Mega Christmas Giveaway Time!

People, apologies for any alarm I may cause but this is a public service announcement to advise that it’s officially December and christmas is only 23 DAYS AWAY. I’ll wait here while you wail, tear your hair out, scream, run around aimlessly and/or bury your head in the sand 😉 Last week I shared one of our previous santa photos in anticipation of this year’s shoot. When it’s santa photo time I know things are getting serious. In the spirit of continuing with our real santa photo theme, here’s this year’s entry. Santa Photo 2014 Good points: Nathan and I were not required to be in it this year, despite actually remembering to dress up accordingly. And it’s a great photo of Gilbert and Matilda. Not so good points: It’s a little lopsided (okay VERY lopsided) and Delilah continues to be an uncooperative model – this was the best photo we could get of her – all the others had unhappy faces or even more fistfuls of fingers in her mouth. Anyway, it must be christmas time as we have the photo and the tree is now up. I just need to get a wriggle on with the present giving… To help all of you along in that department, I have collaborated with some awesome businesses and brands to come up with a MEGA CHRISTMAS GIVEAWAY! Do you want to know more? Why, come and walk this way…


I was contacted by Khai Ngo a month or so back and he invited me to have a look at the very clever business he and partner Lel Brassel have established. The Kit Source specialises in unique party supplies and gifts and aims to be a one stop shop for all your party needs. You can order all sorts of kits with themed sets of plates, cutlery, serviettes and even decorations to make all your party planning a breeze. You can even order “living kits” as gifts for yourself or for others and there are hints and tips to help make your next event less stressful and more enjoyable. Khai and Lel sent me a sample of the following kits for review – Outdoor Party Kit, Classic Christmas Party Kit, New Year’s Eve Party Kit and New Year’s Decorator Kit. I have to say I fell in love with the orange tissue paper at once – orange is such a vibe, happy colour! The Kit Source Sample Pack The Kit Source Collage All the kits are thoughtfully put together and curated by Lel and there is definitely a whimsical vibe to them. They are decent quality too – not a jarring bit of plastic to be seen. I think it’s great that each pack contains every item that your guest may need – even down to an extra napkin and treat bag for everyone. My absolute favourite of the kits is the outdoor party kit. It is funky and cool and would make any BBQ or outdoor function a memorable event. It probably doesn’t hurt that it rocks orange stripes too! What I love about The Kit Source is how simple an idea it is and what a big difference it could make to party planning and preparation. Ordering was a breeze and the kit came within a couple of days, well packaged and undamaged. The kits are pretty good value, with the regular kits (for 25 guests) ranging from $50 to $65. Larger kits (which cater for up to 48 guests) range from $90 to $120. Considering the hassle and expense of sourcing unique party items separately, this is a great alternative to those who are time or inspiration poor. You can follow Khai and Lel on their blog, facebook and instagram accounts so make sure to check them out as they share more hints and tips there too.


Jainam Shah from Canvas Champ is also aiming to make the silly season a little easier on us all. He contacted me to review their range of canvas frames which would make the perfect gift for friends and family this christmas. An Australian company, Canvas Champ offers premium quality canvas prints at the lowest prices in Australia. And with canvas prints starting from $10, they really do offer great value. I have been meaning to get our much loved family portrait on canvas for months now so I could not pass up the chance to test out Canvas Champ for myself. Family portrait canvas print As you can see, the picture came up beautifully (compared to the original digital image) and captured the colour and detail perfectly. It was only a small test canvas (10″ x 8″) but I’m planning on getting some more to fill up my hallway wall over the coming weeks. Family portrait on the wall Canvas on wall The quality of the canvas is good, particularly considering the affordability of the pricing. There is a tiny bump in the right hand corner of the canvas but that’s due to my children rather than any issue with the quality of the canvas itself – they all rather eagerly had a look at it when it first arrived… The website is easy to navigate and there are so many ways you can upload your photos – you can even upload directly from Facebook, Picasa and Instagram. And Canvas Champ doesn’t just deal in canvas prints – they also offer metal prints, photo boards, peel and stick artacrylic prints and canvas banners as well. So there are quite a few choices if you are considering giving a personalised gift this christmas. Canvas Champ can be found via their website, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter accounts so make sure you follow them to keep up to date on their special offers and hot deals.


