Truth Review & Giveaway: Disney Cakes & Sweets

Truth No 1: I am not a cook.

Truths No 2: I am coeliac.

Truth No 3: I don’t often get in my kitchen with my kids.

Keep those truths in mind as you read this post, won’t you?

2014-06-01 14.28.16

Ok. When I was approached to review the new Disney Cakes and Sweets magazine series I had those thoughts first and foremost in my mind. Cooking is not my thing, I can’t eat gluten and I’m not a natural in the kitchen with my kids – was I truly the best person to review a cooking and recipe series?

However, I love all things Disney. As evidenced by this post and this post and this post. And I know I should take the plunge and try out more recipes.

Besides I will be 40 next year – surely it’s past time for me to become more competent in the kitchen?

So I ended up jumping at the chance and agreed to review this new series.

And I don’t regret that decision in the least.

For a novice/incompetent/uninterested cook like myself, these books are a godsend.

At the end of each issue, basic cooking and baking techniques are covered – most people might be aware of all the different types of icing, sponge recipes and pastry around but I don’t and I found these features very, very useful, for both me and the kids.

2014-06-01 14.29.17

2014-06-01 14.29.32

2014-06-01 14.29.01

In addition, there are also common measurements and useful baking information included at the back of each issue – again practical and handy.

2014-06-01 14.28.44

Each magazine features a number of fun Disney recipes that are rated so you can gauge how appropriate they are for your child.

2014-06-01 14.29.50

2 mickey mouse ears represents a moderate amount of difficulty

2014-06-01 14.30.41

While 4 mickey mouse ears represents the highest level of difficulty…

Each issue also features a free gift to add to your Disney Cakes and Sweets collection:

2014-06-01 14.31.54

And gives you another piece of the puzzle that is the most amazing princess castle cake ever!

2014-06-01 14.32.07

Being insecure in all things culinary I consciously tried to choose a recipe that was easy for me and for my kids to make.

After a great deal of deliberation we ended up trying Tinker Bell’s fairy-wing cupcakes with a difficulty rating of 2 mickey mouse ears.

2014-06-23 21.06.52

2014-06-23 21.07.01

Being coeliac, I wanted to adjust the recipe to accommodate my dietary requirements so I directly substituted some ingredients for GF ones, like the self-raising flour. I also tried making this dairy free too.

2014-06-01 14.34.33

Next time I would try to make some further modifications to the recipe to accommodate these requirements as a straight substitution didn’t work as well as I’d hoped. The cakes didn’t come up as fluffy as I would have liked them to be, which resulted in them being less fairy-wing cakes and more cream cakes!

2014-06-01 16.09.18

2014-06-01 16.09.14

Nevertheless, they still tasted great and the kids loved baking and eating them – which is all that matters to me.

I definitely look forward to making some more treats from this series in future – it is definitely a whole lot of fun for parents and kids alike.

Disney Cakes and Sweets can be found at your local newsagent or check out their website for more information.


Now that I’ve whet your appetite, are you keen to to check out the new Disney Cakes and Sweets series too?

Read on, as one lucky My Home Truths reader has the chance to check out the first three issues of Disney Cakes and Sweets and bake some awesome treats.

To be in it to win it, all you have to do is share your biggest culinary fail. Have you too killed a microwave by trying to cook a pie in it for too long (like I may have done…)?

If so, share your experience by leaving a comment below. The story that makes me smile the most will win.

Entry is only open to Australian residents. Competition closes 6pm Monday 30 June 2014.

So don’t forget to enter for your chance to win!

Sharing the Disney fun with Jess for IBOT.

Spread the positivity!
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30 Responses

  1. Oh wow, my sister would love these. I have killed a kettle by trying to boil it with no water and burnt potatoes to the bottom of the pot while boiling them. I have to say that I enjoy cooking, baking in particular and unless I really don’t feel like doing it, it turns out fairly well. The problem comes when I don’t feel like it, that is when things end up a little overcooked (burnt) or not at all like the recipe says like curdled egg custard.
    Anne@Grit and Giggles recently posted..Winter Solstice

  2. Debra Dane says:

    Good on you for having a go. I am like you both in the kitchen and needing to make adjustments. I am dairy free, sugar free and gluten free so no entry from me, but I have been there with figuring out the subs that work. I simply changed flour to GF and oil to coconut in my old zucchini slice this week and no one but me liked it. I was very cranky as even the hubby said it tasted “doughy” more for me I guess xxx
    Debra Dane recently posted..Why I write

  3. Melissa says:

    My biggest fail was about 4 years ago. I was trying to be a good girlfriend for my then boyfriend and wanted to bake cupcakes for his birthday. Well, stupid me decided to use a recipe that I’ve never tried before. When the cupcakes were done, they looked fine, but they turned out as hard as rocks… to this day I still have no idea what went wrong. Luckily I had a box mix on hand and just whipped that up… Betty Crocker saved the day!

