Musical Musings A to Z: Songs Beginning with Q

It’s time for the first musical musings post of 2015. After a few stops and starts, I’m hoping to get this series done and dusted in one run, despite moving into the more tricky part of the alphabet.

Musical Musings

So how has 2015 started for you? We are trying to enjoy a quiet school holiday this time around. Apart from a short trip to Sydney just before Christmas we’ve pretty much stayed close to home. It’s been a relief to just sit still and not place expectations on ourselves to try to keep the kids (or ourselves) occupied. It’s just all naturally fallen into place and we have all really enjoyed not doing anything much at all!

I’m still heading down to Sydney 2 -3 times a week to visit Dad who remains in hospital. He is on the improve which is a great relief to us all (particularly Mum) and will hopefully be discharged before the end of January. There is still a lot of rehab to face but he will soon be ready for all that – he’s regaining his cheekiness and his spirit already which is so good to see 🙂

I have to admit that I had to do a little bit of research for this one as there aren’t so many songs around starting with Q. Thankfully I did find two songs that I do genuinely enjoy and have included them for your listening pleasure today.

Queer – Garbage

I featured Garbage as my G artist in my first round of Musical Musings A to Z so they are no stranger to the blog. This song is a bit slower than their more poppy numbers but it still features Shirley Manson’s distinctive voice, a hypnotic hook and their trade mark arty video.

Queen of the Field – Alicia Keys

This is from the 12 Years a Slave soundtrack and showcases Alicia Keys’ soulful voice and the power of the piano. It has it’s roots in blues and is one of those songs that you find yourself humming as you go about your day. It is sad but also holds the promise of something more…

So I put the challenge to you – do you have a favourite song that starts with Q?

See you next week – I promise!

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