I Must Confess…I don’t really do Easter

Happy Easter, fellow confessors. I hope you’ve enjoyed your long weekend and are not too full from chocolate or hot cross bun overload!

I have to confess I’ve been proud of my own minimal intake of both this year. Partly due to still not feeling 100% well but also a lot to do with this being my first coeliac Easter. While there are gluten free alternatives to hot cross buns and chocolate they are expensive, sometimes hard to come by and, frankly, not as good as the real thing.

So I’ve limited my indulgence to a bit of Cadbury’s milk chocolate and feel all the better for it.

Although, I have to admit to a pang of longing for these:

2013-03-12 13.48.47

I miss you hot cross buns!

And this:


image source

Why come out now when I can’t have you? Damn you Malteser bunny!

Anyway. This week’s prompt is all about Easter and all about how you celebrate or don’t celebrate it.

I’ve found it fascinating to watch social media over the last week to see how much trouble some people go to, to make Easter special for their kids. From leaving carrots out to the Easter bunny, to making foorprints in icing sugar, kid-friendly Easter crafts and elaborate egg hunts…I’ve even devoted an entire Pinterest board to my research!

It’s fascinating to me, as we’ve never really done anything special for Easter. The Easter Bunny does not come to our house and  leave chocolate. Instead, we give a small chocolate present to everyone in the family. For the kids, this is usually a token chocolate gift with something useful. For instance, this year Delilah received one big egg from us with crayons while Gilbert and Matilda received a counting money box with some small eggs inside.

There is no real fanfare and nothing really special takes place. In past years we have sometimes had a small Easter egg hunt but the kids know it’s us planting the eggs – we’ve never pushed the Easter Bunny line as hard as we have done with Santa. We just enjoy some extra time together as a family due to the long weekend and enjoy a little more chocolate than we usually allow. It’s a quiet indulgence and it works for us.

Part of our lack of Easter enthusiasm stems from the same attitude we have to Halloween, Valentines Day and other increasingly commercialised events – we just don’t care. I personally dislike being peddled a holiday occasion that tries to guilt me into parting with money for products that are only important because marketers say they are.

I have no affinity with Halloween nor with Valentines Day and, to be truly honest, with Easter either.

I realise and acknowledge that Easter is a solemn religious event – I was raised Catholic and spent many years attending every mass and occasion connected with Holy Week, culminating in Easter Sunday. I know how important Easter is to the Christian faith and I fully respect that.

However, I must confess that Easter no longer holds that place for me. As a young adult I realised that my own beliefs no longer aligned with Catholicism and I chose to take my own road. As a couple, Nathan and I decided to take religion out of the equation completely when we married.

As a result, we have never introduced any of our children to a specific religious faith. In turn, we have never celebrated Easter or Christmas as religious holidays.  And, because I am contrary and dislike being told what to do and what to buy, we have never really bought into the whole commercial aspect of Easter either. Except for a bit of extra chocolate here and there.

So that’s why I don’t really do Easter. I must confess I could also blame my lack of Easter enthusiasm on the fact that I’m lazy, not crafty and just not interested enough to make the effort. But that doesn’t sound half as interesting and, quite frankly, makes me look bad!

Your turn – what does Easter mean to you? Do you go all out (and if you do, bravo!) Do you embrace the religious side? Or do you just look at it as a great way to enjoy some time away from work?

Go on, confess. There’s no better time than now, surely 😉

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33 Responses

  1. The last time I ‘did’ Easter it resulted in two weeks in hospital. Chocolate is just another thing that doesn’t agree with my dodgy pancreas. As I live in a house full of chocholics I almost want to hide at Easter.

    I miss hot cross buns too. You are right about not being able to find a half decent gluten free one.
    Mystery Case recently posted..A Mystery Case Confession | Line Dancing around Niches

    • Kirsty says:

      The GF hot cross buns are just not the same. If I could be bothered I’d have a go at trying to bake my own but it seems a lot of effort, even for something as yummy as a good hot cross bun!

  2. This was the first year we didn’t have the kids bouncing in to our bed first thing, looking to us to be “Easter Bunny” (even though they stopped believing years ago) and give them chocolate treats. They’re now 17 and almost 20 so I guess they are really grown up now! I’m a little bit sad to be honest 🙁
    Janet @ Middle Aged Mama recently posted..Budget-Friendly Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day and COMP!

