More Pinterest Fails

I wrote a post a few years back highlighting the funniest failed pins that I could find on Pinterest.

I literally could not stop laughing while writing it – some of those pins still give me the giggles to this day. And in the years since, there have been so many more Pinterest fails pinned for us all to appreciate, savour and bend over in convulsions over. I consider it my duty to share them and bring them to your attention.

The fact the original post has been my most viewed post EVER has only slightly pushed me towards bringing you another dose of fun.

So I present to you more Pinterest fails for your enjoyment. You can find all of these (together with their sources where known) on my Laugh Out Loud Pins board.

Pinterest Fail #1 – The Little Lamb

This is so good on so many levels – especially how they’ve managed to give the sheep two eyes on one side of it’s head…well that’s how it looks to me, anyway…

sheep cake pinterest fail

Pinterest Fail #2 – The Pool Cake

Do you remember THE pool cake in the Australian Women’s Weekly kid’s cake book many years ago? That was the cake I always wanted. Sadly this one doesn’t live up to expectations.

But at least they saw the funny side of this cake fail!

pool cake pinterest fail

Pinterest Fail #3 – Pancake Bunny

It’s the eyes….THE EYES…

I never knew bananas could look evil 😉

Pancake bunny pinterest fail

Pinterest Fail #4 – Photo Frame Fail

Not so much of a craft or culinary fail but still freaking funny. Cue the kissing cousin jokes and insert your desired locale to mock (the deep south, Tasmania, Windale) for comedic effect….

kissing cousins pinterest fail

Pinterest Fail #5 – Cakepop Connection

As an experienced failed cake pop baker, I think the after shot is a pretty good effort, definitely in comparison to my own sad efforts. There’s a good reason I have no pictures of the cake pops I have tried and failed at over the years #ihatecakepops

kermit cake pop pinterest fail

Pinterest Fail #6 – Spelling Bee

Again, less of a fail than just bloody unfortunate and hilarious. She looks so proud too. Kids, let this be a lesson to you that the correct consonant IS important! Choose wisely.

I love my whore family - pinterest fail

Pinterest Fail #7 – Dick Pops

This would totally be something that I would concoct if I could be bothered baking in the first place. I hope my school appreciates my forebearance in not baking for their benefit. I think it’s best for everyone, especially the poor students!

Dick pops pinterest fail

Pinterest Fail #8 – Family Photo Fail

While we’re on this theme…I love this family!

Cock pinterest fail

Pinterest Fail #9 – Frozen Fever

For the Frozen fans amongst us – they totally nailed this effort. RIP Olaf…

Olaf pinterest fail

Pinterest Fail #10 – Bear Pancake Disaster

And finally, my favourite. I doubt they even tried with this one, it’s so bad!

Bear pancake fail

Do you have any fave Pinterest fails? Make sure you leave your Pinterest details below so I can follow you and your boards. Feel free to follow me on Pinterest too!

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5 Responses

  1. This post gave me a good giggle for a Friday!! love them! Thanks for sharing. The dick pop – gold!

  2. Oh my goodness, some of those are hilarious! I always cringe at the cake ones – some of my efforts have looked like that! Those banana choc pops are my favourite I think 🙂
    Lara @ This Charming Mum recently posted..The thing about the number 42

  3. Hahah! Love it, these crack me up!
    Wish U.S Were Here recently posted..Friday Favourites

  4. I needed this laugh Kirst, CLASSIC. Such a great idea for a post. The pancake one reminds me of the Star Wars one I’ve seen around the traps recently! x
    Emily @ Have A Laugh On Me recently posted..Would you cope without your mum?

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