Decisive Indecision

If there is one thing that Nathan and I have in common, it’s our innate inability to make a decision. I have dubbed it “decisive indecision” – when you can’t help but decide to NOT make a decision because making the decision itself is just too difficult.

Decisive Indecision

Fantastic joint talent there, isn’t it?

Decision making is definitely not our forte – I’ve written about our struggles with decision making in the past. At least we finally resolved that particular problem (by, ironically, doing the exact opposite of what we were planning in that post!). However we continue to struggle on a daily basis to decide on a timely course of action as new issues arise.

These issues range from the small (What should we have for dinner? What should we do with the kids today?) to the bigger (What should I be concentrating on this year, income-wise? Where should we go on holidays?)

Truly we struggle with any sort of decision.

For example we really want to take the kids to the US later this year but we are struggling to decide on the details of the trip, such as destinations, duration and accommodation. We have the money. We have rough dates. We have passports. But can we make a final decision and part with our precious money and time? Apparently not.

Yesterday provided two new examples of our joint talent for decisive indecision. On the way to Sydney to visit my Dad in hospital, we discussed income opportunities to pursue in 2015. Nathan had a list of possible activities to discuss and asked me to pick one to SWOT (you know, identifying strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats).

Guess what? I found it difficult to even decide on which activity to SWOT. As did he, when it was his turn. We got there in the end but there were a few moments there I truly questioned our sanity…

The second example came via IKEA. Now I admit that IKEA can be daunting to anyone – it is huge, full of temptations, swarming with people and just too much at times. However we had gone there after much research – we are looking to re-furnish our rumpus which is sadly under-utilised and in need of more storage solutions.

We had a few options we were interested in and were so confident of making a purchase that we had the seats folded down in the back of the car AND money ready to go in our account. That’s confidence, my friends.

However, decisive indecision struck us again. We vacillated between a few options for nearly an hour before deciding on the Stockholm, with all it’s Scandinavian, woody, retro beauty:

IKEA Beige Stockholm unitIKEA Walnut Stockholm unit

The only problem was – do we go with the walnut or beige look?

By the time we finally decided on the walnut finish we discovered we needed to find an assistant. After eventually flagging one of the stripey IKEA helpers down we found out it was out of stock.

Yes. Really.

It looked like all we would take away from our IKEA shopping trip was four LED lights and a lint roller (for the dogs, Evie is shedding EVERYWHERE at the moment!) Tragic…

Luckily, we found a print and a fake bamboo plant as consolation prizes on our way out but we still don’t have new furniture for the rumpus nor have we solved our storage woes. It looks like we will need to return once the unit is back in stock.

Now lets hope that our decision does not change in the intervening weeks…

Can you relate to our condition? Are you struck by decisive indecision yourself?

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12 Responses

  1. Jess says:

    I frequently plan holidays online…price the flights, look at accommodation, reviews, everything. Then I shut my computer and forget it, its too haaaaaaard!
    Jess recently posted..Major faux pa

  2. Hi Kirsty! Happy new year! Are you both Librans by any chance? I am and I’m dreadful at making decisions. My husband isn’t though so he counter balances me. I usually regret whatever decision I make anyway.
    Pinky Poinker recently posted..Pinky Goes Transparent

  3. I refuse to shop with my husband his indecision has me in tears, true story x
    Rae Hilhorst recently posted..Cocktail Party on the Banks of the River in Crawley

  4. Deborah says:

    Ah yes, I’m bad with indecision. Interestingly sometimes it’s only the small things. Big things I tend to go on gut instinct but the smaller ones I ‘um’ and ‘ah’. And I’ve tried lists – pros and cons and thought about weighting those pros and cons (so I can understand the need to do the SWOT thing!).

    Deborah recently posted..Jim who?

  5. LOL sounds like the hubster … he used to be indecisive but now he’s not so sure!
    Janet @ Middle Aged Mama recently posted..My Year According to Instagram

  6. Caz Filmer says:

    Ummm yes. We have always had trouble with making decisions too. In the end we put it down to the fact that we are both the last born child in our respective families. It’s funny – we sometimes get our eldest daughter to help us out.
    Caz Filmer recently posted..Project Me {exploring the balance between selfish and self-supporting}

  7. Oh no! That would drive me nuts. At least one person needs to be able to just make a decision when the chips are down and it is time to move forward. My husband and I are getting pretty good at quickly evaluating a situation and making a decision – too many lost opportunites otherwise. That being said, I’m pretty stuck on the big ‘where is my career headed’ question, so there is a bit of internal indecision there which is probably my biggest problem.
    Malinda @mybrownpaperpackages recently posted..One Word

  8. Vicky says:

    I am the same, if there are too many choices I just cannot decide which option to select! I usually wait until I am asked and then decide now rather than continuously change my mind!
    Vicky recently posted..10 Awesome Things January Edition

  9. Tegan says:

    Paul and I are so bad at making decisions. We will even do the ‘I made a decision last time, it’s your turn now’. We sound like bloody teenagers. I hope that your next trip into IKEA is a bit more successful! Do they do click and collect? Maybe that could cut down on your decision time.
    Tegan recently posted..Obesity is not a disease

  10. No we are the opposite. If one of us can’t make a decision, the other makes it for them. We tend to not be patient with that sort of stuff. I think spending years watching my mother be indecisive over bath mats cured me.
    EssentiallyJess recently posted..Jess’ Focus of Randomness #IBOT

  11. Zita says:

    I don’t when it comes to things like furniture, although I do like to get another person’s opinion before making that final purchase, however with other things like, where to meet friends for coffee, what to have for dinner, I definitely do because, for the most part…I don’t really care. lol…
    Zita recently posted..For my top 10 Health and Fitness tips!

  1. June 20, 2016

    […] chances and making decisions – I really, really don’t like doing either of these things and the very thought of […]

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