I Must Confess…I’m struggling to give up…


Writing this, I’m about to head off to my parent’s caravan for the weekend, where there is no wifi. There is some mobile reception but my parents do not own a computer and wouldn’t know what a dongle was if it hit them in the face.

Ok, in the interest of truth, maybe my politically incorrect Dad might have his own theory on that…anyway, moving on…

It’s scary to take your family, normally so dependent on the internet, away from their fix. Let’s be honest – what will we do with ourselves for the weekend? What is life without internet and wifi?

Will we actually have to interact and talk for a change?

We will obviously live and live well – I’m looking forward to a few screen free days away to recharge and spend a bit of time with the kiddos who will no doubt reward my long overdue attention with whining about how bored they are without wifi 😉

However, I am nervous myself about not having the backup of wifi. I will, of course, try to manfully hide it from the kids who will, no doubt, be begging me to take them to a wifi-ed-up Maccas by lunchtime Saturday.

But I will remain a little on edge all the same.

You see, I love this linkup. I love the fact it is growing nice and slow and strong. Do you know that 20 of you beautiful people linked up last week. 20! You made this mama duck so proud.

But that’s added to my sense of unease. I don’t want to stuff up your fun. Like a mama duck, I don’t want to leave my ducklings all alone stranded in a pond.

I’m hoping and praying the scheduling of the post works – that it does publish on 6am Monday morning.

I’m also hoping and praying that the linkup tool also activates at the same time.

Although I do this every week, and each and every week (bar one) the post publishes itself like magic, at least I have wifi to check if all is okay. At least I am there to fix any odd glitch that might threaten our weekly fun.

But today, I am still in the land where technology doesn’t exist so there is no safety net.

Ducklings, I hope all is okay in your world. But don’t stress too much about Mama Duck – I’ll be back in wifi land later today to read your tales and provide comforting words of wisdom.

And activate this post if the wifi gods are not on my side!

What would you find difficult to give up?

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I Must Confess

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Next week’s prompt – tales of sleep. Do you get sleep-ins, are you up before the birds or do you struggle to sleep at all?

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11 Responses

  1. Enjoy your break – I’ll be back next week (hopefully) – I’m still on my break, but being a little hopeless at not writing…
    Lydia C. Lee recently posted..Don’t ask if you’re good enough, know that you are.

  2. Tegan says:

    It worked! I hope you enjoyed your weekend away and the kids didn’t miss the WiFi too much.
    Tegan recently posted..Don’t want to give you up

  3. Don’t mean to alarm you but my blog stuffed up this morning!!! Like you I schedule my post to go live at 6am Monday (I mean I am NOT getting up at that hour no matter how much I love your linky) and although the blog said it had published on one screen, on another it said it was “scheduled” and the fact is it definitely hadn’t gone live yet. So there were bugs at work on the MAM site overnight I tells ya. Luckily they don’t seem to have jumped over to your site. Enjoy your time out!!!
    Janet @ Middle Aged Mama recently posted..A Blogger’s Confession: Why I Write

  4. It worked! I’m always nervous when I schedule posts too. A couple of times they didnt work, but I think that was my fault cos I didn’t quite understand that I still had to press the publish button after I scheduled them. For some reason I missed this weeks prompt so I’ve done my Medela post for today. Rest assured I have A LOT to talk about sleep for next week! Hope you enjoyed your wifi break.
    Toni @ Finding Myself Young recently posted..Is this normal? Am I doing it right?

  5. Ness says:

    I’m not sure what a dongle is either, but it sounds interesting! You’re a great mama duck and I hope you managed to enjoye the wi fi free weekend after all. xo
    Ness recently posted..I Won’t Last A Day Without…

  6. I’m happy to blog sit for you next time you go away! I followed your lead with some rather interesting results because I’m very much like you and like to be connected.
    Mystery Case recently posted..Mystery Case Confession | Disconnect to Reconnect

  7. I am very envious of having no internet I feel as though I need a bit break, well and also from my work. I’m having a night or two with my parents and kids this week so that will be nice. YAY for 20 linkers lovely, you deserve it x
    Emily @ Have A Laugh On Me recently posted..A quirky question & answer session – Laugh Linkup

  8. Zita says:

    Am glad it’s all worked! I also struggle when I am away from my wifi!!! Hope you guys have fun! 🙂
    Zita recently posted..to confess

  9. Paula J says:

    Yay you did it!!
    I hate being away from wifi too, but after a bit it actually feels nice 🙂
    Paula J recently posted..NO RULES Weekend Blog Party #92!

  10. Last year my family and I stayed with my parents who didn’t have wifi. My shock! I didn’t know that people lived without it!! Our house is so dependent upon it. The television, computers, the cameras, the phones, iPads, iPods and my laptop all ‘talk’ to each other from opposite ends of the house, AND if we’re lucky outside too. A strange world without wifi. I had to go and buy myself a dongle. (I read your opening lines to my husband, and we had a little giggle about dongles and turkey slaps) xS.
    Sarah from Creating Contentment recently posted..talk less listen more

  1. July 7, 2014

    […] it very healing to write all the messy, rawness and get it out of my head. It is linked up with My Home Truths for #imustconfess […]

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