Truth Review & Giveaway: Myer Giftorium

I have a history of not being a very talented gift giver. More often than not in recent years I have resorted to gift cards and vouchers as I lacked the time, energy and opportunity to seek out gifts for myself.

Also in recent years I have put my head in the sand when it comes to Christmas – it’s all a little too much after a long year, don’t you think?

However, this year I am determined to be a bit more on the ball. Now I theoretically have more time on my hands there are no more excuses – I have to take the time, find the energy and use this opportunity to find the most awesome gifts for my family.

No pressure there. At all.

If you are a regular reader of blogs you no doubt would have seen a plethora of social media posts about the launch of Myer’s christmas concept stores, Giftoriums, last week. Unless you were overseas or living under a rock – in that case you’re excused!

I abstained from adding to the social media noise on the day as it was all a little overwhelming. But I did want to share what I saw and learned with you so you have the chance to check out the giftorium at your local Myer store for yourself.

Because it may just be my christmas gift saviour this year…and perhaps yours too!

The Giftorium has been developed to bring back the fun and magic of Christmas, inspired by the truly great international department stores. It is a one-stop destination for gifts, decorations and festive food ideas that will be available in all 67 Myer stores nationally from November 8.

There will also be a dedicated Giftorium microsite online where you can:

  • book a time to meet with a Giftician (gift giving experts who can provide advice when you invariably get stuck for ideas)
  • book a time to meet Santa (hallelujah – no more queues for photos with impatient kids threatening to ruin their Sunday best outfits!)
  • same day elf delivery service (for lucky people within 2kms of Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and Brisbane stores)
  • gift finder (a tool I think I will be needing before the silly season is finished)

The Giftorium is sectioned into 12 different themes which made it so easy to look for particular gift ideas on the day. However should I be worried I kept going back to the Glamour Gran section???

2014-10-21 20.33.10

2014-10-21 20.59.25 2014-10-21 21.01.19

I have to say I enjoyed wandering around the Sydney store and taking it all in. What I wasn’t prepared for was actually doing a little shopping myself…

Bloggers were given a gift bag on the day that included a beautiful Archie Christmas Bear, a tin of select Dilmah teabags, a Sodastream Play machine, a personalised Little Miss print and a $50 Myer voucher which was valid for the day. So the pressure was suddenly on – I HAD to shop!

With Matilda’s birthday upon us and of course Christmas to prepare for, I could have used the voucher towards a number of very good causes. However I decided to instead spend it on the best cause of all – myself.

Hello, cheeky little Chloe + Lola PJs!

2014-10-18 09.00.43

Although I did think better of my selfishness and brought a few things home for Nathan and the kids:

2014-10-18 08.55.11

I bought the Mr Perfect mug for Nathan (very apt) and some mini figurines for the kids – they LOVE them!

I’m looking forward to checking out my local Giftorium from November 8 and hoping it will provide me with much needed Christmas gift inspiration and salvation! I hope it might also do the same for you too πŸ™‚


To celebrate the launch of Myer’s Giftorium Christmas concept stores I have a $30 Myer voucher to giveaway to a lucky My Home Truths reader. All you need to do to be in the running is to share the worst present you have either received or bought for someone else. As usual, the most entertaining comment will be judged the winner. Competition is open to Australian readers only and entries close 6pm AEST 31 October 2014.

So make sure you enter for your chance to win!

Disclaimer: I want to thank Kids Business and Myer for the chance to preview the Giftorium and for the following gifts: Archie Christmas Bear, personalised Little Miss print, Dilmah tea bags, Sodastream Play and $50 Myer voucher. I am receiving a further voucher to the value of $30 which forms the giveaway. My views and opinions are my own.

Linking up with Trish for another not so Wordless Wednesday!

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31 Responses

  1. I’ve had so many bad gifts given to me over the years it’s hard to know where to start. Thigh firming cream from my mother for my 18th birthday is up there.

    As you know I attended the Perth launch. We didn’t receive a personalised Little Miss book, but I will be heading back in to order one. I’m thinking Little Miss Mystery.
    Raych aka Mystery Case recently posted..Worth Casing Wednesday | My Titanic Office Makeover

  2. Fiona says:

    When I resigned (reisgned before I was sacked basically) from one job, the manager bought me a gift on behalf of the team. Which is lovely and all. But it was a LAVENDER scented oil buner set. LAVENDER.

