So I’ve been in this weird holding pattern lately, riding a whole roller coaster of emotions while I wait to find out what actually happened to me last week.

While I’ve been caught in this no-man’s land I’ve been sorely in need of distraction to stave off the ever-present sense of fear and dread that comes with not knowing. In this case, distraction is good. It’s very good.

So what have I been doing to distract my thoughts and keep the fear at bay?

1. House re-organisation 

Of course, while you are recovering from a suspected stroke the first thought is to re-organise your house…I know, it’s crazy.

Before you join in a big collective eye roll there is actually a method to this apparent madness. Stress undoubtedly played a role in my suspected TIA and to make things easier we needed to find a way to make THIS work…


So we paid a flying visit to Bunnings after our first GP appointment and bought a flat pack unit (oh God, yes, I know…). The reasoning is to ease my load every day by encouraging the kids to be more independent in getting ready in the mornings and in putting their belongings away in the afternoons.

2014-03-15 18.44.13

Now everything has it’s place and the view from above is much more appealing and, more importantly, calming!

2014-03-15 19.35.06

2. Discovering online photo editing tools

I have never pretended to be at all creative. That’s why my previous tagline laughed at the fact I would never have any craft, cooking or decent photography on the blog – I know my limitations and I’m not scared to lay them out there!

However, I am a realist and accept that I should make a greater effort to take my own photos (instead of sourcing them from the internet) and learn to make them a little fancy so they are fit for public consumption. Hence my new addiction to Fotor!

Have you checked this site out yet? You can do pretty much anything here – I’m in awe of what I’ve been able to produce already:

Let's Connect!

My new PR/Advertising button

Music A to Z

A button of my own for my Sunday musical musings posts

You can also resize, retouch and apply all sorts of cool filters to your photos too plus give them different frames, graphics and light effects. I’m officially in love with this site and loving myself sick for being 100% more creative than I normally am!

Let’s face it, if I can do it, anyone can 😉

3. Discovering online graphic websites

I have one word for you all – Canva. Yes, I’m late to the party but this site is simply awesome. Now I know where to go to create my own witty (in my head) memes that will be bound to go viral and make me famous. Or not. But here’s some stuff I’ve already whipped up for free, using my own photos and their standard templates:

Creativity is my new middle name

Quite fitting really!

I'm here to shine!

Hello world – I’m here!

I’ll warn you now – it’s seriously addictive, but SO much fun!

4. Spending quality time with my husband

The best distraction I have had this week has been spending time with my man. We’ve never had this much time together as a couple since having kids and it’s been glorious. Apart from attending medical appointments, building flat packs and rebuilding my blog we’ve had lunches together, visited the beach, had a surprise picnic and explored our beautiful hometown together.

Newcastle truly is a glorious town:

2014-03-12 13.18.04


2014-03-14 11.35.37

BTW this where we held our wedding – a very special place for us!

In between all these distractions I also caught up on my reality TV watching and read a book or two. So I did sit and rest. But I’m thinking I may need to fit in a little more resting this week so I am as ready as I can be to return to real life next week…

Tell me, what are your favourite go-to activities when you are in need of distraction?

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9 Responses

  1. You have been busy, I will have to check out FOTOR, I have so much I need to organise by way of buttons, graphics, a watermark but ARGHH I just keep putting it off. Love the new shelves, best idea ever to get stuff off the ground! Glad you getting more hubby time x
    Emily @ Have A Laugh On Me recently posted..The art of ‘giving a shit’ appears to be slowly fading

  2. Ok I’m back, I was momentarily distracted by Fotor! Never knew about this one but I do use PicMonkey a lot along with Canva. Love organisation I don’t function well without it to be honest. I’m glad you’re having some time with your Hubby and resting. x
    Leanne | Eat Drink Soul recently posted..what is a vertical sleeve gastrectomy

  3. It sounds like you are using your time really well. I hope that you get some results soon. Nice to hang out with tyour husband.
    Eleise @ A Very Blended Family recently posted..Balance, my word of the year.

  4. Thank you for the Fotor tip, I’ve only ever used PicMonkey before. I hope you have enjoyed the time with your hubby and hopefully get some results soon x
    Lauren @ Createbakemake recently posted..Homemade Oreos – meet Lucy from Bake Play Smile!

  5. Sounds like a lovely week despite the undercurrent worries about your health, and I’m glad that you’re feeling more relaxed now! Also, in case I didn’t already mention it, LOVE the new look!
    Emma Fahy Davis recently posted..I must confess…

  6. I am going to check out Canva now, I am later than you to this one.
    How love that you got to spend quality time. We desperately need that.
    Sam Stone @ A Life on Venus recently posted..11/52 and #MyFamilyandMe

  7. Tegan says:

    So sorry about the circumstances that lead to the rest time but it sounds like something that you definitely needed.

    My go to distraction is getting lost in a good book. If I haven’t got the concentration for that though I play mindless games on my phone.
    Tegan recently posted..The Psych Ward

  8. Sounds like you’ve really made the most of resting, and have got a change to rest your soul which is just as important.
    Hope you’re feeling less anxious xxx
    EssentiallyJess recently posted..Ordinary Days #IBOT

  9. Canva is a fantastic tool for graphics and one that I use regularly. I still don’t use it anywhere near to its full potential though, but that’s because there’s so much it can do. Have fun as you play with it more and learn what it can do.
    I’m really sorry to hear about your recent health scare Kirsty and especially the circumstances under which it occurred, although in many ways you were lucky to have medical help on hand so quickly. I hope it all works out okay and you can soon stop worrying about what caused it.
    Glenda @ Healthy Stories recently posted..Chocolate Coconut Banana Sorbet

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