  4. Mary Preston says:

    I baked some Sugar Cookies once & totally forgot the sugar. It’s an acquired taste that not even the dog would take to.

  5. ann says:

    Where should I start!! I have had a small fire while cooking popcorn in the microwave at playgroup, luckily there was no damage just a little red face!! I burn raisin toast just about every time I cook it making the smoke detectors in the house start squealing!! I validate this by saying at least they are working and I check them regularly!!
    ann recently posted..Bloggy Housekeeping

  6. I was trying to surprise my mum with a chocolate cake once when I was a teenager… I made the cake and realised when it was a bit flat that something was wrong. Upon tasting it, it was salty.. The old orange tupperware container’s labels had worn off, and I had mistaken the salt for sugar. Fail.
    Kaz @ Melting Moments recently posted..{Review} MenuLog

  7. Who are you and what have you done with my Kirsty? Just kidding, I love it and probably should do the same as I grow old and boring (not that you’re boring…. foot/mouth)
    Biggest culinary fail, burning popcorn, blowing up an egg in the microwave, not realising there were loads of egg shells in packet cake mix!!!
    Emily @ Have A Laugh On Me recently posted..Why I’ll never be a pushy parent!

  8. Oh I would seriously love to win these!!
    Biggest culinary fail… That’s a hard one, because I generally succeed in the kitchen. (Sorry!) However, for the life of me, I cannot make rissoles. Not at all. I end up with minced meat, no matter what I put in to keep them together.
    EssentiallyJess recently posted..How To Be a Fashion Blogger

  9. Melissa.B says:

    I added frozen blueberries to a basic vanilla cake thinking it would create a decadent berry pudding. As the berries defrosted in the oven they produced just enough liquid to send them pooling in the centre like one big happy berry gathering. The cake bubbled around them creating a lid. On flipping it over I marvelled at my berry mush, surrounded by both over and undercooked vanilla cake. I topped it with icecream and served it to my kids.

  10. Sonya says:

    Oh my. When my boyfriend’s parents were coming to dinner for the first time ever, I made a cheesecake. The trouble was, I left out half the cream cheese by accident so the cheesecake was this uber sweet, sticky, too-much-condensed-milk thing and my boyfriend’s lovely parents dutifully chomped their way through it even though I knew their bellies were crying ‘stop with the condensed milk already!’

  11. Nic T. says:

    I feel really stupid for admitting this, but for several years I lived in Canada and over there the supermarkets sell these tubes of unbaked cinnamon scrolls that you slice apart and put in the oven. The tubes also come with a tub of white icing, and the first time I made these I added the icing before putting them in the oven…ended up with burnt black cinnamon scrolls. Only good for the dog.

  12. Tegan says:

    Oh those books look great and good on you for getting out of your comfort zone!

    I think my biggest fail was when I tried to make coconut rice. I got a recipe, it looked pretty simple. I got side tracked while the rice was cooking and it stuck to the bottom of the pan so badly that I soaked it for 3 days (emptying the water and refilling with hot water several times) and it was still half and inch thick. I ended up having to throw the whole pot out!
    Tegan recently posted..Where are the suicide campaigns?

  13. Kim says:

    My son wanted me to make him a cake shaped like a lion for his third birthday. I cooked the cakes and couldn’t get them out of the tin and they broke everywhere. I remember being pregnant, tired and annoyed. So I went to the supermarket to buy a ready made sponge cake. Late night, none left! I ended up buying one of those flat, dry cakes that you are supposed to soak in alcohol (but I didn’t know that then!) so he ended up with a cake that looked ok, that he cut, but couldn’t eat! No one ate it, awesome day!!!

  14. That pricess castle cake is spectacular! Good on you for getting into it too #teamIBOT
    Twitchy Sharon recently posted..Lego Ideas and MyKids Emporium

  15. Cathy says:

    I was not really with it one day when I added 1/2 cup of bicarb to a chocolate cake instead of 1/2 a teaspoon. I can tell you when it was cooked it was not edible!

  16. My biggest culinary fail happened quite recently. It wasn’t so much cooking something, it was in the process of cooking when, without thinking, I put the carton of frozen chicken stock in the microwave to defrost and literally started a fire in the microwave. Luckily I could pull it out in time and put it under the water. Scared the sh@$ out of me!
    Eva @ The Multitasking Mummy recently posted..Up the duff? Tips on How to Sell Your Car Quickly

  17. Diana O says:

    Running late, guests due for dinner any tick of the clock, I resorted to the bag of dried peas I’d had in the cupboard forever (in case of some dire emergency) to save me time preparing the other veggies I was going to neglect to make up some time. Would you believe they burned! They were in water, cooked for the time stated on the pack, and they came out like hideous little balls of blackened charcoal. Never again!!!

