Musical Musings A to Z: Songs beginning with H

I have again been absent for a few weeks from my musical musings – sorry! I’ve been busy and therefore too tired and uninspired to even think about blogging. I actually tried to sit down a few times over the last week to knock out a post but the vibe just wasn’t there.

I am not one to force the words if they simply won’t come.

But today the inspiration and the opportunity have finally come together so here I am. I’m hoping you are enjoying your weekend, wherever you are and whatever you are doing. I will be returning to the long overdue clean out of my kids’ rooms today. Yesterday I found Matilda’s long lost 3DS in Delilah’s room.

I wonder what treasure I will find today?

To keep me motivated as I go, I think I will put the following songs on high rotation. They are my favourite H tunes that have not yet been featured previously on the blog. And they happen to be perfect for an operation that will be long and tedious in the extreme!

BTW, if you are interested in seeing my other favourites so far, here’s a link to my previous posts in this series: / B / D / E / F / G

So let’s go!

Howz About It – Boyz II Men

A bit of smooth R&B with the dulcet tones of Shawn, Michael, Wanya and Shawn. I am a lifetime fan of Boyz II Men. I love their wonderful harmonies – acapella singing pierces my soul. And the R&B/soul vibe of this song together with their killer vocals makes this one of my all-time favourites.

Hey Ya – Outkast

One of the most awesome hip-hop/dance tracks of all time. I love the video, dig the beat, love the bass and the combination of the singing and rapping is perfect. Enjoy getting up on your feet and getting jiggy with this number!

Hit me with your favourite tunes beginning with H! And have a great Sunday everyone x

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  1. Emily says:

    Shake it like a Polaroid picture! Love Andre. Songs starting with H… Hella Good by No Doubt, Happiness is a Warm Gun and Heartache Tonight off the top of my head. Ooh, H is a good one!

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