    Kick in the guts, as I can’t stand lavender, and confirmed that they really did not know me at all πŸ™
    Fiona recently posted..Christmas is Coming!

  3. Mary Preston says:

    The worst would be a fishing tackle box from the Mister. I don’t fish. He thought that the fact that it was pink would help. I put the box to good use by storing my gardening seeds in it. An error on my part. The Mister was thrilled that he had found the perfect gift. The man is delusional.

  4. Robyn says:

    Great write up and I have to agree it’s such a great concept. We had a fab time at the bloggers preview too. I’m starting to get excited about Christmas now x
    Robyn recently posted..Setting up for a family camping holiday – wordless Wednesday

  5. This is the best write up I have read about the Myer thing… I ADORE the idea of having things in sections, I must head along. Go you for getting yourself something, much deserved. I’ll be back when I think of something I have given or got that is funnily tragic!
    Emily @ Have A Laugh On Me recently posted..Is this the best kid’s bus shelter ever? – Wordless Wednesday

  6. I went to the glamour gran section too and I’m only just turning 30 next week lol. In my defence I didn’t end up buying stuff from there, I bought one of the pink fox toys for bub, and ice cream lamp and scrabble magnets for me. For once I spent money on me. It was so odd not to spend it all on things for bub, but I am IN LOVE with my ice cream light.
    Toni @ Finding Myself Young recently posted..52 WEEKS OF MEMORIES | 42 – SITTING

  7. When I was a child I had a great aunt that gave the worst presents ever.
    The worst one she gave me was a used roll-on deodorant – complete with short and curly hair attached. *vom*
    When giving presents she would also give a card. But the card was blank. She would say – “ΓΏou know your name, you write in it.”
    Toushka Lee (@Toushkalee) recently posted..Wordless Wednesday: Superheroes

  8. How cool is the Giftorium? Worst present I ever received… a box of chocolates with maggots in them. Not nice at all. x
    Bec @ The Plumbette recently posted..Enhance your hair colour with Garnier Olia #innovativebeauty

  9. Jen says:

    I’m embarrassed to admit I gave CD cases (colourful ones) to someone once. Actually that someone was my ex boyfriend and I know there was a reason why I gave him the CD cases. From the look on his face I would have been better off giving him nothing. Christmas shopping stresses me out.
    Jen recently posted..Frock on – weeks 2 and 3

  10. Trish says:

    It would be the dog training video and dog lead from my MIL – for me – because the oldest son’s dog jumped on her. (No she didn’t give it to her son)
    Trish recently posted..Wordless Wednesday : I was here

  11. Trish says:

    I loved the Giftorium
    Trish recently posted..Wordless Wednesday : I was here

  12. Sharon Fawcett says:

    MY MIL once gave me a homemade hanging nappy holder but by the time she gave it to me our kids were well out of nappies but she thought it would be handy to store the hankies she had given me the previous Christmas.

  13. Cate says:

    The prize for the worst present ever was a HUGE, fill half the wall, professional portrait of… my Mother-in-law. Seriously- how do you respond when you open that gift?? (And then, where do you hang it so you don’t offend? Ha ha!)

  14. Diana says:

    My Grandfather, in all his wisdom, felling rather chuffed with his purchasing prowess gifted me a very skimpy, sheer G-String a few Christmases ago now. Worst present ever, so utterly inappropriate. And all he could say was that it was a compliment on my figure. Yep, ok Grandad sure you’re not a dirty old man lol Love him dearly, but soooooo wrong on so many levels!

  15. Nicole kent says:

    My mother in law has always been a bad gift buyer and on the frugal side. She once bought all 3 kids and their partners a pack of 3 cologne set but opened it and split it up so we each only got a third. We ended up with talcum powder!!!!

  16. Fiona says:

    My mother-in law (whom I did not get on well with), gave me a “raising kids when your doing it wrong” book, it was years ago, lol and she didn’t get that I was offended which was even worse!

  17. karina l says:

    I got a breast pump for a present after I gave birth to my daughter. It was used.