  18. Diana says:

    Christmas, of all the times. Took the turkey out of the chest freezer in the garage and rested it up on a shelf while I resorted everything else in the freezer, with the intent to bring it in the house to defrost. Well I forgot didn’t I. Christmas morning came, heat beads in the Webber, ready to go. And then my horror when I realised the error of my ways. Christmas just wasn’t Christmas without our beloved bird on the table, thank goodness I had heaps of other dishes prepared so no one starved.

  19. Cathy Bailey says:

    My biggest food fail was when trying to impress my new boss & his wife by making a 3 course meal. Course 1…..soufflé failed to rise. Course 2…satay lamb..bumma lamb was raw! Dessert..cheesecake….dang I failed to see the ‘cook for 45 mins’ & served uncooked cheesecake. Cheese platter was delish tho.Oh had the job for 25 yrs lol

  20. Simone says:

    My biggest food fail was, after being served some delicious cooked mushrooms by a relative, ringing them up a week later as I wanted to know what herbs etc they had used but phrased the question ‘ how do you make fried mushrooms’? Needless to say I got a rather hysterical response of ‘chuck them in the frying pan’ and I am reminded about it often. The second fail was opening my mouth and telling my partner who knows I am no expert in the kitchen that I was going to make him a ‘novelty cake’ for his birthday……he still reminds me he is waiting for it 2 years later to which I respond I haven’t found an easy enough recipe yet!

  21. Ally L says:

    I attempted to make a giant cupcake in a silicone mold.
    Now I am a very basic cake maker at best and didn’t grease the mold. I didn’t allow enough time for it to cook. I took it out after a time, it LOOKED ready. I tried to turn it out onto a cooling rack and the insides spewed out like choccy Lava! I was that upset with myself, I took it all to the front door and threw it, I didn’t look where, I figured the birds would eat it.. I threw too far because next thing, I head a very loud “HEY!”…
    My neighbour is a police officer, I had just coated him in the mess I made!!!!!!! I was just shocked and apologised so much. He said it tasted OK!

  22. Amanda Gorton says:

    Like yourself I too have limited skills in the kitchen, although mine is due more to impatience and the fact I become easily sidetracked. Too often I become so engrossed in another task that I forget what’s cooking in the oven or on the stove, hence my culinary disasters are plentiful especially in the form of burnt offerings with aromas that linger in the house for up to a week!!!!

  23. Alicia Bardsley says:

    My lemon meringue pie. The base needed a jack hammer, the lemon custard needed a soup spoon and the meringue wasn’t cooked. What a disaster

  24. Kirsten W says:

    Christmas on year put the turkey onto the (small) BBQ to cook. BBQ flipped over, created this gigantic fireball in the backyard. The lawn was on fire, the turkey was on fire. No Christmas dinner of turkey for us. The dog had a great Christmas though!

  25. Laura Scriven says:

    My in-laws are Indian by background but live in the UK. Upon visiting them a few years ago I decide to impress them with Christmas dinner on Christmas Day with 20-odd relatives attending. Unfortunately, they are all vegetarian, so I ended up making a nut roast instead of roasted meat. Everything was going well until I was cooking custard; my Mother-in-Law loudly enquired what the black ingredient I added into the custard was. I had in fact burnt the bottom of the custard. It was very embarrassing!

  26. Cheryl McKibbin says:

    First date, tried to impress,
    …..turned out quite a mess,
    a schnitzel that could break a wall,
    15 years later hubby STILL tells all!

  27. lisa says:

    Which one!
    After a lengthy investigation as to why the slice didn’t work,we discovered I had added gravox instead of brown sugar.
    And then there’s my rock hard chocolate fudge was mistaken for a piece of wood.
    Or cooking vanilla slice and forgetting to remove the blue plastic from the bottom of the pastry sheet before putting it in the oven.

  28. sonia says:

    In High school I learn how to make a chocolate cake and wanted to surprise the parents…..made it ok, in the oven ok, but I am scared stiff of heat so when it was ready…mmmm I was not going to put my hand in! Turn the oven off – that’ll do…..4 hours later parents came home to a pottery hard black cake (I didnt even open the door!).

  29. Michele collins says:

    My biggest failure was when I tried to bake my first potato it was wrapped in alum foil needless to say the house filled with smoke that you could see it coming out the windows and my poor new microwave had to be replaced

  30. Kristina S says:

    When I was living in the USA I had to cook my first ever thanks giving dinner for our family. The turkey was huge and I undercooked it, everyone sat at the table not sure what to do then I got up put mine in the microwave and the rest soon followed suit. I honestly think they would have eaten it to avoid hurting my feelings if I hadnt have gotten up.

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