    • Kirsty says:

      It’s lovely to have that excitement and expectation Janet – we experience that at Christmas but for us Easter is more lowkey. I did enjoy the rare opportunity to spend some time with my own parents yesterday as we swapped over our kids (they are taking it in turns to have a holiday with nan and pop). For me the extra family time at Easter is what’s most special x

  3. Zita says:

    I totally agree with you Kirsty!!! I was not raised under any religous faith as were neither of my parents so I see it as a big fat waste of time (as I indulge in chocolate and get a big fat waist!) and an excuse to buy more chocolate! I feel that as I do not believe in the ‘true’ meaning then I am a bit of a hypocrite to celebrate it really! To be honest I spent the Easter weekend pretty much on the couch blogging and selling things on Buy, Swap, Sell pages on facebook! Public holidays are a great to to seel stuff!! 🙂
    Zita recently posted..for R

    • Kirsty says:

      Go you with your selling – I hope you made a tidy profit Zita!

      • Zita says:

        I DID!! It amazes me what people will pay money for! I had a guy pay $5 for old ripped and stained curtains (from when I evicted my tenants)!! Made over $300! not a bad effort I thought! lol..
        Zita recently posted..for S

  4. Nathan says:

    My favourite part of Easter this year was Gilbert trying to tell everyone at the park (in his loudest voice) all about crucifixion. Thank you Horrible Histories, thank you!
    Nathan recently posted..Income Report Q1 2014

    • Kirsty says:

      That was funny – he’s one in a million, our son. I wonder how their fortnightly scripture classes go at school? I bet he’s the one setting the teacher straight on points of historical significance!

  5. We no longer have a visit from the Easter Bunny as the girls are older but we do still exchange easter eggs. We decorate a little but certainly not as much as Christmas. Hope everyone has had a safe and Happy Easter!
    Sandie @ AppleBee Lane recently posted..10 Ways to be a Savvy Fashionista and Never Pay Full Price …

    • Kirsty says:

      You have to have chocolate – I might be a hypocrite but I do enjoy a little bit of indulgence at this time of year!

  6. Wow I am very impressed with your self control over easter!!! Thos Malteser bunnies are very hard to ignore!!!! xxx
    Lucy @ Bake Play Smile recently posted..Oreo Cheesecake Bars

    • Kirsty says:

      I’m impressed too Lucy – the only reason is that a lot of what’s out there is off limits rather than any real self control on my behalf!

  7. Jules says:

    Easter came & went here with not much fanfare. I’ve never been a fan of Halloween either (all American IMO). Those Malteser bunnies are more-ish. Mmmm!
    Jules recently posted..I Must Confess… My Non Easter

    • Kirsty says:

      I’m really quite devastated about the Malteser bunny – why weren’t they out last year when I could have had them? Life is cruel, I tell you!!!

  8. Ness says:

    I don’t do anything special for Easter either. I just eat too much chocolate but I do that without Easter, anyway. Hope you’re enjoying the break regardless. x
    Ness recently posted..Chocolatenessville

  9. We’ve never done anything for Easter in my family either. This year was the first easter with a baby and also our new niece so we did a family dinner on Good Friday, but we didnt do any chocolate because the babies are too small anyway. My daughter is also cmpa so cant have dairy or soy and at the moment we have been told to avoid gluten where possible so there really isnt that many options for her except the expensive fake chocolate eggs. I guess we’ll cross that bridge next year. I think I’ll just go with giving books or stuffed toys or something for easter just so she doesn’t feel completely left out.
    Toni @ Finding Myself Young recently posted..A case of mothers guilt

    • Kirsty says:

      Poor girl, not being able to have dairy soy or gluten. I know from experience that most of the GF stuff available in stores contains soy which I’ve always wondered about. I hope you get some answers for her so next Easter is all sorts of awesome for you and for her x

  10. Tegan says:

    Our Easter was pretty low key this year. We normally indulge in lots of yummy seafood on Good Friday but with Dyllan not being here we took the opportunity to laze around in bed instead! Sunday I woke with a splitting headache and so the boys went out while I hid in bed.
    Tegan recently posted..Shopping Tales

