I Must Confess…some home truths

First off, thanks so much to the awesome Tegan for taking the reins at very short notice last week. As you probably all know by now I had a health scare which, to be honest, scared me witless. Still no answers as yet but I’m off to the GP again for another checkup today and will hopefully know a little more by the end of the week.

So a big thanks again to Tegan for hosting and for all of you for still supporting the linkup either by linking or commenting. I love how genuinely supportive we all are of each other – have I told you lately just how rather fabulous you all are?

Now, onto the confessing. This week is all very random and open as we are going without a promp (gasp!). I’m looking forward to seeing what’s linked up without any sort of prompt to write to. For me, it’s time for another round of mini-confessions as I have had a LOT on my mind over the last few weeks.

Confession #1 – I have a new blog theme! 


Welcome to the new (and hopefully improved!) My Home Truths. I’m really happy with the site and I hope it’s not long until you all feel comfortable here again. I know, after having a more streamlined site for so long that it has taken me some time to get used to a more vibrant and visually “there” site. So have a snoop around and let me know if you experience any problems while you are here – seriously I would love some feedback.

BTW, don’t forget to grab my new buttons. Feel free to add them to your side bar, blog roll, wherever you like really….

Confession #2 – I now have a media kit

Yep. I have been blogging for over three years yet I had never taken the time to put together a proper media kit. I never even had an advertising or PR button. Bad blogger. My media kit still needs polishing but at least all the details are in the one place now so I can be a little more proactive when it comes to working with brands. It will also come in very handy with my next confession…

Confession #3 – I’m off to the Problogger Event in August!

Nathan and I both secured a ticket and are heading to the GC at the end of August! I’m interested in finding ways to assist in achieving a better work/life balance (especially in light of my health scare) and if I can cut back from working in the office by supplementing my income from the blog then, believe me, I am keen to canvass all options. I’m also looking forward to learning lots and meeting some of my fave bloggers while I’m there!

Confession #4 – I’m not a good patient

I have to admit I’m not good at doing nothing. I was supposed to rest up last week and I found it very hard to let go. The first few days I was exhausted by my experience so it wasn’t that hard or at all unpleasant to sit down and catch up on reading and on my reality TV watching. But as the week went on I grew dissatisfied with doing nothing and found it hard to not look around the house and do a little here and there. I must confess being busy helps distract my mind which leads us to my last confession…

Confession #5 – I’m scared

Nathan has commented a few times in the last week that I seem blase about what has happened, especially when talking to others about what has been going on. He also thinks I’m not taking things seriously which is obviously not helped by my inability to just let go and do nothing.

To be honest, I can’t think about much else. How can I?

I’m scared.

It might have been a migraine but it could have been a seizure. I could have had a stroke. I might have MS.

Wouldn’t some of those options scare anyone?

It’s been more than a week and I still don’t know what went wrong. Until I know I can’t fully process what occurred. Until I know, I can’t enter into conversations with others about it all – I don’t know how serious or not things are. Much easier to fob things off or try to make light of the situation, until I know for sure.

Until I know, I can’t resume my life as it was.  Right now I don’t have the mental capacity to accept and manage the normal stresses of my life. I can’t even bear the thought of returning to work and I’m dreading being cleared to drive again. While I hate being powerless to help Nathan out and I don’t like the thought of accepting help from others, I’m terrified at having to take everything back on again. What if it happens again?

So yes, I must confess that I’m scared right now.

With that out there, I am sorely in need of distraction – so, help me out and link up your confession so we can all start off the week right!

The Rules…

I Must Confess

– I Must Confess is a link up that runs every Monday and remains live for the whole week.

– You can link up something old or new, we’re not fussy around here.

– Feel free to go with the prompt for the week or add your own confession, whatever suits.

– Please go forth and share the comment love – it is bloggy crack after all!

– We’re always open to suggestions for the weekly prompt!


Next week’s prompt – share your most memorable hospital/medical experiences.

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23 Responses

  1. Hoping you get some answers soon. Love the blog make-over and looking forward to seeing what comes next.
    Mystery Case recently posted..A Mystery Case Confession | The Final Chapter

  2. Zita says:

    I am loving the new look blog! (And given our colour schemes are similar, your new button looks great on my side bar!!! lol….)
    I also managed to get tickets (in the second round offers) to ProBlogger and am super excited!!
    Hoping that you are still taking it a little easy, and that you get some answers this week,,,
    thoughts with you..
    Zita recently posted..for a trip to a theme park!

