Musical Musings A to Z: Songs beginning with F

The school holidays and all these wonderful long weekends have messed with my music posts – that’s the only reason I can find for my odd coming and goings over the last few weeks. And for the rather late post today as well 😉

But I’m back and hoping to get into a more regular blogging rhythm. Fingers crossed I can keep up with everything!

For those of you new to the blog, I’ve embarked on a musical journey through the alphabet, featuring songs starting with each letter. As an added challenge, I’m only featuring songs that I’ve never included on the blog before which has been tough going some weeks, I can tell you.

Here’s a list of the posts I’ve published so far in this challenge:

A / B / C / D / E

Which brings us to F.

I undertake a little research each week to ensure I have the chance to include songs that I love that might not readily come to mind. Not every song that I love fits on my iPhone so it’s great to re-discover some of my favourites by cross checking with a greater list.

It’s mind-boggling to see just how many songs have been published in alphabetical order – and I know for a fact the list that I usually refer to does not include every song ever released. Mind-boggling I tell you.

For instance, this week I was amused to see just how many songs begin with F**k. On this list alone there are 14 – I’m sure there are many more out there too!

However, instead of going down that road, I’ve gone with songs from two of my favourite bands today – The Brand New Heavies and Crowded House.

Feels Like Right – The Brand New Heavies

Love the soulful grooves – this song definitely does feel like right to me!

Four Seasons in One Day – Crowded House

This is a simple song which packs a punch – just shows the true talent and power of this band. The video clip is completely beyond it’s time too. Genius.

As always there are so many options I could have gone for – what do you consider to be your favourite songs begininning with F?

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2 Responses

  1. Zita says:

    The first song on my F list on iTunes is Fake ID by Gretchen Wilson! Was in the new version of the Footloose movie and I love it! They do a line dance to it and I would love to try and learn it!! I’m a bit tacky like that!!! haha…
    Zita recently posted..for W

  2. Emily says:

    YES to Crowded House! Love that song. Feed the Birds from Mary Poppins is my girl’s fave, so I’ll go with that one.

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