    • Kirsty says:

      I have to admit our Easter was more low key than normal due to me not feeling very well either. I hope you feel better now after a day in bed to recover Tegan x

  11. Easter to us is all about family and like Christmas, it is not about religion as we are not religious. We do an Easter Egg hunt with our two year old because it’s a little bit of fun, other than that, it’s pretty low key.
    Eva @ The Multitasking Mummy recently posted..You Don’t Know How Tough You Are Until It Gets Tough #MummyMondays

    • Kirsty says:

      I do enjoy a good Easter egg hunt when we get the opportunity to organise it – unfortunately it didn’t happen this year but maybe I’ll be a bit more motivated and organised next time around!

  12. Alicia says:

    I talked to a friend about her GF chocolate today, she was disappointed in the way it tasted and her son spat it out when he tasted it! I have too much chocolate, I feel it just sitting in my stomach deciding which fat deposit to go sit in!
    I was raised catholic too, it doesn’t have any religious meaning to me anymore. We only get our kids a couple of eggs, what they get from everyone else adds up to a ridiculous amount of chocolate in the house as it is.
    Alicia recently posted..Chilli Oil

    • Kirsty says:

      Same here. My kids are still working though their haul from their grandparents…thank goodness I go back to work tomorrow so I won’t have to deal with their sugar overload once again!

  13. Yep I don’t really do Easter either. It did occur to me how my three year old just things it is about chocolate and I do not think that is great. So maybe next year I will tell him the story.
    SarahD @SnippetsandSpirits recently posted..A Friend in Need

  14. Mmmm, hot cross buns! Having had gluten free bread, I can see how gluten free hot cross buns wouldn’t be too appealing :/

  15. ann says:

    Same same same Kirsty!! I do the Easter bunny but only as the kids are aware of the tradition through school. I only remember getting something from the easter bunny once when I was little. I did not get many over priced eggs for the kids, they got a mug with an egg, a dvd, and a sharkies singlet. The baby got a toy xylaphone and some much needed winter clothes!! Our easter bunny could not get any cheap easter bags to put the goodies in so had them in plastic bags and chucked a bag of mini eggs on the floor!! It is all class here!!
    ann recently posted..Easter 2014

  16. I was brought up with the easter bunny coming overnight, much in the same way as Santa. This meant that we’d wake up to chocolate. As parents, we’ve moved Easter Bunny’s visit to anytime in the day. This means we can choose when chocolate is eaten, and can fit it around out daily events. It is also a great lazy parent thing to do. No the easter bunny hasn’t come, we are having a coffee! It also keeps the kids outside as they keep search for him and his goodies.
    Sarah from Creating Contentment recently posted..depression

  17. I was just thinking about Easter and the way i think about it now as opposed to how I may have thought about it in the past on Easter Sunday (logical really.. lol). I was raised Christian (Anglican) and went to a Catholic high school. We’ve christened our son and we read him the story of Easter on Friday night but my relationship to christianity is definitely something that’s kind of shaky.. I’m still working out what i really, truly believe I think. Since having my son however, I have absolutely relished family occasions like Easter and Christmas purely for the time it grants to spend with my husband, parents and extended family. I seem to crave that kind of time in the lead up to the day itself and end up feeling full of love afterwards. Slightly weird as I see the majority of my family pretty regularly.. Maybe it’s the combo of family time and not having to actually ‘do’ anything, apart from eat and relax, that makes it so potent!
    Naomi @ (Not) Just A Mummy recently posted..The Small Stuff

  18. Suzy Mac says:

    I only ate 2 -yes TWO- hot crossed buns! And sugar free dark chocolate.
    Oh ok, and a tiny bit of chocolate my little girl literally force-fed me. :0/

    great post :0)
    Suzy Mac recently posted..Frozen

  19. I think Easter is a bit overrated but I seemed to have built up an expectation in my kids that the Easter bunny will come and yes I even made footprints! ARGH, what have I done, setting a precedence I know. Considering I am not religious at all perhaps I should also tone it back a bit…. maybe x
    Emily @ Have A Laugh On Me recently posted..To mums who have lost their sons to war – Lest We Forget.

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