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It’s been AGES since I wrote a things I know post so I thought it was high time I joined in again and shared what I know right now.

  • I know I have been able to write for other blogs (have you checked out yesterday’s guest post over at Champagne Cartel yet?) but not for my own. Seriously, what’s with that?
  • I had the most emotional and amazing time at the opening ceremony of the Special Olympics last weekend. It was humbling to see the joy and pride of the athletes as they entered the stadium. It was a wake-up call to me – it reminded me to celebrate ability instead of concentrating on disability.
  • I’m beyond excited at the thought I don’t have to make ANY lunches for today. Thanks to an excursion, a work Xmas lunch, school end-of-year parties and a beach preschool party, I don’t have to prepare a thing. #winning
  • I still haven’t sold my car and it is seriously starting to annoy me. Apart from the money being very handy in the lead up to Christmas and our upcoming holiday we just don’t need 3 cars! Please, someone, buy my car!
  • I’m excited to see my Mum and Dad down for a visit after my Dad’s health scare last month. He’s still not 100% but it’s great to see him well enough to venture away from home for a few days.
  • I still have Christmas shopping to complete. Understandably I am not at all looking forward to joining the hoards at the local shopping centres over the next couple of weeks…wish me luck my friends!
  • I’m currently alternating between pride and exasperation with my children. On the one hand, I’m so very proud of how far they have come this year and that their efforts are being recognised. But exasperated on the other at some of their choices as we head into the last part of the year.
  • I am looking forward to finishing up work on the 20th and having 3 weeks away from the workplace. It’s just the break that I need to recharge and regroup.
  • I can’t wait to board the plane to New Zealand at the end of the year. I am nowhere near ready to go but I’m excited to  take the kids overseas for the very first time – North Island, here we come!
  • I’m salivating at the thought of Mexican for our Xmas lunch today!

I think that is pretty much all I know right now. What do you know this week?



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11 Responses

  1. I want Mexican food for lunch now too! Popped over to the Champagne Cartel – nice one!
    Lydia C. Lee recently posted..Another Lotto loser:Win $28 million, die with $0 to your name

  2. ann says:

    I love Mexican food!! Totally jealous!!
    It really is a nutty time of year isn’t it. Good luck with the shopping, I need to hit kmart but luckily I can do that anytime as it is open 24 hours.
    ann recently posted..FFS Friday/ Things I Know- Gastro

  3. I have been craving Mexican for weeks now, so I’m totally jealous of your lunch!! Have a wonderful time away, Kirsty, NZ is a great first os trip destination xx
    Leanne Winter recently posted..Ho, Ho, Sob!

  4. Eeek Christmas is sneaking up on me, I’ll just put my head in the sand and play ostrich a little while longer!!!

    Have a great time in NZ 🙂
    Janet @ Redland City Living recently posted..What to Wear to a Funeral

  5. Trish says:

    Christmas has snuck up on me this year too.
    Enjoy your trip and holiday from work.
    We have a car or two to sell , too. It’s frustrating.
    Trish recently posted..Little Drummer Boy – Walk off the Earth – Woof

  6. I’m making great progress with Christmas! I’m pretty proud of myself this year – for the first time ever!! Although, like you, I have to venture out into the great abyss of the Christmas shoppers nightmare because I’m still not finished!

    It would have been an awesome experience seeing the opening ceremony! I just caught the news report about it the day before, but missed if they were going to televise it 🙁

    Lucky you getting a visit from your Mum & Dad, and awesome your Dad is getting better! I was thinking today how much I miss my Mum and wish she could get down here for a visit soon.

    MC xo

    P.S. Good luck on selling the car! Have you tried advertising on the local FB buy/swap/sell pages?

  7. I still have to get a few Christmas pressies too and I am seriously NOT looking forward to going to the shops. I also have to order some online pressies and I am seriously hoping that they arrive in time!

    Your trip to NZ sounds awesome, I am totally jealous!
    Kylez @ A Study in Contradictions recently posted..Four Months – Zee

  8. Hmm a trip to New Zealand sounds great!! It’s really the only place outside of Australia I’d like to go.
    Christmas has come way toooo fast this year!!
    Goodluck with the car sale!!
    Multiblogging Mum recently posted..Things I Know #3

  9. Alicia says:

    Enjoy your holidays, New Zealand sounds like the perfect place to unwind. I went yesterday to get some of my shopping done, Hello beach towel aisle at Kmart, I got most of the nephew and neices covered! #winning lol. Good luck for the rest of your shopping 🙂
    Alicia recently posted..Garden goings on

  10. You’ll love NZ it’s fabulous! And you always seem to have such a busy life. And a break from work will be awesome for you. I would have bawled my eyes out at the opening ceremony also, sure puts things in to perspective!
    Emily @ Have A Laugh On Me recently posted..Why this offensive sign at a cafe made my blood boil!

  11. Grace says:

    Glad to hear your dad’s okay. Time with family is so important, isn’t it?
    Mexican for Christmas lunch FTW!
    Grace recently posted..FYBF – Christmas Bling Edition {Bevilles Jewellers Giveaway!}

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