  3. Rhianna says:

    LOVE!!! the new look, beautiful colours that you have chosen. I don’t blame you for being super scared, I would be too, I would also be a bit blaze about it with others till I had more info as well. Thinking of you my lovely and hope you get some answers, with little to worry about sooner rather than later. Oh and yay for Problogger! I am a little jealous I must say xx
    Rhianna recently posted..Snapshots of Us – Weeks 10 & 11

  4. Aroha says:

    Kirsty! I am just catching up as I’ve not been around much lately, having some health issues of my own. I hope you have some answers soon, there is nothing more frustrating than “not knowing”. My BIL had a suspected TIA a while ago and had similar symptoms – he couldn’t speak/make a sentence at all, and it lasted less than a couple of minutes. They later went to the hospital after some prodding from friends, and after scans and tests found nothing wrong, so could only assume a TIA I suppose? I hope all the results come back clear. Although that still doesn’t give you answers! Will be thinking of you. xo
    Aroha recently posted..Anxiety

  5. Aroha says:

    p.s. I love the new look! It’s fantastic!
    Aroha recently posted..Anxiety

  6. Mumabulous says:

    Kirsty – I am so sorry to hear that you’re going through such a stressful time right now. Of course you are scared. Who wouldn’t be? I hope you get some answers to put your mind at rest soon. In the meantime dont be afraid to ask for help. Love to you.
    Mumabulous recently posted..Your Inner Voice

  7. Nathan says:

    Hey sweetie, it’s not that I think you aren’t taking things seriously. It’s that you are being blasé about your condition with the people that should know how you really feel. There is no need to be brave or stoic to spare their feelings. You need to be honest so that they can offer the support, care and attention that you need.
    Nathan recently posted..Blog Design: My Home Truths

  8. Lani says:

    New site looks great! A change is as good as a holiday… so they say, personally I’d take the holiday. Fingers crossed on the health front, take care of yourself. Eat chocolate x
    Lani recently posted..Essential Kids: Why date night benefits your kids

  9. New website is looking good! Yay for all the blogging confessions – I’m going to PBEvent too so I look forward to meeting you there! Sending you big hugs though for the other stuff, it does sound scary xxx
    Janet @ Middle Aged Mama recently posted..Time for a Molescan

  10. Ness says:

    You are so brave, you beautiful person. And you also helped me to be brave. I was stressing about having a mammogram and when I saw what you were going through I told myself to stop being a baby and get on with it I hope you get answers very soon.

    The blog makeover looks AMAZING. Love it! xo
    Ness recently posted..Winging It

  11. Oh goodness, I don’t blame you and I really hope you find out soon so you can put your mind at ease. I love the new blog by the way, did you do it yourself?
    Eva @ The Multitasking Mummy recently posted..Counting the Pennies: 18 tips on how we’re saving #MummyMondays

  12. I’ve had my blog for over two years and have only just done my media kit. Now I need a pr company to request it!
    Toni @ Finding Myself Young recently posted..The way we talk to our children becomes their inner voice

  13. Of course you are scared 🙁 We have been through something similar in the last few months with my Hubby, he had a seizure about five months ago and it has been the scariest time of my life. BTW, I am new to your blog and I love it.
    Sam Stone @ A Life on Venus recently posted..The magic of the night

  14. Kirst, firstly this new blog is FAB – wish I had a Nathan! (didn’t mean that to sound creepy) YAY you are coming to PB, seriously you WILL learn how to make money from blog, and be encouraged, inspired to get amongst the world of blogging for money. I can’t wait to meet you there! I hope to be more proactive this year, get my blog sorted before I attend so can make changes once I’ve got the latest and greatest ways to do so. I bet it’s hard not knowing, but try not to think the worst, which isn’t easy I’m sure. Hugs to you. Em xx
    Emily @ Have A Laugh On Me recently posted..I don’t care what anyone says – I love you Monday!

  15. I’m new to your blog and link up but firstly I must say that your blog looks great. Secondly it sounds very scary what you experienced and I can only wish that you find an answer for it soon and that you can move forward.
    Leanne | Eat Drink Soul recently posted..living presently

  16. Bec says:

    I must confess that I am jealous that you are going to problogger and not me! Maybe next year! New blog looks great too!
    Bec recently posted..One Day to Give to You

  17. Suzy Mac says:

    I found you through Eva the multitasking mummy, and I’m so glad I did. I have a lot to confess so I’ll start with the big one – my real age. You see my 6 year old is my beard, all the other mums in the school run think I’m the same age. Confession 2# I’ve had Botox… shh
    seriously I hope everything turns out for you health wise – stay positive, watch nothing but comedy on the big screen and take it easy.
    Suzy Mac recently posted..Sleepless in Sydney

  18. Laura-kim says:

    If you werent scared I think that would be more alarming!

    I am curious – what is a media pack?
    Laura-kim recently posted..I must confess – why I stopped breastfeeding

  19. First of all, loving the new blog look! it’s very fun and fresh, but still easy to use.
    Secondly, I think you’re being amazingly brave about your little scare. And I say little because I’m choosing to believe that’s all it will be. xxxx
    EssentiallyJess recently posted..It’s All About The Wave #IBOT

  20. Rita says:

    Your new blog looks amazing Kirsty! Sending you positive thoughts for your good health.
    Rita recently posted..Australian Women Writers Challenge 2014 – Tsunami and the Single Girl

  21. I’m so glad that your MRI ended up showing a lovely, healthy brain!
    Emma Fahy Davis recently posted..I must confess…

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