Musical Musings A to Z: Songs beginning with P

So this week sucked. You win some, you lose some, I guess. There were highlights though, amidst the general crapness:

  • Being there to see Gilbert perform with his class at the school christmas extravaganza. He never performs as part of the whole class – in the past he has either opted out of a performance or has been given a side task instead. This year he DANCED – he was enthusiastic, happy and so at home on the stage. I was in absolute awe. Possibly the highlight of his whole schooling for me. A big call, but those who know Gilbert personally will be aware of just how big of a deal this is for us. Big, proud mama, right here!
  • Having a much needed lunch out with my old work mates at their xmas get-together on Friday. It was really, really good to see them all again. I came away too with a challenge to write a post about them on the blog, using made-up characters to represent them. I look forward to seeing what I can come up with and how they will take my characterisation!
  • Getting together with my parents and my brother and his family for Mum’s birthday yesterday. It was amazing to be together again and to have the chance to celebrate before Dad’s operation and treatment. It is a memory that I will forever treasure. I certainly hope there will be the chance to have many more in the future x
  • Watching Delilah’s preschool presentation day and concert. She owned her performance (even when she did the I-need-to-go-to-the-toilet-jig mid-concert!) and enthusiastically joined in with all the actions and songs. She was especially proud to receive her portfolio and to see one of her teachers again, who is currently on maternity leave. Only one more year of preschool to go…I don’t even want to contemplate what comes after!
  • Spending a day with my mother-in-law as I completed my christmas shopping. We don’t get as much time together as we used to and I miss her company. It was really enjoyable to have an outing before I head off to Sydney and a huge relief to finally get the christmas shopping sorted out!

Now for my continuing quest to travel through the alphabet of songs as part of my musical musings A to Z – feel free to check out my previous musical musings posts.

Musical Musings

As I am finding with regularity during this challenge, most of my faves have already been featured previously on the blog – trust me to back myself into a corner by promising to not repeat previous tunes!

Despite this handicap I have come up with two tunes starting with P that I do really love. They are very different, but equally awesome!

PYT (Pretty Young Thing) – Michael Jackson

A bit of 80s pop for you. A lot of fun, featuring Michael’s classic vocals and a fair bit of 80s synthesizer action. Despite it being quite dated it is extremely catchy!

Party Hard – Pulp

And here’s some funky 90s Britpop too. I had a serious thing for Pulp in the late 90s and this song is just so danceable – party hard indeed!

There are some fabulous songs beginning with P out there – what would have you chosen?

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