Like we’re idiots because we don’t agree with him. What concerns me most is that his comments and opinions are getting more obtuse the longer he’s in power… And when it looks like his party is trying to pull him in line, he lashes out at them. His Press Club address just made me cringe. I won’t even go into how we are now perceived overseas because of his off-handed ill-informed comments…

  8. To be perfectly honest with you, I have a very limited opinion of politics purely because it’s never really interested me until now. I can’t say I can comment because I really don’t feel confident enough in doing so but I do agree with you. I sometimes feel like our government is made up of robots. Perhaps leaders of successful companies and corporations would do a better job at running our country.
    Eva @ The Multitasking Mummy recently posted..Valentines Day Gift Ideas for Under $50

  9. Can you send this to Canberra please? They need to read it!

  10. You know what I think? The day politicians stop getting paid so much money and getting super cushy retirement packages for even a measly few weeks in politics, then we will start to see change. These days people are career politicians, they do it for the money, not because they genuinely believe in creating a better society for Australians. Politicians don’t make the hard calls because all they care about is being re-elected and putting the money in the bank, something that won’t happen if they make the tough calls that aren’t very popular but are in the best interests of the country as a whole.

    And don’t even get me started on the media’s role in all of this, oh my gawd, that’s at least 3 posts in and of itself!
    Kylie Purtell – A Study in Contradictions recently posted..If I were ruler of the world {this is what I’d do} | Random Thoughts

  11. Tegan says:

    Politics feels like watching a high school fight lately. It’s gotten progressively worse over the last few years and to even find out what policies each party has, I have to seek it out myself. As you said, campaigns seem to be about the best slogans, rather than any real substance. Before the election in Queensland Campbell Newman held a press conference and didn’t answer a single question because he determined that the questions weren’t what Queenslanders wanted to know. It’s appalling.
    Tegan recently posted..If I ruled the world

  1. February 9, 2015

    […] and the salesman spruiking the message are NOT the heart of the Government’s problem. The policies themselves are the problem. The Government needs to rethink what they are doing (particularly with […]

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