Musical Musings A to Z: Songs Beginning with A

I’ve had a bit of a break from my musical musings posts in recent weeks, mainly due to my life-long nemesis, time.

But it’s time to get back to it and after the success of my journey through the musical alphabet of artists last year I thought I would try to travel a similar road, this time featuring songs of the alphabet.

Alphabet_iPadimage source

So, we’ll start back at A and this time I’m planning on showcasing songs that haven’t made it into a musical musings post as yet, just to keep things fresh and interesting.

This week I’m heading back to the 80s (one of my favourite musical decades) and sharing two of my favourite songs starting with A.

Alive and Kicking – Simple Minds

Classic 80s. The film clip is a little cringe worthy but the song still rocks to this day. I love the driving beat, the soaring vocals and the chorus in the middle that takes it to the next level. One of my all-time favourites.

Another Part of Me – Michael Jackson

A very danceable, harmonious and energetic hit from Michael Jackson’s Bad album. This gets me moving whenever I hear it!

Share your favourite songs beginning with A – as always, I love to know what your favourites are too.

And, time permitting, I’ll be back next week with a couple of songs starting with B that I love – see you then!

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9 Responses

  1. A Little Less Conversation Elvis Presley/Tom Jones 🙂
    Pinky Poinker recently posted..Pinky’s Panties

  2. Shari says:

    Alone With You – The Sunnyboys and Accidentally Kelly Srreet – Frente

  3. Emily says:

    Love this idea! Across the Universe – The Beatles. And Rufus Wainwright’s cover version. LOVE that song. And All Over You by Live. And All Apologies by Nirvana. Ooh, and can we go with Disney Movies? A Whole New World! I love Aladdin (which also starts with A! This is fun!)

    Okay, stopping now. Will try to rein in the answers for B next week.
    Emily recently posted..International Book Giving Day winners

  4. Grace says:

    Fabulous choices! I’m proud to say I’ve seen both Simple Minds and Michael Jackson live in concert! Woot!
    As for an “A” song…hmmm…Chaka Khan’s “Ain’t Nobody”.
    The opening bars always send chills up my spine.
    Grace recently posted..Send in the Clowns {Toby’s Travelling Circus DVD Giveaway}

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