A couple of weeks back I turned the AC on, locked the pups up safely inside the house, dropped the kids off at school and preschool and high-tailed it down the M1 to Sydney for the Kids Business Bloggers Brunch. As always, Kids Business events are a great chance to meet and catch up with fellow bloggers and get down to business with a variety of brands and companies. The theme of the day was the art of happiness and I have to say that I came away very happy after a convivial few hours spent with like-minded souls! Highlights of the day for me were catching up with some of my favourite blogging buddies, listening to the inspiring speeches by the keynote speakers as well as catching up with the following brands: Kids Business Brand Collage

– Unilever who provided Jif and Omo products for bloggers to sample (a staple in my laundry already)

– Arnotts who have brought out a new range of lighter, more sophisticated Shapes Light & Crispy (pity they’re not gluten free 🙁 )

– Hans who showcased their new Oliving range of gluten free deli meats (absolutely yum!)

– Dyson who cooled us all down with their hi-tech Dyson Cool air multiplier fans (powerful, quiet and very effective on a 40C day!)

– InfaSecure who premiered their brand new baby car seat the Evolve which can adapt with your child from baby to toddler to child (extremely handy!)

– Oricom who were showing off their baby monitor and night light range (the only stand I didn’t get to as it was ALWAYS teeming with bloggers 🙁 )

– AVG who provided much needed information and advice on keeping your kids safe online

– Only Organic baby who have a tasty selection of custards, pureed meals and snacks (yes I ate baby food and I loved it but I missed out on a sample box)

– Brumbys who tempted me with their delightful 2014 Christmas range (again, I was sad as I couldn’t have any!!!!)

– Breville who brought along the boss in blending. They got points for having gluten free options (and their mango sorbet was DIVINE!)

Thanks as always to Christie and the team at Kids Business for putting on another stellar event. Thanks too to all the brand representatives who were more than happy to answer my questions and have a good old chin wag on the day!

Mega Christmas Giveaway

To celebrate the impending coming of the silly season and to hopefully help with your gift and party preparations, I am holding THE biggest giveaway yet to be hosted on My Home Truths. You could win one of the following prizes:

1 x $50 voucher from The Kit Source – the perfect solution to your upcoming party planning.


1 x 10″ x 8″ canvas print courtesy of Canvas Champ (valued at $19.67)


A selection of the samples and gifts I received from the Kids Business Bloggers Brunch including:

– 4 x packets of Shapes Light and Crispy thanks to Arnotts

– Mini Christmas pudding plus apron thanks to Brumbys

– Gourmet Getaway Lunch Tote thanks to Dyson

– Securall harness protector thanks to InfaSecure

– Post pregnancy exercise DVD thanks to the Healthy Mummy

– USB key thanks to AVG

– Blending with the Boss funky glass jar thanks to Breville

– Comfort fabric softener and Jif Blast off bathroom cleaner thanks to Unilever

For your chance to win leave a comment noting your preferred prize and share how you practice the art of happiness everyday. What makes you happy? What’s certain to centre you in the midst of the upcoming craziness? This is a game of skill. The comment deemed by my good self to be the most creative or entertaining or inspiring will be judged the winner.  Competition only open to Australian residents. Entries will be accepted up until 12 midnight Sunday 7th December.

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Good luck in the giveaway – I’m looking forward to being inspired and entertained by your stories of practicing the art of happiness! Joining in with Jess this fine Tuesday for IBOT.

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37 Responses

  1. Michelle V says:

    To practise the art of happiness, I find that by making others happy is what gives me happiness.
    So I try and do little things each day to put a smile on other people’s faces.
    Simple things like leaving notes in my kids’ lunchboxes, complimenting a stranger, letting someone go before me in a queue, or even just waving hello to the nieghbours. It doesn’t take much.

