Musical Musings A to Z: Songs beginning with I

It’s all about dancing for this week’s musical musings. I hope you have your dancing shoes on 😉

I’ve must admit I haven’t really felt like dancing lately, for a variety of reasons.

There is a lot of uncertainty at work as my organisation has come off second best after the recent federal budget. We are set to lose a lot of experienced and valuable people and it’s going to be a rough little while until we know who’s out of a job and who’s going to be left to carry the load.

At school, Gilbert has been pushed to the limit. His teacher was away for a few weeks at the beginning of term, his itinerant vision support teacher has also gone on leave and the additional disruption to normal school routine due to NAPLAN and the whole of school musical has been too much for him.

And at home, the girls have been demanding too. Newly minted 4 year old Delilah is bored with family daycare and doesn’t want to go anymore while Matilda, who should know better, has become a little too flexible with the truth. Some days it seems I am beseiged on all sides…thank goodness for bedtime…

So with all that going on, the desire to dance has been missing around these parts. But no more.

May I present my favourite tracks starting with I – two songs guaranteed to shake you out of your blues and get you up onto the dance floor!

I Don’t Feel Like Dancing – Scissor Sisters

Despite the name, you will definitely feel like dancing after hearing this highly addictive tune – great 70s retro vibe too!

I Love the Nightlife – Alicia Bridges

What a disco classic. One of the best from the era of disco balls, strobe lights, bell bottoms and glitter.

What are your favourites – care to share?

BTW, if you are interested in seeing my other favourites so far, here’s a link to my previous posts in this series: / B / D / E / F / G / H

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