  18. Caroline Kelly says:

    I cannot go past the small blue plastic aeroplane that was gifted to me by my bachelor uncle. Clearly, it is the thought that counts.

  19. Kim says:

    We did secret santa in my family for the first time. The rules were that you had to buy something that was indulgent that the person would never buy for themselves. I got a wate filter jug! And I don’t ever drink bottled or filtered water, just straight out of the tap! Lol

  20. Kim says:

    We did secret santa in my family for the first time. The rules were that you had to buy something that was indulgent that the person would never buy for themselves. I got a wate filter jug! And I don’t ever drink bottled or filtered water, just straight out of the tap! Lol.

  21. Helen W says:

    When I was pregnant with my son, one of my dearest friends gave me a baby book – you know, the ones where you write milestones, keep locks of hair etc. She hates the fact that I am totally unsentimental and said that one day my son might like to know what day he learned to roll over etc. I laughed with her about it then it got put in a drawer.
    When my son was about six months old, I came across the book while spring cleaning and thought that maybe I should make the effort to use it. I opened it up … and half of the book was filled in with her daughter’s milestones! Her daughter was 6 at the time so clearly she’d forgotten she started to use it then wrapped it up and gave it to me. I cracked up when I realised Miss Sentimental was guilt tripping me into keeping a record when she’d done a half-arses job and regifted it!!

  22. Lydia C Lee says:

    I have received NOTHING a few times, so even a crappy gift implies some effort, so is appreciated. A gift voucher is even better! πŸ˜‰

  23. I really don’t like Secret Santas any more, I always put so much effort into choose a nice gift and very rarely receive anything decent in return. At one business networking event I got a hook with some beads on it – by somebody whose business was to make jewellery. I didn’t even know what the hook was – turns out it was supposed to be a bookmark – it must have been the cheapest and nastiest thing in their stock, that’s all I can say.
    Janet @ Middle Aged Mama recently posted..Expensive Makeup isn’t alway the Best

  24. Grace says:

    Isn’t Giftorium amazing?!! Was so great to catch up with you! Hope you got to nab some great stuff! πŸ™‚
    Grace recently posted..FYBF – When Flowers Bloom Again

  25. Rebecca says:

    I was once gifted 2 mars bar’s.. they were individually wrapped as well so after I opened the first one I knew exactly what tht second one was! My friend also wrapped a birthday present of mine in a porno magazine.. that was pretty weird opening that one haha

  26. Lisa Wood says:

    The worst gift I have ever sent was a eBay purchase for my cousins little girls – it was a big bundle of girl clothes but they were not in the best condition…and my cousin only buys designer labels for her two little girls.
    The gift was thrown out !!!
    And the worst thing that I have ever received was a gift of body cream which smelt like old person body lotion or toilet cleaner!! Yep that gift was from my cousin πŸ™‚
    So we are even with giving the worst gifts to each other, but her gift to me cost twice as much as mine!
    Lisa Wood recently posted..Nepean Dam

  27. Mrs B says:

    My son once gave me a carton of eggs as a gift. When i asked why, he said so I could make him a pavlova. MMMMM I think they left gift buying right until the last moment!!!!

  28. joyjoyc says:

    I received a voucher for a massage, I doesn’t sound that bad but trying to have the massage was – it was hard to contact the place, the place itself looked dodgy, they couldn’t speak English properly and they wanted to charge me extra! I ended up not having the massage at all.

  29. Charlotte says:

    My grandma once gave me what she believed was glow-in-the-dark lipstick – a fun gift for a ten year old, right? Turns out the glowing lips on the packet didn’t mean it contained a snazzy lipstick… it was actually a packet of glow-in-the-dark condoms!!!!! :O Needless to say, my mum confiscated them quick smart!!!!

    The Giftorium looks wonderful, can’t wait to shop there – I love Christmas time! πŸ™‚ Thanks for the chance.

  30. Elizabeth says:

    The worst gift I ever bought
    fills me with regret.
    Due to my own disorganisation
    my last minute choice of a fridge magnet
    wasn’t cause for much celebration.

  1. October 27, 2014

    […] Don’t forget to enter my latest Myer giveaway – you could win a $30 gift […]

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