Musical Musings A to Z: Songs beginning with K

We’ve come to my favourite letter of the alphabet – K.

K for king, koala, kitten, keyboard, knight, kite and kiss. And of course K for Kirsty!

I have to admit this week was harder than most. I have used a lot of my favourite K songs already and I have challenged myself to only share songs not previously featured on the blog.

However, two of my all-time favourite artists have come to my aid with songs that may not be my absolute faves but are still pretty damn cool.

King for a Day – Jamiroquai

This song is not one of their more danceable tunes but I love the strong cello line and the piano that features throughout. I really like the pared back nature of this song, relying on classical instruments rather than the electro pop of much of their other albums.

Keep Together – The Brand New Heavies

One the fantastic songs from their Brother Sister album. Smooth, frothy acid jazz. Brings back awesome memories of my uni years – very easy to listen and groove to!

What’s your favourite letter? And what would you include for your faves starting with K?

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