Musical Musings A to Z: songs beginning with U

We’re onto the home stretch now with only a handful of letters still to go as I travel from A to Z through the musical alphabet.

Musical Musings

It seems like a lifetime ago that I started this challenge. It’s been harder to keep up with my musical musings this time around. The weekends seem to go by in a blur and then suddenly it’s Sunday night, I’ve forgotten to post and I still have all the preparation for the week ahead in front of me.

Sound familiar?

I’m trialling bulk writing my posts (yet again!) and we’ll see whether scheduling them in advance will help me get them out there and finally reach the end of the challenge. Wish me luck!

This week I have gone for an oldie and a goodie. Both songs represent the sound of their respective generations by artists who both made an impact in their respective times.

Uptight – Stevie Wonder

This is Motown in it’s full glory. A catchy tune, harmonies, danceable beat – it’s got all of that in spades. I have featured Stevie Wonder before (he is a genius) and this song is a worthy inclusion in my A to Z journey. Puts a smile on my dial every time…

U Can’t Touch This – MC Hammer

MC is no Stevie Wonder but he certainly left his mark on music, fashion and dancing with this 90s classic. Who can forget the happy pants? Or his trademark line, “Stop…Hammer time?” Or those amazing dance moves. Could you do them? I could never get it right…as much as I wanted to. Oh well…

What would you include for your songs starting with U?

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