  2. Fiona says:

    Happiness flourishes in me when I am doing things for others – helping my sister wrangle her kids, driving my aunty to her medical appointments, giving a llittle kids a big smile at the supermarket. To brighten my day, I need to brighten another’s!

  3. Sonya Blyton says:

    Happiness starts within and radiates outwoods onto others, My kids, husband and my ever so funny Bulldogs make me happy with there antics everyday!!

  4. iSophie says:

    You don’t scare me with all your talk of Christmas! 😉 I am pretty organised and cannot wait! Actually.. that is what makes me happy! Getting ready for Christmas and buying people thoughtful and unique gifts is what I LOVE about christmas. I don’t care at all if I get anything for Christmas, I just love seeing how people react to the things I have painstakingly chosen for them. #teamIBOT
    iSophie recently posted..Bits and bobs

  5. Those Party kits look amazing!
    To me, happiness is a work in progress. Every day, I do my best to make my kids and husband laugh. I smile at strangers in the shops, especially if they’re looking like they’re doing it tough. If I’m wrong, I own it immediately. I let my family know they’re loved. I pet cats I see in the street and have a chat to them- they need that, too and cute pets make me happy, so it’s win win!
    Amy @ handbagMafia recently posted..Coke Makes Milk, Sells Out Women

  6. laura powers says:

    I’m always thankful for the little things in life, all the little things add up to be one big chunk of happy 🙂

  7. karina l says:

    Having a good laugh! Nothing makes you feel happy than a good chuckle, even when the little one is having a tantrum in the middle of the shopping centre. Just see the brighter side of life and have a good laugh!

  8. Mary Preston says:

    Making others happy makes me happy. A kind word or thought or deed or smile or hug or..

  9. jody buhagiar says:

    I love to help others. Im most happy making people feel good about themselves. A kind gesture for the neighbour, shopping for a riend. While im able it makes me feel worthwhile 🙂

  10. Carolyn says:

    Being creative makes me happy. Whether it’s sewing an outfit for my children, volunteering at the primary school to help with their weekly art classes, painting a mural for the Kindergarten, creating cards to give to special people or scrapbooking precious memories for our grandparents who live far away. This is what makes me happy and in turn makes others happy too.

  11. Carolyn says:

    I forgot to mention that if I were lucky enough to win I’d love the selection of the samples and gifts received from the Kids Business Bloggers Brunch. Thanks!

  12. Simple things make me happy – seeing my children play nicely, watching them help other and when I get good feedback from the features I write. I practise happiness by trying to think before reacting negatively to when my kids crack it! What a great giveaway! My preferred choice is The Kit Source package!
    Emily @ Have A Laugh On Me recently posted..On selling the last piece of baby furniture.

  13. Zita says:

    Oh I think I would have to go with the canvas print! I think (hope) that practice the art of happiness each day with the students who come in and out of my office… despite what’s going on in my world I try to not let that influence how I deal with them.
    I am looking forward to spending heaps of time with my niece and nephews over the holidays for, again, no matter what’s going on hearing them laugh, seeing them smile and just being around them always seems to put things into perspective!
    Zita recently posted..for another award!

  14. Kim says:

    I love reading biographies, and when I read about other people’s struggles in life, I always feel so so grateful and very happy too.

  15. Kim says:

    All the prizes sound great, and I’d be very ‘happy’ to win any of them!

  16. The source kits look awesome! I find the only thing that really centres me and keeps me calm so I can be happy is swimming. Can’t live without it 🙂
    Renee Wilson recently posted..Blossoming ballerina

  17. Annaleis says:

    The kids make me happy. Its those little things they do, say and leave laying around. Great prizes 🙂
    Annaleis recently posted..{WW} Christmas Tree is Up!

  18. Alex Eleftheriou says:

    i unplug the phone, switch off all devices and just sit and think

  19. Loving the canvas, great ideas here. I must admit most of my Christmas shopping has been online x
    Rae Hilhorst recently posted..A Hanging and a Flogging

  20. Terri Todd says:

    I start with positive thoughts in the morning telling myself that it’s going to be a good day, then I don’t allow the negative thoughts or people into my mind. It can be a struggle but it does help.

