Truth Review & Giveaway: TRENDe-tatts

I have to come clean and confess that I don’t really like tattoos – real or temporary.

I personally don’t like the idea of marking skin in anyway. So I also avoid writing on myself where possible and die a little inside whenever the girls decide to draw on themselves in texta. But that’s my issue and not yours – so we’ll leave that one for another day 🙂

I just wanted to put that out there before I talked more about TRENDe-tatts. I still don’t like temporary tattoos but this product has a lot of uses which helps make the idea of temporary tattoos more palatable to me.

TRENDe-tatts are the brainchild of Raelene Jackson who was looking for a way to keep tabs on her very active son. She considered a whole lot of options before trying to find temporary tattoos she could write her contact details on. Not able to find any out there she developed her own that can be used for a variety of uses – to indicate food allergies, identify phone numbers if a child gets lost, etc.

TRENDe-tatts are non-­toxic, water proof and very durable. Most importantly, TRENDe­‐tatts can speak for your child even when they (or you) can’t speak for themselves – which can provide some level of reassurance when you are out and about.

I was invited to review some of the range with my kids and was given a $50 voucher to do so. Gilbert didn’t want to participate but my girls, no strangers to making their skin “bootiful” were all in!

It is very easy to order the tattoos online. You can pick from the following ranges:

  • pre-printed personalised tattoos
  • write your own tattoos
  • standard sheet tattoos

I decided to order a few from each range and was able to secure the following for $43:

2014-10-15 16.18.17

1. The green tattoos with the lightning bolt motif were from the “write your own” range with the following wording: “I have autism and albinism. Please contact Kirsty on xxxx xxx xxx.” These were ordered for Gilbert and illustrates how you can personalise a message for kids with special needs, particularly those prone to absconding.

2. The blue tattoos were from the pre-printed personalised range. You can pick the shape, colour, motif and wording. I chose to go with standard wording: “I am lost ring (with space for writing a phone number in permanent marker).” These are awesome for little ones who can’t remember or recite phone numbers. They look great too – there are endless options you can choose from with these.

3. The red circle tattoos and the medical alert tattoo are all from the standard sheet range. They are perfect for kids with allergies. I chose the gluten free and no nut tattoos and also ordered a sheet with the following wording: “Please don’t feed me. I have food allergies.” Luckily my kids don’t have any food allergies right now but with two parents who need to avoid gluten, it’s probably only a matter of time for them…

The application instructions are easy to follow and it only takes a minute to put one on. I did have trouble with the first one I tried as I didn’t remove the protective coating first – I have to confess I’m not very experienced in the application of temporary tattoos! Once I worked that out, they were very quick and easy to apply. And here’s what they look like:


Over 24 hours after application, and with a wash in between, they are still legible which is great if you want them on for more than one day. They can be removed when no longer required by rubbing baby oil on them for 15-20 seconds, then rubbing the image off.

For someone like me who is not a fan of tattoos, I can really see the value in these, particularly for littlies when out and about, for kids with special needs and for children with allergies. I definitely think they are worth a try if you are looking for a safe, non-toxic and temporary way to protect your children and get some reassurance of your own.

You can find out more about TRENDe-tatts on their website or contact them via facebook and twitter.


Are you interested in trying them out for yourself? Well, you’re in luck as Raelene has been kind enough to provide a $50 TRENDe-tatts voucher for one lucky My Home Truths reader.

To be in the running, tell me about a time either you or your kids were thought lost. Like the time I purposely hid in a change room at Fosseys when I was a preschooler and thought it was funny when my Mum frantically looked for me and called for me over the PA system. I was not in the good books when I finally emerged…!

The competition will be based on skill. The most entertaining story, as judged by me, will be the winner. The giveaway is open to Australian residents only and will run until 6pm AEST Thursday 23 October.

Even if you aren’t lucky enough to win, don’t despair. Until 31 October 2014 Raelene has also offered to give My Home Truths readers a 15% discount on all TRENDe-tatts purchases over $10. Just enter the following code before checkout – bbd15.

So what are you waiting for?

Linking up with Grace, Ann and Bron x

Disclaimer: I received a $50 voucher for the purposes of review. I received no other monetary compensation for this post.  My opinions are genuine and completely my own.

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12 Responses

  1. Michelle V says:

    My four-year-old daughter is rather boisterous and can be very cheeky at times too, as this story will show!
    One day when we were at home, I was inside tidying up whilst our three daughters were playing outside (hubby was out the front doing some gardening and ‘supervising’)
    After a while, I called the girls in so they could have a snack, but only my two older daughters came in. When I asked where their younger sister was, they said that they thought she’d come in, but I didn’t hear or see her anywhere. Immediately my heart started beating a thousand miles a minute, and I rushed outside and yelled at my husband, asking him where our daughter had wandered off to. He thought she was still playing.
    We started calling her name and searching high and low. Beds were looked under, cupboards opened, streets searched, and finally, we find her hiding on the side of the washing machine in the laundry. When asked what she was doing, her innocent reply was “I was playing hide and seek”. With who?? When?? What???
    Aaah, it took a while for my heart rate to go down, I tell ya!

  2. I got lost in Parkmore shopping centre way back when – I was hiding in the clothes in Venture (I don’t think they exist any more) anyway let’s just say that it made a lasting impression on me so I have told this story to my daughter regularly and at 4 I am yet to loose her. Though we are going to Disneyland next year so (a) there is always a first time (b) those lost tattoos look like a great option to me!!! Thanks for letting me know about them.
    Shelley@MoneyMummy recently posted..How To Win Free Stuff!

  3. I’ve heard of parents writting there phone number in texture on kids for the easter show just incase they get lost. This is certainly a great option instead of a marker.
    My girlfriend who has a son allergic to well everything, but worst of all eggs. This would be great!
    Kim @ Land of Zonkt recently posted..Fab Four Friday: Finding Joy in the little things…

  4. Cassandra says:

    What a great idea! Certainly much nicer than scrawling down a child’s arms with a marker. 😀
    Cassandra recently posted..Beauty Tuesday: Microbead-Free Exfoliation

  5. Diana O says:

    Firstly I so want that No-Nuts tattoo for my brother in law who just had a vasectomy and isn’t seeing the funny side of it like we all are 😀 Long, long time ago in Magnet or McEwans, either way a hardware store, when I was little my parents both went separate ways to look at different things (as you do) and each thought I was with the other, neither knowing I’d wandered off with a strange old man, holding his hand, as he got the staff to announce over the PA if anyone had lost me! I shudder at the thought now, what he could have done to me…..fortunately his heart was in the right place, as people’s were back then.

  6. Fiona says:

    A few weeks ago, my nephew was at Maccas and disappeared…. after looking for him outside in the play area, he was inside with a few people having a business meeting.
    What are you doing, Liam? we asked.
    Just looking at vacuums! he responded…. his current obsession is vacuum cleaners in catelogues!
    Fiona recently posted..Ahh, the HSC (yep, you do move on)

  7. Lisa Wood says:

    what a fantastic idea – I love Tattoos, have a rose on my shoulder and can’t wait to add more 🙂
    The idea of putting a tattoo on a child makes sense, especially if they are not allowed nuts, or if they are like my little one – Kyle is nine years old but still he runs off when we are out and about!!
    Lisa Wood recently posted..Police Open Day Oakflats

  8. Caroline Kelly says:

    I once was separated from the remainder of my family in Melbourne Museum. I was found outside sitting on a policeman’s lap enjoying an ice-cream.

  9. linda says:

    We lost our son in a home depot store, we both thought he was with the other!! Store was searched,offices and warehouse. Police called…Nobody allowed to leave car park. Nobody allowed to move cars.
    I can honestly say I don’t remember much, I was in shock. The world was spinning.
    Our 3 year old was eventually found in a display bed, He had buried himself among all the cushions and pillows. would love to add a funny punchline, but I don’t think I will ever see a funny side ;-/

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