  21. I would love to win The Kit Source, I’ve just gotten engaged and in need of some engagement party supplies!
    When I stop and think there are a million things that make me happy, but mostly the comforts of home that I’ve created with my partner and the excited tail wagging and unconditional love from my dog Lexi 🙂
    Michelle @ Jarrah Jungle recently posted..Griffiths Bros Coffee + A Giveaway

  22. I love the party kids! The outdoor one in particular!
    What an awesome little giveaway you have going Kirsty 🙂
    EssentiallyJess recently posted..Don’t Stop Believing #IBOT

  23. Amanda says:

    Being mindful is a skill I’m currently practising, to teach me that living in the present can allow me to ‘stop and smell the roses’ (or just stop, bite my tongue and count to ten!) so that life’s simplest moments become ones to REALLY treasure!
    Thank you for hosting the giveaway! I would love the selection of the samples and gifts package because it looks like it contains something for everyone.

  24. Cate says:

    Happiness for us,
    Is not making a fuss.
    Out in the garden we love to go,
    Taking our time to watch things grow.
    Master 3 loves to watch the bees pollinate,
    Reminding us life is amazing and great!
    Creating Christmas pressies from our garden crops,
    No need to even venture to the crazy shops.
    Gardening really keeps our feet on the ‘ground’,
    No need to stress- lots of fun to be found!

  25. Cate says:

    Oh, and if we had to choose a prize it would be the selection of the samples and gifts from the Kids Business Bloggers Brunch. My 3 year old would love opening the parcel and seeing ‘more… and more…. and more….’

  26. Jenny L says:

    I’m a homebody and I love being with my family, spending time with them and doing things for them. They are wonderful!

    Great prizes but I would have to choose the Kids Business Bloggers Brunch as it’s an awesome prize for everyone!

  27. Gem says:

    By living in the moment and not taking anything for granted! Engaging myself in any and every experience possible 🙂

  28. Jaz says:

    Waking up and being grateful I am still alive and living in, enjoying and appreciating each moment spent with my loved ones.

  29. andreea nicolescu says:

    I find happiness in doing nice things for others, today I helped a lady with a baby unpack her trolley, yesterday I donated money to a little charity that rescues older dogs and provides care and loving homes so they can have a wonderful and happy life for their remaining time, I also find happiness in my own childrens smiles, my dogs wagging tails, and the small things.

  30. Kaz Purtill-Wright says:

    I am finding the older I get the more grumpy I seemed to have become, I dread what I’ll be like when I’m 90. Each day I need to make a conscience effort to see the things in my life that make me happy instead of the things that have made me grumpy. Sure my 3 year old has ran around the house like a crazy little munchkin and made a huge mess in every room that I have to help him clean up, but he came up to me lots today and said “you my best bubby mummy, I love you” and gave me a huge hug. I try to look past the grumpy and see all the little things in my life that make me happy each and every day, my husband never leaving the house without saying “I love you”, same for my older kids or the fact that my 15 year old daughter still loves to hold my hand out in public and kisses me goodbye in front of her friends with no embarrassment.

  31. Walk around with a smile on my face all of the time, its infectious and normally can make people smile or laugh, especially those that are having a bad day
    Kevin Kelly recently posted..Autism and the Silly Season

  32. Wendy S says:

    My kids make me happy every day, generally life is pretty depressing, but a 3 year old can make you happy no matter how sad you are!
    I’d love the assorted blogger gift pack, lots of cool goodies!

  33. Rachael Lorenz says:

    The art of happiness is to resolve all inner, outer and familial conflict.

  34. Nicole White says:

    By always reminding myself that HAPPINESS is a state of mind – not a destination.

  35. tizzerina says:

    Compassion and helping others, I believe
    Makes me happy, to give to others than receive!
    A smile, a laugh, just talking over the fence,
    Can brighten someones day, even a compliment!

  36. JaniseR says:

    I would love the USB key for AVG as mine needs renewing this week Thankyou
    Happiness for me is watching my three granddaughters at little Athletics having so much fun
    Brings so many memories of when I used to compete also my three children having so much happiness competeing

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